The Missing and Unexplained Podcast with Tyler Hooper

The Haunting of Vancouver Island is four years old! It’s hard to believe. Interest in the book–as well as my perspective on local ghost lore–hasn’t waned as much as I thought it would. This Halloween, I was interviewed for two podcasts and will be doing a large Zoom presentation for kids for Vancouver Island Regional Library on October 26th.

The Missing and Unexplained interview with Tyler Hooper was a lot of fun. It was the first time I’ve spoken about the Valencia story almost exclusively. The Valenica is a legendary West Coast phantom ship. There’s a chapter about her in The Haunting of Vancouver Island. In the interview, I explain the difference between a ghost ship and phantom ship and talk about the haunted vessel the Melanope–as a teaser for the sequel I’m working on, The Haunting of British Columbia (working title).

Tyler Hooper has been working on a book about the Valencia for several years, making him the perfect person to interview me about the phantom vessel. Besides The Missing and Unexplained podcast Tyler has written for CBC, Vice, and Vancouver Sun. His Vice article on Granger Taylor was turned into a CBC feature documentary titled “Spaceman.” He has been a guest on several other podcasts including Unsolved Mysteries and is the host and producer of True to the Story–a podcast dedicated to long-form storytelling.

I hope you enjoy the interview! Be sure to subscribe to The Missing and Unexplained podcast if you do and feel free to leave a comment below. Happy Spooktober!

SS Valencia, 1904

Author: Shanon Sinn

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