Victoria is Haunted

Join Ian Gibbs and me for the Victoria is Haunted event on October 26th at Russell Books in Victoria. Doors will be open at 7 pm. Ian and I will be reading ghost stories, meeting readers, and signing books. As the poster above says, we’ll also be sharing “some of the Island’s creepiest tales.” That’s a fact.

Hope to see you all there!

Five Local Authors Plus Some Other Guy

On March 29th I was part of a Six Local Authors event at Well Read Books in Nanaimo. As I arrived I noticed, maybe for the first time, that the sign on the Terminal Highway side of the store has a classic retro look to it. Somehow, it reminded me of how I used to imagine what being a writer would be like as a kid. The little boy inside of me could suddenly see this age-old dream manifested. I had become an actual author. The sign was proof. It didn’t say “five local authors plus some other guy.” It said there were six of us. Every person driving by this sign, the younger version of myself thought, had stared up at it in wonder and awe. How could there be six authors at the same place at the same time? Were any of them famous? What kind of books did they write? What would they read? Continue reading “Five Local Authors Plus Some Other Guy”

March 29th Nanaimo Reading: 6 Local Authors Event

I’ll be reading from The Haunting of Vancouver Island on March 29th at Well Read Books on Commercial Street in Nanaimo. The event starts at 5:30 and admission is $5. The poster says there will be “appies and juice” included.

There will be five other authors reading as well. Susan Juby, Jan Peterson, Gary Geddes, Tina Bielo, and Ian Cognito. Continue reading “March 29th Nanaimo Reading: 6 Local Authors Event”

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