Search for the Headless Woman of Sicker Mountain (w Video)

For decades now, people have been claiming to see the apparition of a headless woman near the old Lenora town site on Sicker Mountain (1900-1907) There aren’t any buildings left standing any more — and the exact location is hard to find — but the ominous ghost story persists just the same.

The local legend says that an early miner found his wife cheating on him and killed her, either by accident – when he tried to kill the other man – or on purpose. The husband then cut the woman up and scattered her remains across the site. Ever since, it is said that she’s been searching for her missing head.

The Headless Woman of Sicker Mountain does not interact with people. She glides in front of them across the road where the Lenora townsite had been. She’s said to wear old-fashioned clothing.

Old newspaper accounts do not support this domestic-murder story. The most brutal homicide I’ve found so far was when a jealous miner killed another man over a recent widow (though not the suitor he intended to). There was a manhunt for the murderer, but the man committed suicide before he could be caught.

There were a few mining fatalities in those early years as well. Additionally, the old tracks were treacherously steep and described as dangerous. Newspaper accounts imply that people died on them as well. All of these deaths would have been male.


In fact, I haven’t found any mention of a single woman being killed at the old townsite, not even from natural causes. So it’s hard to say who the Headless Woman of Sicker Mountain really is, or what she’s doing there if the stories do have merit.

The Lenora townsite has been difficult to find. A logging company tore down what remained of the old buildings. There are supposed to be bricks in the area for confirmation — possibly a hidden piece of ruins or two — but that’s all I know for sure.

Nearby Mount Prevost Roads


At its height, Lenora had a store, school and hotel. A second community, Tyee (1901-1909), had a post office and a church. This house of worship would have likely been adjacent to a graveyard.


Historic accounts record that the townsite was very bustling during its heyday. The hotel was always busy. The mines were worked so hard that there were three shifts a day working the shafts. The mountain’s population is said to have been around 2000 at its peak.

Interesting but unrelated, a UFO enthusiast disappeared in the area in 1980 and is believed to have blown himself up.

The mountain is also reported to be an active Sasquatch area.

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

4 thoughts on “Search for the Headless Woman of Sicker Mountain (w Video)”

  1. Weird I was up there on mount prevost today, I’ve heard many stories about both mountains! A good hike or bike ride for sure.

    1. I know hey? This guy named Granger Taylor went up there in 1980. Apparently, he left a not saying he was going on a UFO cruise or something like that. Him or his truck were never seen again. The story is that he was carrying explosives and many years later RCMP found debris from his truck. Vancouver Island has so many crazy stories. Besides the nature, that’s why I love this place!

    2. Hi , a siverculture crew working on Mt Prevost in 1986 found a human arm bone, tests found it to be the missing UFO enthusiast

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