UFO: Downtown Nanaimo Vancouver Island – June 30 2014

These videos were captured last summer on my super-awesome iPhone 4. Truthfully, I still really like the simplicity and size of the old iPhone, it’s just not the camera you want to have with you if super-bizarre shit starts to go down right in your face. This was actually THEE incident which made me finally decide to invest in a new camera. I am happy about that.

As for the light: To be honest, I’m still not entirely convinced UFOs are otherworldly. It was weird at the time though, and it did make me uncomfortable for some reason. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever even share this.

Here is some perspective: I live in Nanaimo in an upper level condo suite downtown. I had already seen these reddish lights over downtown before. For the most part, I kept this to myself though as I wasn’t sure if anyone would believe me.

On June 30, 2014, I had the curtains open when I saw one of these lights approaching from the North. I stepped outside and took two still images on my phone. This was at 10:17 pm. The first still image is part of the video and will be attached below. The second image was more of a blur so is not in the video but I’ll post that below as well. They’re not super crisp, but you can clearly see how red and bright the light looked.

After I took the two pictures, I had the thought that I should be taking video, so I started to record the footage at 10:18 pm. What was interesting to me at the time, was how the light looked white on the phone’s screen and not as red as it had in the still image and to the naked eye. The light flew South over the top of my building, zig-zagged a bit, and then finally disappeared.

A few minutes later, at 10:23, I saw an identical light travelling along the same path. I then took the second video clip included in the YouTube video.

The building that you can see on the horizon is government offices across from Nanaimo’s city hall (behind the tree). The intersection heard below me is Albert Street and Commercial/Victoria Street. This is where all of the cool kids hang out.

An online search has since revealed that these lights have been seen all over Vancouver Island and around the Greater Vancouver area as well. There are other videos available online, with reports of people describing the lights in the same way as I have: reddish or orange.

One of the previous times that I’d seen them, there were two flying from West to East away from the island in a diagonal formation: One flew slightly above and to the side of the other. During this incident, the lights flew so fast that they were gone in seconds.

I have no idea what these lights might really be. Are they actual visitors from another planet? That would be kind of wild, but sort of scary too. Like, I would start sharpening sticks and stocking food and whatnot. I guess I just kind of lean that way.

But then again, maybe these beings have been visiting for centuries? There are, after all, the Vancouver Island First Nations tales of the Thunderbirds. Chief James Swan talked a bit about this during our interview. So maybe the lights are visitors.

In a completely different direction, what if the light is paranormal in nature? Some type of spirit or being that we can barely even begin to comprehend? Angelic perhaps? Or maybe even sinister? You know, all those people who keep disappearing on Vancouver Island that no one ever really likes to talk about.

Hell yeah! On that note I’ll step right into conspiracy. Government projects. Secret planes. Drones and all that. Sure, maybe. But why the hell would they be all lit up then? It doesn’t seem very tactical if you ask me. In fact, my soldier mind doesn’t buy it at all.

Speaking of soldier mind. The way I see it, there are only two reasons that we would be seeing a light that bright in the sky. The first, is that the light cannot turn itself off or can’t be bothered to. Revealing itself to us then is more-or-less unintentional. It might not be aware we exist or even have awareness of itself. That actual illuminating object, however, would still have to serve some purpose though. Either the function or byproduct of a machine, or a manifestation of evolution and/or adaptation. It needs the light to see, or is visible energy being spent, or something else along those lines. Pure speculation obviously.

The second reason why we might be able to see these light is that we’re intended to. Maybe these are messages of some sort? If that’s the case, that’s some heavy stuff to think about right there. What are we supposed to take away from that?

Anyways, a few things to ponder. I don’t know what these lights were. I’ll let you decide for yourself. But I’d love to hear what you come up with. Leave a comment below!

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2014-06-30 22.17.20

2014-06-30 22.17.25

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

5 thoughts on “UFO: Downtown Nanaimo Vancouver Island – June 30 2014”

  1. I actually heard that someone had lights hooked up to a kit and were flying this at night as a joke

    1. Thanks for your comment Darryl. Yes the kite incident did happen! But it looks quite different. The one I’ve posted flew from horizon to horizon, a second one followed shortly after the first, and it was red and fast moving (the red is why I included the still images as it didn’t show in the video). I saw two together at once flying across the Georgia Strait as well, and people were seeing the same/similar thing all over the island at the time – not just Nanaimo. The kite was a particular incident and looked different as it flashed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpbKcjax5qI

  2. Cool video! Especially neat that it happened in Nanaimo. 3-4 years ago, me and a few friends saw something similar to this for a limited time. It had sporadic movement fairly similar to this one. Very cool!

    1. Thanks Brodie! It’s cool to connect with someone else who saw this as well. Was that incident in Nanaimo?

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