“Three real Vancouver Island ghost stories to get you in the Halloween spirit” VIU (2022)

“The Indigenous Burial Ground: Urban Legends and Popular Culture” Folklore Thursday (2022)

“The Elder Tree” The Knot Wound Round Your Finger. Bell Press anthology (2021)

“Exiles” Althingi: the Crescent and the Northern Star. Viking anthology (2021)

“Sea Lore of the West Coast” Tofino Time (2021)

“Could Vancouver Island’s Hepburn Stone be 15,000 Years Old?” Ancient Pages (2021)

“Wolf Myths and Folklore From Around the World” Folklore Thursday (2020)

“Beau Dick: Revolutionary Spirit” Portal Magazine (2019)

The Haunting of Vancouver Island. Touchwood Editions (2017)

“The Skull-Faced Bishop” Folklore Thursday (2017)

“Eerie Tales About Victoria’s Tod House” Times Colonist (2017)

Navigator articles (2015-2018)

Living Library blog posts (2011-present)

Way of the Wraith (2011)

“Inmates and Civil Rights” Canadian Corrections (2010, 2014)


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