About Me

I research folklore, mythology, and hauntings from a journalistic perspective – with a heavy focus on Vancouver Island. Many of my older posts are dark and Celtic in nature. I’m the author of The Haunting of Vancouver Island and Way of the Wraith. I’ve been published online and in newsprint including the Times Colonist. As Shanon Fenske, my work’s been published online, in newsprint, and can be found in Nelson’s Canadian Corrections textbook. I’m currently in the writing program at Vancouver Island University, where I’ve received the Barry Broadfoot Award for Journalism and the Gisele Merlet Creative Writing Award.

Besides being a writer, I’m an infantry veteran (Afghanistan), photographer, forager, and stand-up paddleboarder. My long-term project is a memoir about my experiences in Afghanistan, subsequent return with cancer, and struggles to reintegrate into society while trying to recover. The side effects of chemo ended my career ambitions, yet pushed me towards my real passion: writing. I live a life of gratitude.

Q & A with Shanon Sinn by Joshua Gillingham