March 29th Nanaimo Reading: 6 Local Authors Event

I’ll be reading from The Haunting of Vancouver Island on March 29th at Well Read Books on Commercial Street in Nanaimo. The event starts at 5:30 and admission is $5. The poster says there will be “appies and juice” included.

There will be five other authors reading as well. Susan Juby, Jan Peterson, Gary Geddes, Tina Bielo, and Ian Cognito. Three authors will be presenting at the same time–in two shifts–allowing people to catch snippets from each of them, or choose who to focus on based on personal interest.

Susan Juby is one of our professors at Vancouver Island University. She’s someone I’ve learned a lot from and come to admire. I’m currently in Susan’s “Writing Teen Fiction” course where I’ve been working on a YA ghost story. I recently read Alice, I think, to prepare for the course, and two of her other books in the past, but haven’t read The Fashion Committee yet. Susan Juby will make you laugh… unless you’re dead inside.

I often sourced Jan Peterson’s books in The Haunting of Vancouver Island. I haven’t read Mark Bate yet, but I’m a huge fan of her Nanaimo trilogy: Black Diamond City, Harbour City, and Hub City, as well as The Albernis: 1860 – 1922. If you’re interested in central Vancouver Island history her books are essential reading.

I haven’t read anything from the other three authors. Medicine Unbundled by Gary Geddes is a “searing investigation” into indigenous healthcare (Vancouver Sun), which is an important topic right now. A Housecoat Remains by Tina Biello and flora, fauna, & h. sapiens by Ian Cognito and Pat Smekal are both books of poetry. From what I understand, Ian Cognito will be presenting alone.

I would also like to mention that this event was organized by Julie Chadwick. She’s the author of The Man Who Carried Cash, which is a book about the relationship between Johnny Cash and his manager. I’ve been reading it between assigned university readings and everything else. It’s a well-researched book that’s also a real page-turner. Highly recommended, especially if you’re a Johnny Cash fan like me. She won’t be reading, but I’m sure Julie would be happy to sign one of her books (which they carry) if you’re interested.

If you can make it, I’m looking forward to seeing you! If you’ve already come to one of my readings feel free to check out the other authors–I won’t be insulted. Just make sure that during the break you loudly say things like: “The Haunting of Vancouver Island is so awesome it should probably be made into a movie,” and “that Shanon guy really blew my mind,” etc.

I also have another book signing coming up at Westshore Coles in Langford on March 31st with Ian Gibbs (author of Victoria’s Most Haunted). I’ll post that information once I have the poster.

Until next time.

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

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