Some Other Sphere Podcast: Shanon Sinn – The Haunting of Vancouver Island

“Shanon Sinn – The Haunting of Vancouver Island” was released by Some Other Sphere podcast on February 27th. In this episode, I was interviewed by Rick Palmer about The Haunting of Vancouver Island and our region’s ghost stories.

Because it’s a United Kingdom podcast, I found Rick’s choice of which stories to focus on interesting. We talked about First Nations spirituality, Vancouver Island’s sense of place, made comparisons to European folklore, and much more.

I’ve enjoyed Some Other Sphere ever since. It isn’t a show recounting paranormal testimonies. It isn’t focused entirely on folklore either. Rick has a Fortean approach to the unexplained. He challenges the boundaries of accepted scientific knowledge as a skeptical believer. This might come across as subtle at first, but it becomes more evident once you’ve listened to a few episodes.

If you’ve had enough The Haunting of Vancouver Island, then I recommend checking out one of the other nine episodes. The Chris Reeve “Gotobed Diaries” and Siobahn Clark “Myths, Legends, and Lore of Scotland” interviews are both excellent.  There’s also an episode with Icy Sedgwick called “Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses”. I’m saving that one for a rainy day.

I’ve almost finished listening to the last episode: “An Introduction to Tarot.” It’s more interesting than I’d expected it would be. It focuses on the cards themselves and not on a psychic component. That’s what I love about this podcast. There are so many books, TV shows, and podcasts examining the unexplained. Some Other Sphere still manages to find an approach that feels fresh.

As a newer podcast, I’m impressed by Some Other Sphere‘s diversity of topics, calibre of guests, and sound production quality. I highly recommend checking it out!

Here’s a link to the episode I’m featured in. All of the others are easy to find from there.

Some Other Sphere: Shanon Sinn – The Haunting of Vancouver Island

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

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