Signing Books at VIU and Across Vancouver Island

VIU campus bookstore has The Haunting of Vancouver Island back in stock, so I stopped by Friday afternoon to sign their copies. Thanks to Tina for taking this video (more images below), and the rest of the staff for being both supportive and all around awesome. I’ve come to realize that kindness is a common trait found amongst bookstore folk. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I usually end up leaving each store with a huge smile on my face.

Last week was reading break at the university, so I took the opportunity to visit several bookstores on the southern part of the island. I signed books at Well Read Books (Nanaimo), Nanaimo Museum, Salamander Books (Ladysmith), Volume One Books (Duncan), Munro Books (Victoria), Russell Books (Victoria), and Bolen Books (Victoria). I also went to Chapters in Nanaimo and Victoria, as well as Westshore Coles in Langford and Tillicum Coles in Victoria. Westshore had just sold out again so they had no copies for me to sign. Tillicum Coles still had some from Christmas so I didn’t sign any there either. It is the only store I know of on the island that’s never sold out.

I was happy to have a chance to visit the stores as school has been tougher this semester than I’d anticipated. I’ll need a couple of more credits for my degree after this, but it looks like this will be my last full semester. I’m stoked about that because it has been hard to find extra time to write. I will be posting again soon though, to pass along details about my book reading at Well Read Books in Nanaimo on Thursday, March 29th at 5:30 P.M. This will be a six author event, which is a really cool concept. More details to come!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these images of The Haunting of Vancouver Island on bookshelves across the island. I’ve included pictures from a few places not listed above, as I visited these locations before the reading break. Would love to hear if you’ve come across the book in any random places as well.

This photo was taken in the Atmosphere store in Nanaimo. This was the first time I came across The Haunting of Vancouver Island in a place I didn’t expect to see it. It was a surreal moment.
Dave Lawrence at That 50’s Barber Shop in Nanaimo told me that he saw my book in the Save-On-Foods grocery store. I had to see it for myself. Sure enough, there it was. Another surprise.
The Haunting of Vancouver Island has done really well in the Nanaimo Chapters. I was humbled to see that they had put it in such a prominent location. This, of course, helps spread the word big time.
I took this picture in the Tofino Pharmacy. Mermaid Books & Driftwood Gifts had already sold out. Tofino Sea Kayaking’s bookstore was closed for the season, but say they will be carrying it as well.
Just to mix it up… here’s an advertisement in the December/January issue of Absolute Underground. The October/November issue had a book review of ‘The Haunting of Vancouver Island’ by Ed Sum.
The Passages Gift Shops on BC Ferries have been carrying The Haunting of Vancouver Island as well. A lot of people have told me that’s where they first saw the book and bought it. How cool is that?
Here are some more signed books at Tillicum Coles in Victoria. This is the only store I’m aware of that has never sold out. This might be the one store that still has copies from the first printing.
Munro Books has a bestseller sign in front of The Haunting of Vancouver Island. They have the book displayed in several places throughout the store. Grateful to have this kind of support and recognition.

As always, thanks for coming by. Without you, and people like you, The Haunting of Vancouver Island would probably still be an unlikely dream. So I’m grateful for your support.

Until next time!

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

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