October 23rd Reading at Bolen Books in Victoria

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UFO: Downtown Nanaimo Vancouver Island – June 30 2014

These videos were captured last summer on my super-awesome iPhone 4. Truthfully, I still really like the simplicity and size of the old iPhone, it’s just not the camera you want to have with you if super-bizarre shit starts to go down right in your face. This was actually THEE incident which made me finally decide to invest in a new camera. I am happy about that.

As for the light: To be honest, I’m still not entirely convinced UFOs are otherworldly. It was weird at the time though, and it did make me uncomfortable for some reason. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever even share this.

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Unhallowed Sport

Youthful Gang of Hoodlums
The Usual Suspects

While doing some research for the museum, I came across this gem from the November 1, 1894 edition of the Nanaimo Free Press. As far as I knowthis may be the earliest mention of the word Halloween in the paper:

The youthful gang of hoodlums, whose unhallowed sport made Hallow’en anything but pleasant for their victims, had better take their warning, the only one that will be given, if they are desirous of keeping out of jail. To take away property of any kind so as to deprive the owner of its use, is an indictable offence…

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Haunted Locations on Vancouver Island

My new book The Haunting of Vancouver Island is now available. Many of these stories are told in full, complete with images.

Haunted Vancouver Island

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The Origin of Fire: A Nanaimo First Nations Ghost Story

This is a short First Nations ghost story taken from Franz Boas’ 1895 text, Indian Myths and Legends from the North Pacific Coast of America, which was translated from German by Dietrich Bertz.

The city of Nanaimo – where I live – received its name from the Anglicized spelling of Snanaimuq (Snuneymuxw or Snuh-NAY-Moo), which is the name of the First Nations people whose traditional territory I live in.

First Nations Ghost Story

The Origin of Fire

In the beginning, the ghosts (of the dead) owned fire.

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