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Black Cat will be Black Cat Books’ first published anthology. Its cover was designed by Lydia Avsec.

Black Cat Books is a press for writers who have branding or reach appealing to local genre fiction audiences. Our target reader is 14-24-years-old, on average, or is a person who enjoys books created for this age group. We intend to appeal emotionally to consumers of lowbrow genre fiction. Our sales focus will be on the local market first, then online as representing Western Canadian voices.

Black Cat is a collection of supernatural stories set in the Pacific Northwest. Twelve stories from writers residing across Western Canada have been accepted so far and have been fully edited.

A thirteenth signed writer did not work out. We now have an opening for a story written by a nonwhite or Metis woman (trans women are welcome) who has previously been published for pay and who resides in Western Canada. This is for a 2,000-5,000 word story at a semi-pro rate of .06 per word USD up to $300.

The story should be set in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. It can have a rural or urban setting. The events can take place in the past, the present, or even the future. Stories can have a happy ending or a tragic one. The supernatural being in your story can also be the protagonist. Fan fiction will not be considered.

Each story needs to have a cameo of a mysterious (unexplained) black cat. This is what ties the anthology together. The story would still be complete if the cat was removed. Black Cat is an otherworldly watcher, whose nature is unknown even to the supernatural entities it encounters. It might be seen looking through a bookshop window or simply walking by. In some of the stories, characters have stopped to pet it.

Black Cat Books intends to give semi-professional writers in Western Canada further opportunities for publication. We hope to eventually include the American Pacific Northwest. We are currently not accepting submissions from new writers or professional writers. We want to publish writers who have paid their dues, but who do not have an agent or work in development for film, etc. We hope Black Cat Books will become a destination for indie writers who have established sales or who have won contests or awards.

Most small presses in BC, even those receiving govt. grants, accept submissions globally. Presses in other countries often ask for regional submissions only. Western Canadian writers deserve these same types of opportunities. Equally unfair, many presses pay their writers little or nothing, knowing they have limited options if they want to be published. Black Cat Books hopes to give writers a more positive experience.

There will be other opportunities to submit to Black Cat Books in the future. If you’re interested, but don’t qualify for this opening, stay tuned! The group of writers involved in this project were asked to pitch their story ideas before being invited to submit. The plan then was to invite new pitches for anthology number two over this holiday season. The lack of a thirteenth story has prevented this. Future anthologies will not be as stringent about the number of stories included.

Email your submission to shanonsinn@gmail if you qualify and are interested. “Black Cat” should be in the subject line. The body of your email should include a short bio (it should be clear you reside in Western Canada) and include a link to your published work (not a social media site). The story should be in standard 12-pt. font and be double spaced. Word documents are preferred. Stories from ESL writers are welcome, but they should still be as clean and well edited as possible. No simultaneous submissions please.

Runners up will likely be invited to pitch a story for our Halloween anthology. The goal for this second book is to publish writers who were not involved in the first anthology.

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