In the Red: Interview with Shanon Sinn

Hey everyone! Here’s the October 24th interview I did on In The Red, now available to listen to on Mixcloud. Some sweet music, a few ghost stories, and a couple of laughs. Special thanks to Robyn the First Lady of Canadian Rock, Barber Dave, and Gary the Mountain Man for making this happen. It was a … Continue reading “In the Red: Interview with Shanon Sinn”

The Pod Couple Interview: The Haunting of Vancouver Island

Hey everyone, This week I was interviewed by The Pod Couple and indie videographer Jeff Carpenter about my new book The Haunting of Vancouver Island. The episode was made available today. If you’re interested in listening you can click on the link below or find it on iTunes.

Tzouhalem Movie

The Tzouhalem movie I was interviewed for in 2020 has been playing at festivals and theatres in BC. This Friday, it will be showing at Cinecenta at The University of Victoria at 3:00 and 7:00 pm. This is an important film by Harold C. Joe and Leslie Bland. From what I have seen, they have … Continue reading “Tzouhalem Movie”

The Haunting of Your Bedside Table

In this interview, Darby asks the hard questions – we talk about common ghost story themes, racism, and the library copies of my book going missing! Our interview follows Casey’s Halloween reads, starting around the 17:45 mark. Meet Me in the Stacks is Vancouver Island Regional Library’s podcast. Each episode is unique, but almost always … Continue reading “The Haunting of Your Bedside Table”

The Missing and Unexplained Podcast with Tyler Hooper

The Haunting of Vancouver Island is four years old! It’s hard to believe. Interest in the book–as well as my perspective on local ghost lore–hasn’t waned as much as I thought it would. This Halloween, I was interviewed for two podcasts and will be doing a large Zoom presentation for kids for Vancouver Island Regional … Continue reading “The Missing and Unexplained Podcast with Tyler Hooper”

Urban Legend

The Vanishing Hitchhiker by Jan Harold Brunvand defines an Urban Legend as a “realistic story concerning recent events (or alleged events) with an ironic or supernatural twist.” The teller of the story believes the legend is true, and that the events actually happened to someone just out of reach–to a friend of a friend, for example, … Continue reading “Urban Legend”

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