The Eight Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeist – Therese Selles. 1911

The eight stages of a poltergeist haunting has been taken from Rupert Mathews’ book Poltergeists. For anyone interested, Mathews’ book is well researched and a great read. He covers the many different characteristics of what we would now consider to be the classic poltergeist haunting. Mathews does not necessarily subscribe to the common poltergeist theories of ghosts or psychokinesis, but instead offers many other possible explanations such as fraud or misidentification. Within the book, Mathews covers historic and modern cases, investigations and scientific experiments, as well as famous early mediums and fraudsters. Mathews concludes there are generally eight stages to an “idealized poltergeist visitation” or haunting where fraud has not been detected:

Stage One: Beginnings

The activity usually begins with faintly registered sounds. This is usually a scratching noise, which may be disregarded as being made by rodents or to be the sounds of water pipes. These noises are usually only heard at night.

Stage Two: Noises

These sounds will then become harder to ignore. These noises resemble knuckles knocking on wood or other objects such as glass. Sometimes, very loud cracking or unexplained banging noises are heard but this is less likely. Objects can sometimes be felt to vibrate. At this stage the activity may also be heard during daylight hours.

Stage Three: Moving Objects

Mathews does state that sometimes Stage Three begins at the same time as Stage Two. Objects may be moved inexplicably. Stone throwing, or lithobolia, is very common. Objects may disappear and reappear. This activity usually focuses around a certain type of object such as a specific ornament or keys. It’s rare to actually see the item be moved. Items may be hot to the touch immediately thereafter.

Stage Four: Apports and Disapports

When an object appears from out of nowhere it’s called an apport. When an object disappears “into oblivion” it is called a disapport. These types of activities are extremely rare but have been reported.

Stage Five: Communication

In some cases communication is established through a code of knocks. This may be two knocks indicating a “yes” and one knock indicating a “no” or some other established pattern. Sometimes speech is achieved. In almost all of these cases there seems to be a gradual process which starts with whistles, slurps, growls and so on. At first, mutterings or distant voices will be heard. Next, the voice will be said to sound robotic. Finally, witnesses will claim regular speech is achieved. The poltergeist will then be able to speak as a normal person and will begin to make statements. Claims by the poltergeist about their identity are usually grande. They may claim to have been a murderer, a victim, a suicide, or even a famous person. When claims are checked out they will usually be determined to be false. According to Mathews, it is rare for a poltergeist to have knowledge of events outside of what is widely known within the community. Mathews does not mention this, but it is interesting that many claimed spirit-contacts through a Ouija board also share these same characteristics of deceit[i].

Stage Six: Climax

The poltergeist activity will suddenly increase to a point it had never reached before. This may last several hours or several days. If the poltergeist can talk it may state that it’s going to be leaving soon. Unlike previous claims, however, this will generally turn out to be true.

Stage Seven: Decline

According to Mathews, “the decline is almost always much shorter than the build-up.” The poltergeist will lose its abilities in reverse and gradually become weaker.

Stage Eight: Endings

The activity may slowly skip to an end. Sometimes, this poltergeist activity will reach a dramatic conclusion. In many cases, exorcisms or blessings may prematurely kill the activity. Sometimes, the focus person leaving the premise may cause the activity to cease.

Other Features

The “idealized” poltergeist haunting will usually have a focus person. According to Mathews, this focus person is usually a teenage female but may be of any age or gender. Some investigators believe that this poltergeist activity will center around one person but this is not always the case. Mathews also states that, “it is often said that focus people are usually in a stressful situation of some kind.” Examples given within the book are a divorce and an attempted rape.

Also of note, poltergeists sometimes manifest physically. This apparition may be smoky or misty. Sometimes it will take on a human form. Sometimes the apparition may appear very strange such as in an animal or part animal form. Wet spots may also manifest which smell like urine. Sometimes this manifestation can be seen as it is occurring and seems to come out of nowhere.

Witnesses will sometimes claim to have been harmed by the poltergeist entity. Scratches and bite marks are often reported to have appeared on the person’s skin without explanation. In some cases, animals will perish. Fires will sometimes start in the home inexplicably. In the Bell Witch case the poltergeist claimed to have killed Jack Bell. In one case – which is not in Mathews book – a woman named Doris Bither claimed to have been raped by a poltergeist. Witnesses later supported her claim. The Bithers’ poltergeist account and investigation was made into the 1981 movie ‘the Entity’ starring Barbara Hershey. For the full interview of Doris Bither’s surviving son please go to: ghost theory

It’s important to note that the poltergeist distinction is not as clear as many imagine. The characteristics of these hauntings often share many similarities with conventional hauntings. The word poltergeist basically means “noisy ghost” but has come to represent a specific idealized type of haunting. Many individuals separate poltergeists from traditional ghosts because they believe that the spirits of the deceased causes other types of hauntings and there are psychic explanations for poltergeist activity. One early theory was that poltergeist activity was caused by uncontrolled female teenage sexual energy, an unfounded belief that persists to this day.

Poltergeist Haunting

[i] For more on the apparent deceptive nature of spirits consider reading Hungry Ghosts by Joe Fisher 1991, which is a very interesting study.

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  1. I moved to a new apartment, I have a private room and quiet frankly saying I do not used to believe in paranomal or spiritual things. So when. I moved in, there were weird noises in my room especially from ceilings and walls which cannot be explained, so I thought due to my heavy schedule and everything I am making them up but when my friend claim to have heard those, we both came to a conclusion that there is a cricket ( insect) I’m the vent. But then there was this teddy that I just recently brought started moving. Though since I was only at home at night and use to leave early in morning I thought I forgot about it.Also, I had this constant feeling of being watched and most of the time from one point in the room but there would be no on. Though, one night I felt someone touching me in my sleep and maybe saw a smoky figure and my legs where it touched it was a bit hot and itchy there because next day I woke up to itching scratches which I made myself, I thought of it as nothing or maybe a dream and a bug bite or something which is quiet stupid of me really. But then one night someone suffocated me, I woke up and almost saw the smoky figure and I even think it talked with me. For a few days I slept in my living room because I was scared of what was happening. Though I cannot continue doing that since living room is shared with 2 other girls and even if they are nice enough to let me stay it’s still rude. But I applied for a transfer which will take place by 15th November and have not yet taken place. But I moved back into my room and even threw my teddy as I thought it could be the one causing it as it was new and could be possessed. By this time I am creeped out and know something is still there because I feel a presence and I remember clearly it talked with me, not in actual words but it did and that was terrifyingly real and I was awake. And today I woke up with weird scratches on my arm which quiet frequently I cannot cause anyhow while sleeping especially. I know it might have happened during a day or something but at this point I just cannot ignore anything and I have to stay in this place for 10 more days. Also just for knowledge it all started around August 20, ie almost 3 months ago. Please tell what should I do.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences Aakansha. I don’t know what you should do as I’m not an expert and don’t believe people who say they are. I think you’ll be okay though, if you’re only there for another ten days. If you’re interested in what other people might have done to help with their situations I suggest reading the comments below! Let us know if anything else happens and maybe we can guide you throught the next few days together.

  2. When I was about 11 or 10 I was staying in my dad’s house which he got gave to him by my great aunt when she died. It scares me to think about it but anyways I always got cold gushes of winds there and creepy feelings one night I guess I slept walked in the kitchen and I got chocked it was really a struggle to get away it was a greyish figure behind me and before I got chocked I dreamed about a grey figure leading me somewhere that next morning I had choke marks on my neck after that I stopped going over there then I started going again and I started having bad dreams like one time I seen a evil twin you could say of my dad and he said I want you only not your brother since you have your dad’s blood. After that I didn’t go over there but like 1 year ago I went and look in the cellar and that night in my dreams I heard wispering million of voices it sounded like and in a old broken tool house you could say. Anything you would know about this? Just curious.

    • Hi Keslynn, thank you for sharing. Sounds like you went through a hard time! Just to clarify, I collect the stories and am fascinated in the story itself and/or the possible explanation, but don’t feel comfortable ever offering an explanation as to what is happening or how to cope with it. Other than maybe passing on information like I have in the comments below. I won’t approve psychic comments saying they will help for a fee or anything like that. I want to protect people from that stuff. Your experiences sound really frightening especially feeling attacked! I’m glad to hear that they don’t happen any more.

  3. Recently strange thing have been happening around our house like stuff falling with no explanation and last year my mom and I and my best friend have all seen this thing with long sliver/white hair with a black body and the face is greyish with white eyes and it just stared at us and I have a baby sister and it will mimic her cry and my mom has said she’s heard me but it wasn’t me also she’s said she’s heard a femail voice. After I’ve read this I never thought or noticed but thing would go missing all the time and I will look for it and it will just pop up in places I’ve looked. Last night In my sleep I seen soming red and black flying and me idk if it was something relating to this. My aunt thinks she has an extra sence and when she came in our house she said it had something in it so she got a horse shoe and it was supposed to be blessed and that’s when stuff really escalated happening nothing like this has happened besides us seeing that thing. Also and we’ve heard knoking on our pipes. Can it mess or talk to my little sister? She talks to things that aren’t there and she had like 6 dots going down her back could it have done it?

    • Thank you for this comment too Keslynn. As I replied above, I don’t offer advice or have enough understanding these things are happening the way people think they are. I call myself a sceptical believer. I know people have these experiences, but are they ghosts of the dead? another type of unidentified being? sound hallucinations? a tulpa-like being? (look up tulpa) psychic energy? temporary mental illness? or something else like false memories or more complex like quantum physics? So, I can’t really answer your questions and I would judge anyone who said they could. Though I respect people’s religious beliefs and if your spiritual leader offers healing then you should take it. It’s helped in cultures all over the world, even different religions. Who knows why.

  4. Hello there, sorry for the long reply, but in the past 25 years that my family has lived at our house, we’ve had many strange experiences. My mother would tell me stories of dishes flying out of the cabinets and smashing against the kitchen wall, fifty pound tables moving across rooms by themselves, houseplants appearing in different rooms, the smell of black coffee, blankets being pulled off of her, and even an apparition of an older man in the doorway once. I always assumed these were just tales to scare me as a child, but once I turned 14, I began having experiences of my own. I would be home alone and the smell of aftershave and black coffee would appear. I recorded a video once when this happened and got heavy footsteps in the audio. I have seen my toothbrush hovering midair while I was taking a shower, and have had a package of pens fly across my room. Our printer, that isn’t plugged in, turns on all the time, and I hear snoring coming from my parents’ bedroom when I am home alone. The scariest thing, however, is the centimeter-deep cut that appeared painlessly on my leg that would not stop bleeding for an hour. I was just sitting and felt something drip down my shin. The next morning as I laid in bed, I felt a burning sensation on my foot and saw what appeared to be a cigarette burn on it. I now occasionally smell cigarette smoke at home, even though nobody in my family smokes. The strange thing about this is that the surges of activity happened when my mother was around 24-28, and they have started back up when I was 14, and I am 17 now. My father and brother never had any experiences alone, but my mother and I have. I’m worried that we have a real problem on our hands, as the entity has never been violent until recently.

    • I’ve experienced something almost identical with the burning. Moved to a new house and my husband and I, both smokers, kept accusing the other of falling asleep and accidentally burning the already asleep partner. Back and forth, with adamant denial on both our parts. Until the night he wasn’t home and I awoke to the same pain, but more intense, down on my ankle-shin area, and discovered a huge blister forming. We saw dark figures in the windows and I once saw a man in a hat before the basement door. We didn’t end up staying there long…

    • Hi Savannah, I have to apologize as I missed replying to your comment somehow, and I’ve just noticed. A lot of what you’re describing here are things that are often said to happen in more extreme hauntings, including poltergesit hauntings. I’m hoping since you commented that the harmful experiences have stopped happening or lessened. As I say to everyone, I’m a collector of stories and interested in these occurances but don’t believe anyone who says they know what is going on. “ghosts are…” or “poltergeists are…” but that’s just me. I know people have these experiences, just hesitant to offer explanations or advice. Though I have shared resources in other comments here, or things that might work. So, the one thing I’m curious about is if anyone’s ever tried to identify the brand of aftershave? It could be a classic that’s still in use, or smell similar to something new. Most deptartment stores have samples to smell. Large stores in major cities sometimes have more than you can handle. Just a thought. I hope things have gotten better for you!

  5. Soooo, if you’ve experienced all of this, but the very first thing that happened was a candle lighting on its own (fire), thennnnn…. You’re probably tangled with a doozy? Sigh.

  6. This is an awesome article. I’ve been experiencing strange things so I did some internet digging and found this article. I have a question. Are all poltergeists dangerous? Because I’ve had many experiences but none of them seemed dangerous in the least. They’ve just been mildly annoying. Books being where I know I wouldn’t have placed them, scratching sounds, steps coming from the basement when all of my family is upstairs asleep. Just stuff like that. It hasn’t bothered me because I’ve lived with it for several years. But nothing at all dangerous.

    • Thank you Amber. Rupert Matthews did most of the heavy lifting here so I highly recommend his book.
      Poltergeists are not necessarily dangerous at all. Some people have had terrible experiences, but it’s rare anyone says they were hurt. I feel the same way as you do. Some religious people would claim they are dangerous to your soul in some way — because the presence is demonic. As we don’t really know what poltergeists are it is hard to say one way or another though. With your experiences, I would consider you more of an authority on poltergesits than most people who try to make careers in the world of the paranormal.

  7. When I was 19 years old I moved in with my boyfriend in his parents home. As soon as I moved in I was instantly being harassed by something I now believe must have been some sort of poltergeist. The first night I stayed in the bedroom we had an air mattress that was pushed up against a partly open closet. We had a toolbox in the closet that was put on a shelf which must have weighed around 30 pounds or so. The heavy toolbox was pushed off the shelf in the middle of the night while we were sleeping, and landed directly next to my head. A couple of nights later I had another scary incident. My boyfriend and I were sleeping and I woke up to him mumbling in his sleep. All of a sudden he speaks very clearly to me “I’m going to rip out your guts, and then frame them on my wall” I instantly woke him up and told him what he said to me and of course he had no recollection. Of course I was very shaken up by the whole experience. I’m wondering if you believe this could have been a poltergeist? I’m 33 years old now and I still get the chills when I think about the crazy ghost that wanted to kill me.

    • Thanks for your comment Brandy. Your experience sounds horrible! It sucks you had to go through this. You might want to read through some of the other comments posted below. No one knows what a poltergeist really is, though some of us have different ideas about what it could be. I am both a sceptic and a believer due to my own experiences. Some claim to know what these beings/experiences are but I don’t really believe them. That being said, somebody somewhere is probably right. Without being able to define what a poltergeist is I can’t say if your experience was with a poltergeist or not. Most of the reality TV crowd would say your experience sounds demonic in nature. Like your boyfriend was possessed by a dark energy. I also don’t really believe in one true religion thing so that’s a little off to me too. Demons and exorcisms being the one way to stop these things. There is so much crossover between traditional hauntings, poltergeists, possession, channelling and even sometimes banshee/death warnings and guardian angel stuff that I think it might all be the same type of experience we will one day be able to scientifically explain. We classify things to break them down and try to explain but no one knows. I do honestly believe you had this experience though. There were similar things that happened in my ex-girlfriend’s basement suite I witnessed. Also, I tend to believe the accounts that sound a little off as they sound/feel less made up to me. I’m glad you don’t have to experience this anymore.

  8. Hi Shanon,
    I’m writing a book about my experiences investigating discarnate entities at an abandoned lake house. It sits out in the middle of 10 acres that are so overgrown you can’t see the house from the road. I went in the lake house every other Monday morning at 3am by myself and investigated. It’s big, nearly 7,000 sq ft. I also left recorders overnight several times to see what would happen when no human was there. The comment about “poltergeists” being percussive is very true. I have thousands and thousands of knocks recorded and if you slow them way down they are actually words. Evidently, at this lake house anyway, they do a more explosive bark to sound like a knock and then normal conversation with them is on the order of 2x or 3x faster than normal. There is a sort of Morse code at the lake house. 1 knock means agreement – with each other or with whatever I said to myself out loud. 2 knocks means “warning”. A hard knock followed by two quicker, softer knocks means “say again”. I was only able to determine their codes because of 3 solid years of work through 48 investigations. I suppose I captured 30,000+ EVPs, thousands of paranormal activity events, and hundreds of apparitions.

    As to your comment that you still stand by the statement of haunting vs poltergeist activity….my opinion is that nobody knows. These are discarnate entities to be sure, but it hasn’t even been scientifically proven that ghosts even exist. If the definition of a ghost is the actual person we can never know. People are certain that they’ve made contact with their loved ones but there are lots of problems with that. In the Scole Experiment and in my own videos discarnate entities said in EVPs what I was thinking at the time. They frequently would say what I was about to say so I have the EVP then on the same device I have me saying the same thing. Scole scientists said they frequently answered questions before they were asked. Research shows the more troublesome ones that Hans Bender labeled “elementals” loved to imitate people. So it is possible they read the person’s mind and then imitated the loved one. I use the term poltergeist quite frequently but only as it pertains to the lake house because I’m using its literal German definition of “noisy ghost”. And they are noisy as hell there. I call the popular boxes “spirit boxes” because that’s what many manufacturers have labeled them but nobody knows for certain who or what they are communicating with. I like your bloq, I just found it. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

    • Thanks for your comment Robert. Your book sounds very interesting. The part about the slowed down knocks being words is new to me.

      You’ve gathered a lot of evidence–and are open about it–so people will be expecting to see the images and listen to the recordings. As I call myself a sceptical believer, I tell people if it isn’t convincing (like mumbled words people can’t all agree upon or a circled part of an image explaining what it is) then it didn’t really happened. Meaning it might as well not have. Part of the problem is that with modern technology anything can be faked now. Most evidence turns out to not be very interesting or compelling or impossible to verify. Only the person who experiences it can truly know wether it is real or not. I’m not trying to discourage you. You sound articulate and sincere so I just want you to know what to expect.

      The second part of your comment is interesting. I have had similar experiences. I’m not sure if you saw the note at the end of my post about Fisher’s book Hungry Ghosts, but it is fascinating. The research he did found that entities (channeling) knew things the host or others did not, but much of what they claimed about who they were when alive would turn out to be lies. Fisher died under mysterious circumstances ruled a suicide though some believe his death was payback from the other side. What I like about him is that he was a journalist so not as far out as most of these authors. Also, he initially set out to prove the channelling was fake, but ended up changing his mind.

      In my book–being a sceptical believer–I talk about the Tulpa and discuss experiments/findings with sound waves, etc. in the introduction and then investigate (as a former fraud investigator and museum researcher) these cases and dismantle them when they are not true. I also ask a lot of questions along the way so the reader will start second guessing what they think they already know. I believe, like you, there is something, but that no one can have the answers until technology is more advanced. Anyone who claims to know what these things are is a fake. Too common thanks to reality TV and people wanting too badly to believe or prove ghosts exist. If you’ve gathered this much evidence and can look at it objectively and have other experts look at it objectively then your book will be fascinating and I’ll be stoked to read it. Thanks again for your comment!

  9. For several years I have been bothered by an attached entity that harassed me wherever I go. It normally will pull the back of the chair while sitting down or scratch the top of my head. I actually caught on film a few years ago. The voice is becoming clear and it was also recorded. Last night, double closet doors in my home Office shook hard as if something was trying to get out. This type of activity has never happened and I just moved to a new home. I pray this is a sign that the activity has peaked and it will hear my verbal prayers. It’s been an awful experience that began after a major domestic assault

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Robert. I’m sorry to hear about the assault and these other experiences as well. My advice with any evidence is to make copies and save it in more than one place. I have lost an image and a recording both under really unusual circumstances. Would love to hear/see anything you catch if you are open to sharing as well.

      • I can send to a personal e-mail. It acted up again tonight and poked me from behind while I was cleaning the pool. It felt as if someone lifted the back of my shirt and tried to push me in the water. Praying that these recent events are signs it’s peaking.

        • That sounds really intense and not very safe either. Hopefully you’ll get some answers soon, or the activity will begin to lessen. I would love to look at anything you’ve captured if you trust me. My email is

    • Robert, I’m sorry for the stress you are feeling in this situation. I had a short lived haunting (3 months) and things slowly progressed. It was when my husband and I were dealing with the loss of our best friend… It was a stressful time which made us irritable, financial problems and lots of grief and anger. I think something may have attached to us. I have intuitive abilities, I was able to do a “ritual” if you call it and the activity stopped immidealitely and the home felt a million times lighter and brighter. Do you believe in witches that practice white magic? I would suggest having one come in and get the entity out. I would love to see the footage you captured if you want to email it to me

  10. can a poltergiest mimic a person…like my neighbors seen me at their house walking on their porch and through a glass screen door told me to come in and twice now ive walkied off thier porch and my son seen me in my home i called for him and he followed me into my room where i disappeared? My family is on egg shells let along myself. Have you ever heard of such a thing, i have tried talking to many paranormal people and i cant seem to get a response. Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for your comment Amanda, I am not sure what the capabilities of a poltergeist are, as I do not know what causes these types of “hauntings”. A double of a living person is often seen in haunted locations though. Even more common, a person will hear the voice of someone they know calling their name. If you start looking at “true cases” you will find both of these experiences are common.

      There are also many beliefs about a 2nd spirit. People who believe in astral projection explain it that way (it is a part of the person outside of their body on a journey). There is also the stories of the doppelganger, which could have a page of its own. Also, Japanese lore has a term for a living ghost called an “Ikiryo.” A similar idea is the Egyptian “Khu.”

      There are a lot of claims of people seeing the spirit of someone they know in trouble or dying when they were still alive but far away. Many cases. In the classic Usborne Supernatural Guides: Haunted Houses, Ghosts & Spectres they talk about the possibility of this second being having been created by “mental energy.” Some people have also proposed alien-type theories, or other dimensions.

      What you have claimed here others–even nonbeliever–have claimed as well. Like poltergeists and other hauntings, no one really knows the answer, though many people will claim they do, which is why there are so many different explanations.

      Hope this helps. Please let us know if there are any developments or if anything changes. I would love to ask you more questions if you are open to it as well.

    • Yes. Mine mimics me, and appears to people I live with. It has only been seen standing in doorways, and watches them at night when I’m asleep. I do not see it, though I have seen a mimic of a person I knew once. I saw him walking through the yard from a window, and went to open the door for him, but when I opened it, no one was there. I called him to see what just happened but he told me he was waiting to get a haircut at a shop about 20 min away.

  11. Regarding the urine spots.
    I’ve experienced all sorts of things but this one has thrown me off.
    I woke up to strong yellow urine at the top of my bed. Definitely wasn’t our dog or cats. It didn’t smell the same or look the same.
    We have recently moved into a new house. My cat who sees what I can see has started to play with something small and black at night.
    He calls out to it and then plays with it. Lately he has played less but we still see the small black thing around the house.
    We have heard noises and faint male voices. As well as uneasy feelings.
    Is it possible that my cat is playing with another animal or could it be something worse? Not sure what to do with this one. I’ve never heard of urine spots till now.
    Regarding the urine, should I take this one a little more serious?

    • Thank you for sharing Hollie. I don’t feel super comfortable offering advice, though I’ve responded to comments below about making a space more positive energetically–something that has helped me in the past. I don’t have any idea what these experiences really are, even though I know for a fact they occur. Myself, if it doesn’t feel negative and it is respecting my boundaries I wouldn’t worry. But the urine thing doesn’t sound good. It is either being intentionally disrespectful or doesn’t know any better (assuming it is a sentient being). Maybe it is trying to communicate in some way, like a dog might? This is a far out idea maybe, but you could consider researching the psychology of why pets urinate in unusual places. Maybe there is a clue there.

      • Hi Shanon,
        Thank you for your fast reply. You brought very interesting points and I will definitely look into it.
        The urine spot wasn’t a circle shape, rather made from a position of movement or of higher. If this makes sense.
        The urine was also at out face level, inbetween.
        Banging around the house has also increase. Alro our cat who played with the little black shape has also become distant. Yesterday I spoke to whoever or whatever may in the house and told it to leave our cat alone to which yesterday after and today Arlo has become more affectionate.
        Fingers crossed.
        Thank you for your insight.
        I will look into you points.

        Thank you 🙂

        • Hope it helps Hollie. Let us know if you get any results or changes. I’m happy to hear that Arlo has become more affectionate again 🙂

  12. Ok.. things r happening in my house that I’ve been trying to get help for. But last night things got even weirder!! Well for the last 4 years we have lived her I have so many things happen to us I can’t even remember them all . Knocks blankets being pulled off us slowly @ night voices.. loud noises upstairs. But what happened was when we redid our foundation of our house we found an old pony horse shoe so we brought it into the house not thinking about anything that we thought it was cool we really like old things. So ever since it moves on it’s own !!! But one day it completely disappeared so it’s been missing for a least 2 months and last night it just appeared again laying on my dinning room floor!!!! We were completely freaked out!!! My dogs always react to things barking and growling at things we don’t see I’ve been heals down in my bed my husband too and we arnt a sleep when this is happening we r awake!!! You can’t even make a sound when it’s doing this. My daughter couldn’t sleep when we first moved in because she would hear whistling in her ear ! We hear the door slam on the porch and u look out ther & nothing is there .we have had a preacher come out & bless the property and the house . It was quiet for a little while but not for long we really need some good advice. We have this merror that we have to keep covered at all times that’s original to the house that I think is a portal or something because when we covered it it helped a little. This house is from 1913. My youngest daughter experiences the most of it. So much is going on it’s unreal and people think we r crazy sometimes when we tell them. We’ve been touched heard voices. Like it sounds like tiny little pebbles get thrown !! When we turn on a video and record we get orbs all everywhere!! Taken pics we get faces in pics like a picture hanging on the wall there will be a face in the glass of the picture it’s the craziest things ever & I need someone to give me some advice!! This is no joke!! Weird dreams ! Sometimes night terrors. Please someone help!! I even contacted dead files & they actually answered my email and called me but didn’t come to help!!????

    • If you think this is a poltergeist : hun it’s someone living with you or you yourself. Our minds are complex things and due to stress factors or higher brain wave activity / these are actually psychokinetic abilities manifesting with no control. The only thing that helps may be therapy for the one causing it . Or learning how to control it. The poltergeist activity is the “Id” part of the brain – and it’s the physical manifestation of that. I also would look up family history for it should show some insight if this happens to family members of you or your husband- these things are genetic : and if you have children know that they might be the primary focus of this activity due to adolescents and hormones during puberty.

      • Thanks for your comment Dias. I was wondering what your background is, as far as research or field of study? The poltergeist cases I have looked at have overlapped with traditional hauntings. Personally, I don’t believe the psychokinetic theory, though am open to other people’s beliefs as long as we can agree that no one has the answers. Many sensational books and TV shows claim to know, but none have stood up to close scrutiny (yet). I think it is important to state these are just ideas if we are offering advice because no one knows. Though what you suggest is a more common belief than some, so I appreciate that you have brought the idea up.

    • Hi Brandi, thank you for your comment. What country do you live in? The covered mirror is an older belief in many European countries and some places still practice it today.
      So what happened with the preacher? You said he came and blessed the property. Are you Catholic? What was his advice?
      If you are spiritual or religious it is important to seek guidance if you feel something is out of your hands. I am also a firm believer in moving energy (feng shui if you will). Getting rid of clutter in spaces throughout the home including from old negative relationships–anything that feels low energy, letting fresh air flow through your home as often as possible, smudging, plants and stones, etc. If you are able healthy foods and lots of clean water, avoiding drugs especially drinking but cigarettes and low energy food like sugar and junk food. All of these things have helped me in the past. A practice of gratitude is very powerful as well.

    • Hi! Sorry that this is happening, and that this is so upsetting to you.

      One question I have is, why is this so upsetting to you? Have you tried sitting down and talking to it? Sometimes, these things calm down when people talk to them. Most times, they’re not harmful (but see below), just mischievous.

      I’ve had things happen around my house from time to time (for example, objects “getting lost” then appearing in plain sight), and have to stop and think that there’s nothing to be afraid of, at some times, it’s actually been helpful.

      On the other hand, has anyone in your family dabbled in magic or the occult? If so, you need more than a house blessing, you need to find a good, solid pastor with a solid life and solid doctrine to counsel you and lead you and your family to a solution. If it’s an evil spirit, that’s a whole other thing, and it could be dangerous. It’s the difference between a raccoon in your attic or a mountain lion!

  13. I’m having paranormal activity in my home but only when my 2 son’s are home. It started out as knocks on the door for 2 weeks straight,then the furniture and pictures started being tossed around. Could my kids be carrying the poltergeist?

    • Hi Maisha, Thanks for your comment. No one really knows what poltergeists are. Some people believe they are a kind of nonhuman spirit. Others that they are a type of ghost. Some think it is connected to psychic energy/disturbance, usually said to be related to a focus person who is often a teenager. Whatever one chooses to believe (ghost, nonhuman spirit, psychic energy, or other) these types of events have been reported as both attached to a single person or to a specific location. It would be important to try to look for patterns pertaining to anything unusual (newly bought items, renovations,bullying of kid, etc.) when the activity started and if it seems more connected to one person or not. Then you can decide how to fix it and what kind of help to seek.

  14. I have experienced my bed jolting only at night for about a week. Then a few days after as I read a book on my bed, the light bulb attached to a ceiling fan fell right on top of my head. I have had two toys from my brother turn on at midnight while doing homework.

    • Thanks for sharing Leslie. I was curious what country/state/province you live in? In the article I brought up the idea of the “focus person” who is usually a teenage female. Please don’t feel the need to share personal information, but do you feel like you might be the focus of the activity?

  15. Loft door opend the smell of perfume then a lil ball got placed on my partners side of bed he moved it on the floor as i closed my eyes its come off the floor hot my head not hard but slightly hit side of my head

    • Hi Kerry, Pretty hard to explain how the ball came back and hit you on the head! Hopefully the activity won’t escalate anymore! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Ive had some strange stuff happen …. here goes 1st.. loft door opened 2nd.. smell of purfume smell 3rd.. a lil ball placed on my partners side of bed after he threw it on floor…then 4th the ball came off the floor and hit me on side of the head not hard just slightly but i cant seem to het what or who it could be

  17. I forgot to say, it does seem to be a poltergeist, as in from the energy of a pubescent teenager most usually, but it would not surprise me if the electromagnetic energy that I am guessing is heightened in a hormonal teenager, provides the conduit for interdimensional beings to bleed into this reality,causing havoc. When the heightened emotions subside with age, the conduit of electro magnetic energy weakens and the link between the dimensions is lost, and the paranormal activity is lost.

    Either way, temporary poltergeist or spirit attachment, talking to someone like Alba Weinman, would help, as would that person trying to raise their frequency, and trying to minimize stress. Raising their frequency by removing meat from their diet, eating organic veg, laughing, on purpose, looking at things from a positive perspective, and being kind. A bit of a tall order for a highly strung, hormonal teenager, or younger, but we have far more power than we realize, and our energy can be tapped into and used by not so nice things, so raising the vibration (by being very positive and wholesome and loving), may raise the vibration out of the vibration of the lower vibrational beings that can cause havoc. A bit like changing radio stations, from the lower vibrational station where the not so nice things can tap in, to higher radio stations, where more healthy interactions with the world around the (nature, positivity, love, etc) are attracted. Like for like. If this resonates, consider it, if it does not, please ignore. I is just the way I see the world.Thanks.

  18. Hi Jo-Ann,

    It sounds like your Granddaughter may well have an “entity attachment”. It sounds rather frightening, but among folk who can remove the “attachments”, more folk have them, than don’t. They just are not aware of them if they are not so obvious. Folk who are vulnerable, have had big shocks, go under a general anaesthetic, have basically vulnerabilities where discarnate spirits can “jump on board”. This also happens when folk have too much alcohol and drugs. Something like 40% to 60% have them, usually multiple. It could even be an attachment from other lifetimes. I know a woman who got one from attending a funeral and the spirit of the deceased did not want to pass onto the next stage and went into the family of a friend’s child, and the child did not become aware of it until she was in her 50’s. Quite often, unexplained aches and pains are these things, once all medical reasoning is ruled out.

    I suggest you watch some you tube videos of Alba Weinmann doing Past Life Regressions that involved “Spirit Release”. This will give you a good idea of what might be happening. You are only aware of it because it is obvious. I suggest everyone gets checked over every now and then. Anyway, one you watch a few of her videos, if she is not nearby, you can ask her if she knows of folk near you that can do that. You just need to be discerning in how you choose who to do it.

    Anyway, very good that you are taking notice and not ignoring it. Better to nip it in the bud.
    All the best.

  19. That is very interesting. My granddaughter age 9, acts out, having temper tantrums and destroying things. She throws clothing around her room and has cut the blinds and her screen. She has said there is a girl or witch in her room. But then says she didn’t do it. I have seen a figure of a girl the one night I left her sleep with me in my room. Could she have been jumped and made to do what she does? She acts like a defiant teenager at times and as if she has authority over adults. What can I do to make things better?

    • Thanks for sharing Jo Ann. I am not really sure what you could do to make the situation better. I am a collector of stories and a student of sorts, but not a priest or medicine man. If by “jumping” you mean like possession then I would turn to whatever faith you have and find a spiritual leader who can help. I left a longer comment below — to Chris — regarding some of the things I do to keep my space zen-like. These things have helped me. Hope that you find some peace.

  20. What if we believe we are the focus person of a haunting, closets open by themselves, my cross appears by my pillow. Flashes of something running upstairs when im the only person home. Someone please answer soon or if i could get information..

    • Hi Jade thank you for your comment. Many people believe in the idea of a focus person. If you think this is true then maybe it is. I suggest the book I’ve covered here as the most comprehensive grounded non-religious book I’ve come across.

  21. this is a very interesting article. i have a friend who told me had a poltergiest living in his home. one of the things that stood out the most is when he said sometimes the poltergiet would scratch him and other family members.(he said that happened a few years ago).(also its worh noting that activity happens daily) is when i told him he should seek some help; a priest. im pretty concerned and i would love some advice on what todo. thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment Chris. I am more about sharing accounts and stories as opposed to offering guidance or help, but I will share what has worked for me. When something overly negative happens in my life — paranormal or not — I go within. I seek a place of peace. I will burn incenses, oils, and candles. Meditate, exercise, and do yoga. I make sure my place is clean and uncluttered and that I am letting fresh air in. I also look for items that might have negative attachments to them and get rid of them, also negative people. I check my diet, make sure I’m drinking enough water and getting outside, and cut back on drinking, TV, caffeine, or anything else that might be influencing me. Wether or not a person believes in these things is not important. We can choose to face the trials in our lives as warriors — making a stand as I have described above — or continue to live the same way and accept our victimhood. This is just my belief though, and I am not in your friends shoes, but this is what I have done and it has worked.

  22. In my research most poltergeist events dont have a central person involved, these are mostly minor cases that dont get picked up but they still exhibit the same sort of event that are often associated with the poltergiest. After many years of research and active investigation in these phenomena I am presently of the mind that the poltergiest having a central human focus is some what of a red herring.

    • You could be right Matt. My one main experience does support the focus person theory, but I’m not committed to this belief as being something absolute. One of my ex girlfriends had classic poltergeist activity around her witnessed by myself and her roommate on multiple occasions, as well as some incidents by other people. Doors opening and closing, cupboards and cutlery rattling, a large painting once flew off the wall, stereo would turn on, lights as well, lots and lots of knocking and unexplained noises. Most definitely was noisy. Not over-the-top movie stuff but something would happen almost every day. The activity seemed to focus on her for the most part. She had been molested by a family member when she was younger — and had never really dealt with it — so it would support that theory too. I was with her for some time and the activity slowly faded and then stopped over time. This was one of the experiences in my life that made me interested in this sort of thing. I’ve interviewed a lot of people doing investigating and research since I originally posted this. I still stand by the statement that there are a lot of overlaps between “hauntings” and “poltergeist” activity. So maybe that is what could determine the difference? A focus person? Food for thought anyways. Greatly appreciate your comment! Do you have any of your research published online I would love to check it out!