The Eight Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting

The Eight Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting was proposed by Rupert Mathews in his book  Poltergeists. Filled with illustrations and unique information, this is by far my favourite book about poltergeists.

Mathews covers many aspects of what we would now consider classic poltergeist hauntings. What I like most, is that Mathews doesn’t automatically subscribe to common poltergeist theories (regarding psychokinesis and the paranormal). He is thorough in covering many possible explanations including fraud and misidentification. Mathews covers historic and modern cases, investigations and scientific experiments, as well as famous early mediums and fraudsters.

Astutely, Mathews says there are generally eight stages to an “idealized poltergeist visitation,” or haunting, where fraud has not been detected:

Stage One: Beginnings

The activity usually begins with faintly registered sounds. This is usually a scratching noise, which might be disregarded as rodents or related to water pipes, etc. These noises are usually only heard at night.

Stage Two: Noises

The sounds will become harder to ignore. At this point, the noises might resemble knuckles knocking on wood or another objects such as glass. Sometimes, very loud cracking or unexplained banging noises are heard but this is less common. Objects might vibrate. At this stage, the activity might also be heard during daylight hours.

Stage Three: Moving Objects

Mathews says that sometimes Stage Three begins at the same time as Stage Two. Objects might be moved inexplicably. Stone throwing, or lithobolia, is very common. Objects might disappear and reappear. This activity usually focuses on a certain item or type of object such as a specific ornament or keys. It’s rare to actually see the item moved. The object might be hot to the touch immediately after.

Stage Four: Apports and Disapports

When an object appears from out of nowhere it’s called an apport. When an object disappears “into oblivion” it is called a disapport. These types of activities are extremely rare but have been reported.

Stage Five: Communication

In some cases communication is established through a code of knocks. This may be two knocks indicating a “yes” and one knock indicating a “no” or some other established pattern. Sometimes speech occurs. In almost all of these cases, there seems to be a gradual process which starts with whistles, slurps, growls and so on. At first, mutterings or distant voices can be heard. Next, the voice is said to sound robotic. Finally, witnesses have claimed regular speech is achieved. At this point, the poltergeist will be able to speak as a normal person might as they begin to make statements. Claims by the poltergeist about their lifetime identity are often grande. They may say they were a murderer, a victim, a suicide, or even a famous person. When these statements are checked out they will usually be found to be false. According to Mathews, it is rare for a poltergeist to have knowledge of events outside of what is widely known within the community it appears in. Mathews does not mention this, but it’s interesting to me that many claimed spirit-contacts through Ouija boards share these same characteristics of deceit[i].

Stage Six: Climax

The poltergeist activity will suddenly increase to a point it had never reached before. This may last several hours or several days. If the poltergeist can talk it may state that it’s going to leave soon. Unlike previous claims, however, this will generally turn out to be true.

Stage Seven: Decline

According to Mathews, “the decline is almost always much shorter than the build-up.” The poltergeist will lose its abilities in reverse and gradually become weaker.

Stage Eight: Endings

The activity may slowly skip to an end. Sometimes, this poltergeist activity will reach a dramatic conclusion. In many cases, exorcisms or blessings may prematurely kill the activity. Sometimes, the focus person leaving the premise may cause the activity to cease.

Other Features

The “idealized” poltergeist haunting will usually have a focus person. According to Mathews, this focus person is most often a teenage female but may be any age or gender. Some investigators believe poltergeist activity always centres around one person but this is not always the case. Mathews adds that, “it is often said that focus people are usually in a stressful situation of some kind.” He gives examples of divorce and attempted rape.

Also noteworthy, poltergeists sometimes manifest physically. The apparition might be smoky or misty (this makes me think of Jinn). Sometimes, it will take on a human form. The apparition might also appear even more inexplicable such as in an animal or part animal form. Wet spots might also manifest, which are said to smell like urine. Sometimes the wetness can be viewed as it occurs and seems to come out of nowhere.

Witnesses have claimed to be harmed by poltergeist entities, as well. Scratches and bite marks are said to appear on the person’s skin without explanation. In some cases, pets will die. Fires can start in the home inexplicably. In the Bell Witch case, the poltergeist claimed to have killed Jack Bell. In another – which is not in Mathews’ book – a woman named Doris Bither claimed to have been raped by a poltergeist. Witnesses later supported her claim. The Bithers’ poltergeist account and investigation was made into the 1981 movie The Entity starring Barbara Hershey (before the fictional Poltergeist movie). For an interview with Doris Bither’s surviving son please go to: ghost theory

It’s important to note that the poltergeist distinction is not as clear as many imagine. Especially mainstream parapsychologists or paranormal investigators. The characteristics of poltergeist hauntings often share many similarities with conventional hauntings. Translated from German, the word poltergeist basically means “noisy ghost.” Identified as a poltergeist, it has come to represent a specific idealized type of haunting. Many individuals separate poltergeists from traditional ghosts, for example, because they believe spirits of dead people cause other types of hauntings and there are psychic explanations for poltergeist activity. One early theory was that poltergeist activity was caused by uncontrolled female teenage sexual energy, an unfounded problematic belief that persists to this day.

[i] For more reports that suggest spirits are often deceptive, consider reading Hungry Ghosts by Joe Fisher, which is fascinating. Since publication, Fisher died falling off a cliff. Many believe he was pushed.


Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

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  1. Not sure if this is anything but I walked into my bathroom and it look like someone took a cup of coffee and threw it against all the walls. Nothing was leaking from the ceiling. It was just on the walls and white right off. Not sure how it could’ve gotten there. I moved in here about three months ago. Any advice?

  2. Ok this is what I actually wanted to write about:


    So I watch dogs usually in peoples homes. Been doing this for 2 years or so.. my friend moved in with her partner and had me watch her fur babies at new location. Only for about 3 days. I really got into cleaning for them cause there was sooo much dust. As I was sweeping over by the dog door.. it looked like someone/something was trying to enter. The door just pushed forward. Since I was right there I pushed it back with my broom and put the doggie door over it and then super locked everything up

    Trying to make this super short. I spent that whole entire evening in such a state of panic thinking someone had broken in but after today I’m thinking it maybe of the spiritual world.. so that night I laid in bed frightened. I saw the sheets being tugged down from my knees to my feet from underneath the bed. I heard a girls voice like mocking me from under the bed. I was so scared I went and hid in the laundry room. I watched their dog play ball with something.. she would fetch it and the ball would be thrown and she would bring it back. You could tell she was looking at someone or something. I did look under the bed never saw anything or anyone.

    I went back there today…. And same shit started!!!!!! I went to bed. Got all the animals.. locked everything up.. I could hear noises out in the house. I’m trying sooo hard not to get anxious or paranoid. I specifically left allllll the damn lights on.. you know I did. So I could also see if there was a damn shadow under my door. Look I went home convinced that there was an intruder in the house last time. So.. lights are all on in the hallway.. except. They aren’t. I had them on I’ve been in the room for 5 minutes. They are no longer on. I hear the hangers in the closet moving. Wtf. I opened the door. Turned the lights switch up they don’t come on.. turn them down and then they work. I shut the door. Then the big dog that was sleeping all of a sudden jumps up and runs to the door. And starts sniffing. I’m like this is it… this is when I get murdered. As I lay there I keep hearing ticking noises on the door. ANXIETY. I go out to check all the doors they are locked. I don’t see anyone. I grab a water. Then the big dog is staring at someone spare bedroom door. So I fling it open and tell her to go check it out.. and simultaneously tell her there’s nothing in there. Those rooms always stay closed. From moving. As I go to close it who do I see?? The cat!!! Sid the cat was in the bedroom with me the whole time. Plus that door was closed how would he get in AND then close the door behind him??? I left at 3am and drove home to sleep. Feel fine at home. Massive anxiety there


    1. last week, my boyfriend and i stayed at a cabin. as we were eating, the light flickered off and on. we didn’t think much of it since the cabin was old. night comes and were getting ready for bed, we went downstairs to get a snack and all the lights are on. i SWEAR we turned them off. still didn’t think much of it, again old cabin. we got into bed and as we were closing our eyes, we could hear this super loud scratching that sounded like it was coming from the side of the cabin. we both sat up and just looked at eachother in shock. i was scared. i couldn’t sleep so i stayed up watching netflix. my boyfriend had fallen asleep. about 10 minutes later, i felt my boyfriend jump up from the bed and then go WTF JUST HAPPENED. i’ve never seen him so scared. i asked him what happened and he told me that he heard a loud growl in his ear. i literally could not believe it. the next day, we were down stairs watching tv. i had to use the restroom. (keep in mind that there’s a door going into the hallway where the bathroom is, that was open at the time). i went to the restroom and as i was in there, i heard someone running to the hallway door and slamming it shut. i got out of the restroom and thought it was my boyfriend just trying to scare me so i tried opening it. the handle was moving but when i tried pushing or pulling it open, it would not budge. it felt as if someone was holding it shut. i just remember yelling LET ME IN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? the door would not open so i went upstairs to go around. as i was passing by the upstairs bathroom i heard this deep growl that didn’t sound human or animal like at all. my heart dropped and i ran as fast as i could to the living room and yelled at my boyfriend for locking me out and told him about the growl. he was confused and told that he was watching tv the WHOLE TIME and didn’t hear ANYTHING. we walked to the hallway door and sure enough, it was closed.. but there was no lock on it. someone had to have been holding it shut. we were terrified. we packed our things the same day and as we were making sure we had everything, we spotted these claw like marks in the bathroom. i’ll never forget that.

  3. I’m really having one hell of a time at this house. I thought Maybe… maybeeeee paranoia?? Right? I’m a total normal person. I would say I am a little more in touch with spirits. My best friend that passed away he has always visited me through the lights, by making them flash. It started the day he died and it still happens to this day. It will happen on his anniversary.. I digress. I have been in homes where someone husband has died and I’m watching there dog. All of a sudden the lamp starts flashing going crazy and I can tell this is not my best friend Kent. This is not for me. So I do check all the electrica stuff.. the cord is good.. plugged in wiring is just fine. It does not have effect on the lighting by moving it wiggling it. Lightbulb also the same. So I talk to him.. it’s the lamp by his bedside btw. I tell him his wife is on a trip but everybody is fine and his dog is ok. The twinkling of the lights seems to settle when I talk but when I stop and leave it gets more aggressive. Eventually I did open up the windows because I realized that’s usually how his wife keeps the room. I told him he was and safe and to head to the light.

    Alll of the twinkling and twitching stopped. I did get it all on video!!!
    But I am having a problem. I’ll write a new one for that.

    1. Sierra…
      I experienced something weird this morning. My husband woke me to tell me his was leaving for work and I asked him what time it was and it was 5:46. Shortly after he was gone I was on my cell phone still in bed and heard running like pitter patter from my bathroom to my bedroom door. This happened several times before I raised up out of bed and screamed HEY!!! I quickly got up and turned on my bathroom light and tried to make since of why I heard this noise. I looked in the shower and heard water run from the shower head as it does several times after it’s been used; but it wasn’t a pitter patter noise. I looked at the shower curtain but no movement was coming from it. I stood looking around the bathroom but nothing was there. I heard some noise in the kitchen but when I got to the kitchen there was nothing. As I was getting ready to take my daughter’s to school, I was standing ing my bathroom doing my make up a fly appeared out of no where flying around like crazy. Then disappeared after I was done. I am perplexed and a little scared. When I said, Hey…I knew no one physically was there but I knew some sort of spirit or entity was. I’ve heard random noises before but I shook them off, but what happened today is real. I told my family about it and they don’t know what to make of it either. I don’t feel threatened or anything but it is very strange that this happened.

  4. On March 1, 2012 I moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend and daughter. A month later my 21 year old daughter ran in my room and said “Mom, you have to see this!” She had a scared look on her face. I followed her to the bathroom and there I saw a dark red two inch round circle with two dots as eyes and a smile like an emoticon on my shower curtain. She stared at me waiting for a response. For some reason I didn’t feel afraid but my daughter looked at me very confused. I stared at it momentarily then walked away. After leaving the bathroom and going back in after an hour to check to see if it was still there, it was gone. My sister and two other people died that year. I’m not sure if there was some kind of connection to that red smiley face that had to do with the deaths. We never saw it again.

  5. There is something going on in the house I moved in over 8 to 9 months ago. Actually right now as I’m laying in bed flies are in my room, the blinds like clock work, close slowly and tightly, as if they don’t want light in. Repetion of these blinds doing this as I watch some nights. Sometimes at certain time the house or my room us filled with spirits or whatever they are. I was back and forth as me and my boyfriend had alit of problems emotionally and physically, it hit to the point I realized that the house I moved from they were there but we’re hidden. I felt something watching me all time I thought that my boyfriend put in spy cams or something. Well he didn’t at all. It was them. Loud noises in the attic over my bedroom would sound like footsteps running. Things would move only near me and fir me to see. Now at this new house which is old and kinda run down once I moved there the activity became more frequent and they started attacking me. I felt pinching or biting like a bug and insect. The activity would get bed done evening more than others, and sometimes nothing. Our argument weren’t quiet. Always loud and physical! They attack me so much and something attached itself time everywhere I went it was there. I my clothes and hair wherever it could hitch a ride. It felt so erie and felt lie something crawling on me or in my skin. Finally I left and went to live somewhere else and it followed. Attached to me. No one would believe me. I told none but my boyfriend. It waited until he left for work as soon as he drove off they and I mean they attacked me swarms of them , I ran out of the house scared and crying. Shaking they would perk out the blinds waiting for me to come back inside I stay away all day until my boyfriend came home. I do however have mental disorder but this was so real. I mean real. Right now I let here and I can sense them and see them like a quick flash of energy flys by sometime it would get my attention by shooting out a bright light as like a flash light then disappeared. It wanted my attention all the time. Only me no one else saw or felt what I did. But they did however hear strange noises unexplained ones. Can someone tell me what this is I believe it to be bad and feeding off my energy of stress and depression. It does at times get cold in this room. Without an air conditioning. I feel something on my skin right now as I write this . I can see them not like a full body image but energy. An energy ball I spotted one day on the ceiling fan. Came out and went back into the light fixture. I was stunned and scared the ceiling is creeping right now also my boyfriend is asleep, flies are in my room. They are busy meddling with the blinds and the closet. They are moving the electric cords and any electric appliance. The ceiling fan when not on the blade moves slowly and the blade points right into me. Always does. The pinching and biting stopped they grew weak. But something is here still here and I’m afraid badly. God is strong in my heart they know this! I fear this is why they are so drawn to me because in hsf Vern through so much in the part year and half that it drew them in. Now I pray and talk to God regularly. They know I have strengthen over time I’m a child of God my he as t is totally with him .and u used gods words to protect myself. He was with me. But why am I seeing to rm again and feeling them. Not hi trying to me but more like jus hanging near me.

    Someone please write me and tell me what’s going on. Am I gifted by God to be seeing , sending and feeling them??? Am I ?? Please take to me!!??

    1. I am also experiencing the types of phenomena you are talking about. the flashes of lights the feeling of something attacking you. the moving objects and visual torment. the most annoying from the ones that bother me is the talking. I am always in a argument or heated angry fight because they try to taunt and threat and are constantly begging for attention. its a 24 hour a day 7 days a week non stop ordeal which follows me where ever I am. this started 4 years ago in my apartment which was brand new and I was the first person to sign a lease for my unit. it started with what sounded like a radio left on, playing a talk show at a distance like it was above me on next floor but I lived on the 3rd floor of the 3 floor apt. I eventually began hearing knocking and thumping sounds on the walls and I logically tried to come to some form of trying to understand what was happening. I thought as crazy as this is someone is purposely attacking me trying to intimidate me by putting speakers and cameras on me. The reason I thought this is that they had started talking to me and were, what it seemed like were watching me somehow. I tore holes into my walls I tried to catch who ever it was thinking it was a person but in reality it was these things enjoying themselves watching me and messing with my mind. They seem so real the sounds I mean. I know that I am not having hallucinations manifested by my own mind creating them. I have never been religious and still to this day with all that happens am surprisingly, not religious. I have so much more I can dive into describing what I go thru as what I have said to you so far hardly scratches the surface of all that happens. my point to write you is to tell you that your not alone and others like myself are suffering from these things as well. my advise is to not be scared no matter how crazy it gets and to pushback and be as abrasive and stern with your attitude. I know it feels like you have no privacy and space but be strong and fight. the stress level is off the charts I know what your feeling. As I write this I have an app on my phone playing annoying tones with beeps and buzzes etc to block their sound even though I know they are there it things like this cuts some of the sound , They are messing with my feet doping what feels like someone pulling a rug out from underneath my feet and scratching at me. But I stay angry and insult them and taunt them as well. I have no respect for them and I truly believe i will eventually end them however that may be. try not to be nervous and scared. Get angry and show no surrender or fear. You wrote that your religious, use your religion as fuel to fight them. I feel for you and understand what you must be going thru, it has ruined my life and has caused me to lose so much in my life. there is much more to my story but now ill end this by saying if you want to talk more or need help we could work together to find more like us so that we can brainstorm and hopefully find a solution to end these piece of shit things permanently and gain back some of our lives and live without suffering. I’m Ray and I look foreword to hearing from you.

      1. Same here. Ever since I moved into this RV I’ve been dealing with the same things. It started with knocking coming from the bathroom so I taped it closed but as soon as I walk out the RV it opens. But I realized I was going to need to use it and took off the tape. But when Im in the bathroom I could hear that radio real low but can’t find where it originates from and I could only hear it in there. They torment my puppy. Poor thing is so confused and tries to figure out where the person who just kicked her went. Right now she’s barking because we heard a whistle but we don’t even have neighbors. Once as I was turning around I seen what I thought was a bat, dart towards the blinds on the windows and I seen and heard the blinds move but I never found what it was. Thinking it had to be a bat I went through every inch of this home searching for it for fear of rabies but nothing came up. I no longer think it was a bat. Reflections sometimes don’t reflect reality. Hard to explain but I live alone so I suffer in silence. Water appears out of nowhere in places it shouldn’t be, what looks like blood suddenly appears in food I’m preparing. Is there any way to hurt them? Like can I electrocute them or burn them with hot water?

        1. I haven’t found anything that hurts them….. yet. Burning sage seems to drive them out, but it only is a temporary measure for me as they come back after 3 or 4 days. When they do, I burn some more. They are persistent little SOB’s, but it buys me some time of peace. Give that a try. The white sage has kind of a pleasant smell. I bought some on Amazon, but if you can’t get it, burning the sage leaf seasoning you buy at the grocery store worked for me as well, although it isn’t as pleasant smelling as the white sage. See if that helps you out. Even if they do come back, you’ll get a few days worth of peace in between.

      2. I have been under poltergeist attack for over 15 years. I am trapped in this house…would very much like to enter a group to get help? and share experiences! Lucy O.

      3. I don’t know how I found these comments but I’m going through the same thing. I don’t know how to start telling my story. I have been through so much.

    2. Hi, I have just seen your comment. I am going through the same thing at the moment. Has yours stopped? Please get back to me. Thanks

  6. I don’t know if I am REALLY haunted or possessed. But my problems started despite praying almost everyday. It started after I was depressed for like a more than a year, and I read somewhere that spirits(jinns) are attracted to people who are depressed and have dark/heavy energy around them due to depression etc. I sometimes see lights flickering and it happens mostly when I zone out while I am doing something.
    So is it possible that it enters inside me and then controls things?? pls let me know if anyone has experienced this. Also had a scratch once, insects like ants bite me 2-3 times in a row after years of not biting.
    Flies always around me despite maintaining good personal hygiene(maybe because I am dead on the inside). Recently had an object in the kitchen move, a utensil on it’s own in front of my eyes(actually a bit to the side but not much) without me touching it. I checked to see if there was water underneath that could have caused it to slide but NO!
    Also black cats crossing my path have caused unfavourable things to happen like forgetting to take my money to a restaurant and someone spraying soft drinks on me all of a sudden lol which had to occur at a precise location and time for me to have been on the receiving end of that, so no fluke.
    People who are around me randomly cough sometimes and electric appliances act weird like the AC compressor or fridge compressor suddenly turning off. Phones battery suddenly dropping to very low. If it is something other, or more than , in addition to poltergeist please let me know.

    1. Hi there I’m not sure who u are I didn’t even read that part before starting to read what u had wrote and I really would like to speak to u more u have no idea u are the first person I have ever heard go through the same thing as me

    2. Sounds about right. They purposely find ways to stress you out. This weakens you, and gives them extra energy, somehow. Also, I have had strange electrical occurrences happen when I’ve zoned out as well, like you. Not sure what exactly that is about though. Once had a ring go down a bathroom sink drain, and when I came back to fish it out, it was magically sitting inside the sink beside the drain. About 2 weeks ago, they hid a drill bit on me. I placed it on a 2×2 worktable, and it just disappeared on me when my back was turned. I searched that table thoroughly twice, even resorting to picking it up and shaking it upside down to see if maybe it was stuck in a crack somewhere, but nothing. A few minutes later, the drill bit was back on the table. They like to do things like that to mess with your mind.

    3. Same I start going through this about a year ago when I was extremely stressed I acted out and I’m depressed but I keep calling god to send them away and tryna do better

    4. Yes Jinn have the abilities of demons and they say are the same I found a lot of similarities between mine and what’s more commonly described as a poltergeists I also pray an read scripture and listen to Christian music often sometimes and not so often other times I was in a music college film course and it was during Halloweenabd actually have a lot of footage of the cemetery it’s supposed to be famous for a ghost called hatchet man and he supposedly was a pioneer who killed his wife and kids or something like that and there is a bunch of little tombstones there are strange things on that recording like the looks like flurry but I am almost certain that year was clear and other stuff that is odd though nothing to be excited about however my car my gf had refused to get out of started dying I guess and she was honking and screaming and saying I’m going to leave if you don’t get in the f car so we left we were getting in and me sn one buddy was putting the gear in the trunk and I said did you hear that he said ya it was sn old Indian call just like off the old black and whites and they say I found out later if you heard it you die I’m still alive as are st least most of them but my dog died yesterday after selling my house and moving out and I believe after that it was po and killed my dog it attacked me and the dog one night very powerfully and backed us into a room because I didn’t want it to touch us and I said ok no I tried the door and it was stuck I’m about to try one more time and if it won’t work we’re gonna go through a f window and it opened we got in the car I was po and could feel it’s waves if hatred in waves burning into the back of my neck there weee other craziier things then I’d get a text or call n it stop or someone come by n it hide I really miss my dog I want to find a way to kill it too it hates us anyway

  7. My younger brother had a poltergeist. This was in the mid- to late 90’s. Mostly, it acted like an overprotective, slightly crazy guard dog. It was as if something that didn’t quite understand what was happening was misguidedly trying to protect him. And then, sometimes, it would throw things AT him and us. Other times, it would suddenly shout people’s names or make weirdzo noises to wake people up. Nothing ever happened when my brother was out of the house, and a good portion of the activity seemed centered on him, which was why we sort of called it ‘his’.

    We mostly tried to ignore it, and as my brother got older the activity around him gradually faded out.

  8. Hi,

    25 years ago i experienced poltergeist energy, i would not believe in this if not for my experience and telling my story is not an easy one as most think its just a childhood fear i dreamed up but i was not alone, myself, my younger sister and my father were living together at the time and it seemed as if the energy was after my dad, he was terrified whereas myself and my sister were more curious and wanted more encounters with this poltergeist.

    The very first time i became aware of this was when i woke up one night and saw a pixel like energy run into our passage way and slam the passage door closed. Days and nights were similar, things would move around, chairs would move and bedside tables moved forwards and backwards and only the furniture near my dad, if we moved the furniture away from him it would start scratching under the bed where he was. We didnt stay in the house much longer so ive always wandered about it and wonder if it was bound to the house, my dad or was it trying to protect myself and my sister from my dad? A year later i was molested by my father.

    Any ideas on this event from anyone? Can i somehow find this energy again? Was it only temporarily with us ?

    Any ideas or feedback would be highly appreciated.


    1. Poltergeist can appear just once in ones life or come back after many years. Simply talking about them or writing about them can bring on more activity which leads me to think the reason for many taboos in society is the fear of bringing about something by talking about it. As for your poltergeist, they never protect they are pure evil and never assume a protective role. They are not created by the focus but simply steal the energy of the focus in an effort to create fear and anger. By this definition they are beings from hell which can be assigned to a person or location.

      1. I just today experienced something rather blunt , one of my wall decorations was turned upside down and noway could it had slid or tilted like this it was literally turned upside down, any thoughts ! Please.

    2. That my love would be one of two things…..what you saw was either a witch spirit (like “I’m gonna get you my pretty” type witch) …..some people consider this spirit the same as the devil……or it was a spirit of a shape shifting human who is also a cat. Think “Hocus pocus, the movie ” Binx was the talking cat but he was like the guardian/helper/protector if the witches came. The spirit was scratching at the floor to let someone or something know that something was coming……

      Don’t get all freaked out….some spirits will get mad if you acknowledge them. Just pay attention to if you hear it knocking on walls like trying to get your attention…..or if you notice random notes left behind that you didn’t write, with my experience, it COULD be a jinn, but it also sounds like it’s a scared soul it was running from something, and whatever happened there when it lived there , it thinks something is in the floor, it was trying to scratch to get it out.

      Please don’t think I’m psycho for responding like I hope this was helpful

    3. I believe it was the energy of one of your dad’s victims trying to protect you. I highly doubt you’ll see this again. And I’m sorry to hear about your father doing that to you I went through something similar with mine.

  9. I just found this interesting article and it made me think back to the home where my mother and stepfather still live. The day we moved in a child’s tooth fell out of no where in front of me when I was on the loo of all places!!! I thought it weird but kept it in a jar. Months later I was woken by a child shouting boo in my ear. It shook me up but I thought it was a vivid dream. I didn’t know my mum had had the same experience until months later. My younger brother began to see 3 grey shadow figures at the end of his bed every night and insisted on sleeping with his door open. He would hear the piano playing when alone in the house. My mum also saw someone walk up the back garden only later realising they made no sound on the gravel.

    I was left house sitting once and thought someone had broken in due to my dog growling ferociously in the living room. When I crept in with a large knife! She was transfixed, staring at a spot on the wall. I had to drag her away. We now see a little brown dog before one of our family pets passes.

    I think these things are multi layered and perhaps generational. I was a sensitive child and have had many unexplained experiences. Both my parents have too and my mum had a strong interest in the occult when younger. She suffered tragedy as a child and was left to fend for herself as a young teen. I now wonder if something dark moved into her. This may sound far fetched but I have always been frightened of her and it was only 3 years ago that I realised I was codependent and felt possessed by her. 2 years ago when she was ill – she turned into a monster and my childhood trauma came to the surface. I became suicidal due to the toxic nature of her behaviour and hers and my stepdads marriage. She didn’t care. I went crawling back as I was so ill but have just gone no contact. I have also been brave enough to get rid of the tooth apport from all those years ago. There is tragedy running through every generation of my mums family with every generation losing a mother or father in childhood. My father did not die but my mother left him when I was 9 fracturing my idyllic world until then.

    I have explored my gifts (or curses!) and had some truly amazing experiences both miraculous and terrifying but I am now moving away from such things as no one truly knows what we are messing with.

    1. Joanna sad to know your story. Broken families have bad consequences and yours maybe generational issue or curse. The only way to break that chain is the give a highest importance to family values that also involves comprises and adjustments that will bring stability. Also religious and spiritual belief will greatly help keeping negative energies/entities away, since they have prayers that can give a spitirual protection shield. Give the divine a chance and the divine will give you a chance.

    2. The tooth may represent something coming into your life, and when you decided to not own it anymore.. That could be a sign of something leaving your life.. Not necessarily the tooth coming and going, but it could be a person, money, good health and so forth.. So maybe have a think back at around that time when the tooth appeared.. Something will have come into your life, it might be a new home or any of the above.

  10. My family went through extreme poltergeist activity back in the 70’s
    when we were living at 1723 Downing Street in Greensboro North Carolina.
    Our family was Catholic and very strong believers
    and followers of Jesus. We often had praise and worship services in our
    home and prayer meetings.The house in question was built in 1965 and we
    were the first family there but indeed, it was built over what had been a
    lake and there were underground springs and creeks all around us with
    moving water. It is my understanding that this is commonly reported in
    many poltergeist cases. When I first moved in my kids were like 5 and 1
    years old and I did have a few odd experiences like smelling perfume in
    the house that was odd smelling that nobody wore. There were also
    feelings of having something rapidly coming up behind one and feeling
    not so much as evil but high weirdness of something very old and
    completely non-human. The feeling of feeling one was being watched was a
    common experience. Not far away behind our house was a graveyard but we
    dismissed the idea of ghosts as not much happened for several years
    till my daughter and son grew up. Before the real explosion of
    poltergeist activity the woods behind our house and leading to the
    graveyard was a place my son and many of the kids enjoyed playing at. At
    the time, it was not seen odd as none of us thought in anyway that a
    graveyard could be a concern. When my daughter was about 16 and my son
    was about 12 we had a the first big amounts l of poltergeist activity in
    our home for several months. It started first with my daughter who had a
    seance with her friends for her 16 birthday. Soon after that she had
    objects fly off her walls and she would find at times at night having
    weird experiences like waking to find her hand being held by a small
    withered hand or hearing a loud bang on the wall. The seance was
    something she and her friends did on their own as a joke – it was not
    something that was routine or approved of in our home but soon after
    this the weirdness was manifest. Strong gust of wind would sometimes
    come from nowhere and blow through the house.

    Though experiences could happen any time of day, I would say 90% of the
    time the activity happened at night from between Midnight and 3am. If I
    were to venture a guess, the entry point or portal was located in a
    closet space shared by my son’s and sisters room as the doors of the
    closet would sometimes open on their own during manifestations in our
    home. It got to the point that my son would tie a belt around his closet
    door handles before going to bed at night – of course this didn’t stop
    the trouble but it made him feel better that the closet door remained
    closed at night.

    The sound of heavy objects falling and breaking glass occurred in other
    rooms but when observed nothing was to be seen.However, the focus
    shifted from her very quickly to completely focus on my 12 year old son.
    It is hard to describe all the evens from slamming doors, sheets being
    yanked off beds, shaking beds , flickering lights and all of us being
    awakened at night by having a hand shake one awake or messing with ones
    feet or bed coverings. Even stranger was the experience my son had was
    after being awakened by a shaking bed he sat up and flicked on the light
    and then felt something invisible, big and heavy bound into the bed next
    to him that knocked him over and then was just as quickly gone. That incident was the one my son
    reported as most freaking him out was that experience. He described it like being on the bed and imagining if a huge obese invisible man
    were to jump into bed with you and then vanish – all happening in about 3 seconds.

    We were not alone in all of this -The family dog was pretty freaked out when
    this would happen and he would bark and growl at unseen presences but
    usually acted very afraid and was eager to be outside the house than
    inside it. Most of the poltergeist activities it seemed to happen during
    my sons REM sleep when his bed would shake so we think his unconscious
    was letting lose. Of course, many, perhaps half of the activity was not
    the 1am to 3am variety but would happen in the middle of the day as
    well. When the bed shaking occurred my husband and I would get up and go
    into his bedroom and see him asleep with the bed go back and forth. At
    first my husband and I took it to be completely demonic opened up by the
    silly teenage seance my daughter had engaged in but the psychological
    aspects could not be missed as well. My son was hyperactive and on
    Ritalin.The Ritalin helped him focus like a stimulate but it had a side
    effect of stunted growth to the degree he was behind normal physical
    growth and development by a full year. We thought perhaps the Ritalin
    might had been affecting his CNS but it appeared it was the bed moving
    him – not the other way around. In short, there was probably something
    in that house from the time we moved in but our son was clearly the
    battery that caused things to go crazy when he became of age.

    We had a Catholic priest come bless the home, this did work
    but it only knocked off the activity for about 10 days before it started
    up again. The priest was very enlightened and told us that though demons do
    sometimes wreck homes what we had was likely a poltergeist which is basically a demon 3rd class
    on assignment for a short trial period and could steal energy from anything from a fight in a home
    or pent up libido. He advised us all to relax more, laugh more and pray more
    and make the ‘the house light’.

    One funny bit of symbolism that I did not catch to many
    months later was the poltergeist at the first part of it’s manifestation
    did so while we were eating dinner. We were all around the table and
    talking and laughing and my son had a tall glass of milk in front of him
    in a tall glass and it suddenly exploded. Nobody was hurt by the glass
    but the milk went straight up in a crazy manner all over the ceiling
    till it rained down on all of us. The symbolism of this pent up energy
    is kind of clear. It is fascinating that strong emotions and libido can
    provide such huge stores of energy for poltergeist to pull from and one
    one learns to unplug them from their source they cannot manifest without
    a power source to tap. The key to killing the poltergeist was creating a
    happy relaxed home. After about 6 months it was pretty much over with.
    It was the most amazing and terrifying 6 months of our lives and a eye –
    opening awakening to the world of the paranormal. After all the years
    of thinking of this I can only conclude we had every thing and multiple
    causes to create a perfect poltergeist environment. Though it was not
    fun to go through, it was very interesting and to a degree, deepened all
    of our faith as we did conclude we were not dealing with PK but with
    intelligent beings with a twisted sense of humor. This became clear when
    the poltergeist in our home seemed to take a great deal of dislike for a
    blessed crucifix we kept in the hall and a picture of Jesus. These were
    often turned upside down or found laying on the floor knocked off which
    suggest this being had a strong dislike for these items. I have since
    learned to get rid of these beings that burning white sage works well
    but the best thing of all to drive them out is a happy relaxed family.
    If you have teens or tweens in a home with this problem try to create a
    relaxed happy environment. If a child is being picked on, let them sleep
    with a sibling or a pet as poltergeist love to go after a isolated
    person in a room by themselves. They also hate cameras so setting up
    filming scenarios and other recording devices can discourage them.

  11. I’ve been experiencing some strange things recently. I am currently a teenage female. Me and my family recently had a house built on a land of 5 acres. At first everything was fine, but after a few weeks in the new house, I started noticing weird things. At first it would just be something small like my wallet being moved or my door being opened when I know I closed it. In the beginning I told myself it was just my brother and brushed it off. But then one night I was sitting in my kitchen eating dinner (my mom works at a bar on the weekends and my dad goes with her) when I saw a tall, dark skinned man standing in my living room. It was around 10:30. I panicked at quickly texted my neighbor. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, the man was gone. I told my neighbor that he was gone and not to worry about it (we are both witches so we narrowed it down to a ghost, since we both can see those things). However, this wasn’t the first, or last time, I had seen this man. I saw him once at my old apartment before we had moved. It was late at night, probably around the same time I saw him in the kitchen, and he was just standing on the sidewalk staring at me. Anyway, I see him at the same time of night every time I see him. I spoke to my mother about it, and she said that when I was little (around 2-3, 4 at the most) her and I had both seen a tall dark skinned man when we still lived in North Carolina. The strange thing is, the things that happen only happen when my parents aren’t home. And my younger brother never hears or sees anything. Its now gotten to the point where I see the man from 10:30, until my parents get home. My lights have been flickering and I’ve heard stomping in the halls. There’s also been taping noises. I never see him in my room, but I do hear someone breathing down my neck when I’m sitting in my room. This has been going on for a few weeks now. I live in Tennessee at the moment, and I am honestly very confused and scared. Any information anyone has is very helpful. Thank you for reading this.

  12. Hello, I guess this is replying from my business account and so yes I am a psychologist. Here is my experience. Twelve years ago I was home alone with my two young children. My husband was making rounds as a physician at the hospital. I put my three year old to bed and we lived in a 20 year old home about 8,000 sq feet in size. My six year old and I were watching TV. As we were flipping through the channels, he saw one of the Ghost Hunter shows and begged me to watch it. I was skeptical because he was young and we don’t watch things like that but I let him for fifteen minutes. Then I told him time for bed and took him upstairs. He shares a room with his younger brother. I went back down stairs and finished watching the show until 10:00 Pm. I decided to head to bed.

    I began turning out lights and as I walked past the staircase heading downstairs to our finished basement, I could see the light shining up and that all the lights had been left on. It is a large basement with over 2500,00 sq feet. There is a large play room for my children, bedroom, closets, full bath and living room. I have always felt kind of afraid of the basement. I didn’t like be down their alone. The steps heading down to the basement have two parts. about six steps down and then a landing and around the corner six more steps g down to the basement. As I saw the lights still on, I though ugh, I really don’t feel like going down there and turning out all the lights. I was creeped out by the ghost hunter show also. I was standing there at the top of the stairs trying to make the decision to go down and turn out lights or just let my husband do it when he got home, when all of a sudden a large rubber bouncy ball (the size of a fist, not the really tiny ones) went airborne from the basement reaching a height of at least eight feet and then bounced on the landing several times before coming to a rest. I could not see down the other side of the staircase to see who threw it but I quickly ran up to our top floor third floor) checked in on my two boys who were sound a sleep and I ran down the hall to my bedroom. I sat on the bed watching the hallway and listening. There was nothing but silence, We keep all our doors locked, had a dog sleeping in the garage. I knew immediately it was a spirit, but considered the possibly that someone was in our home. Luckily, my husband arrived home twenty minutes later. I ran down stairs and told him what happened. He took a baseball bat and went downstairs to check and found nothing.

    I have been troubled by this for a long time and try to understand what happened. A year later my husband and I divorced but not over that. I read that sometimes spirits show up when their is trouble in the home. I didn’t see any troubling to my marriage coming at that point. Where we live is on Shoshone Indian land but other than that I don’t know anything else.

  13. Can anyone please answer if I have a recording at night serval nights and can clearly hear me snoring but door opening in my bedroom snd shutting, loud banging like things throw around , it’s now picked up like a voice, my mam listened and thinks it says master and I see you, one recording sounds like i am choaking or being choaked, I live alone in a apartment and no draft and heavy fire doors, I live in UK and don’t know what to do.thank you

  14. Is this site still active , I’m looking for some advice about some strange activity that seems to be escalating in my house !

    1. New posts are in the menu. Some have more traffic like this one. I usually delete comments giving advice, especially anything paranormal medium or overtly bible.

      1. Why? People benefit from advice. To not allow it is like standing on a shoreline watching someone drown, although you are an expert swimmer. I was about to advise, because not all experiences are due to sleep paralysis.

        1. Thanks for your question Digi. There aren’t any expert swimmers here. I have the academic background including bible studies at university level, Indigenous studies, ghosts in literature, mythology, research skills, and more. I can’t offer advice but can identify that most of the “advice” being offered here is spamming pseudo Christian info from 1970s movies and debunked paranormal investigators. As someone who has had personal experiences, but who isn’t bagans-fan level gullible, I can appreciate anything sourced to a respected occult text or pre reality TV folklorist. A random comment rehashing what everyone’s heard before is old, and the epidemic of murdered children by the church where I live suggests maybe they know even less than everyone else, as they’ve created dark entities. I suspect most people aren’t ready to look at that, because ghosts are just a hobby, but in ten years or so it’ll be the conversation as deconstructing colonial residue.

    2. I have a question about some activity at my house. We can hear a dog barking or growing but it only happens when you are alone. It usley happens only at night. We also hear some other animal sounds too. It doesn’t feel evil in anyway. What could it be.

  15. One morning I was asleep over my nans and I had a dream that I saw a silhouette of a man in our bedroom, at the time we were sharing a bunk bed. Anyways the silhouette i saw was at least 7 feet tall, I say to my sister “hey I think someone’s in here” and the the silhouette jumped in side of me it was tourchuring. when i woke up after this occurred i saw the same silhouette shadow besides my bunk bed. i wake up paranoid. A day later around 1am I wake up paranoid again, there was nothing in my room at the time but i noticed my dream catcher was taken out of my room. I go back to sleep, At 3am I wake up with my whole body feeling as tho its fizzing on the inside, i turn over to go back to sleep but it wouldn’t stop. I go back to sleep and my ribs feel as though they’ve been stabbed, I still felt the pain and i woke up with scratches on then. By the way i’m 13. When i go down to breakfast my lungs feel heavy and i feel full of dread. This has been happening for 2 years my parents don’t believe me, i also have both a mirror and a tv in my room.

    1. Does your mirror face your bed if so cover it up as they’re known to be portals. Also any mirrors facing each other can make spirits jump from place to place. Another thing with mirrors is not to have it opposite of an open door this gives them an invite. And doors should always be closed also an invite to spirits.

  16. So at 3am my fire alarm started chirping…even though it’s hard wired. I got a chair and messed with it a little and it just stopped. Also when I came back with the chair my bedroom light was turned off. I turned it back on and I felt like I wasnt alone so I took a picture that revealed a strange owhit me light my cat was going after – after my cat appeared to have seen something and took off after it. I see a streak of light and no there is no tv or computer on. Also, my remote went missing for like 2 weeks then reappeared out of nowhere and place right on my nightstand as if it was never gone….any thoughts? Thanks! I have pictures but can’t figure out how to post them here.

    1. Renee, when I experienced odd presences as manifestations for the first time, I negociated and bargained with reality, but deep inside i think we al know. You have two choices and they are pretty liberating, in my opinion anyways: Pray it away. With all you have! Ask a priest or preacher to intercede for you and visualize the spirit leaving your sight and be strong about denying its presence. OR develop you mediumnity. Control your fear, your flight or fly instincts and ask “him” or ‘them’ what they want, how can you help. Use paper and pen when going to bed and write every word that pops up in your brain. Read about Medium literature and join groups of people that experience the same. God bless and good luck!

    2. There is an angry spirit in my home for so many years, I’ve seen with my own eyes as a child. This spirit is unkind and does not fit well with men of the unknown. The other day a friend brought some belongings, threw them in the garbage, the next day they were seen out in plain view sight. Can you please explain. Thank you!!

  17. I’ve been experiencing some wierd activivty in my house. So I’m home alone baby sitting my little brother, I’m 17 by the way, I’m just watching tv and scrolling through reddit when I hear this loud noise coming from my basement. I go to look and while walking to the door something touches my shoulder. I turn around and see nothing an continue walking. When I open the basement door my little brother comes running out. He hangs out in the basement because he uses it as a playroom. He tells me that there is someone down there. I go and get my flashlight and a knife, I walk down the stairs and see nothing, I tell him to go to bed and I go to bed too. I haven’t told my parents yet so…

    If you can help me find out what’s happening it would be greatly appriciated.

    1. I would say that kids are usually so much better at reading situations and understand and feel a lot more going on then most of us can. I would say try jot to worry about it but you don’t want it to get out of hand so I’m gonna give you some tips that have helped/help me. Cover any mirrors you have whether you flip it facing the wall or put a cover on them. If there’s a tv down there always make sure when you’re done turn it off and also put a cover on that as well. Both of those things are portals for them to come through. You need to buy frankincense and sage and cleanse your bodies and the WHOLE house from corner to corner wall to wall and ceiling to floor. You can also get salt, either regular or sea it doesn’t matter and get a small bowl and fill it up to the top. If the salt gets hard it means there’s bad energy and at that point you will have to dump the salt in a secluded area far away from your house and refill it once again. NEVER TOUCH THE SALT AFTER PUTTING IT IN THE SMALL BOWL. Very important. You can also put salt on the inside of your window. The little place where you can sit stuff idk what it’s called but it’s right next to your window. Put a line of salt there to keep them from coming in. Also don’t touch that either unless you’re going to clean it to put new salt down. I hope this helps in some type of way 🙂

    2. Also ask your brother if he saw or heard any noises or movements down there. To get a good idea of what you’re really dealing with.

  18. PLEASE READ TO THE END!! The latest developments at the end have me confused the most! I am a 20-year old girl and I have a long-distance boyfriend in Memphis, TN. I come visit for about a week at a time. On this last visit, though, I was at his house alone when I heard flat-handed knocking on the front door from my boyfriend’s room. I stayed in his room and stayed quiet, because if it was him or his roommates they would have had a key to get in. I was instructed not to open the door for anyone else. But after I didn’t answer, I heard heavy-booted footsteps in the living room. The boots on the wood made a much heavier sound than anyone I’ve ever MET. Definitely heavier weight than anyone who lives in that house. Someone was clearly wandering around the room, and I could hear them pick up things and set them back down as they perused the house. I heard the footsteps get closer to the hallway in front of the bedroom door I was behind, and I quickly checked outside to see if there was a car parked and if someone could have come in without me hearing the loud glass door or the wooden door behind it. There wasn’t a single car on the street. So I snuck over and locked the door just as the footsteps got closer, and then I heard nothing. Since then, night and day, we have had a LOT of activity. My boyfriend has seen it watching us together multiple times, it has growled down the back of his neck when he was outside at his car one night, and his brother has seen it walking past a window tall enough to mark the “entity” about 8 feet tall. I have also had another event where I was in the kitchen and I clearly heard it walk through the living room, and I saw a halloween decoration dramatically sway as it passed quickly by, and then it STOPPED right across the counter from me in the kitchen on the other side of a narrow counter I was at. I could almost feel it looking at me just standing there, but I have never once SEEN anything myself. I could hear very clearly where the footsteps ended up, though, so I was certain when I could hear it was right in front of me.
    Tonight, my boyfriend had to leave the house because he found himself being the only one there, but every door in the house was opening, he was hearing glass, seeing things swing, and hearing the boots again. It even started jiggling his bedroom doorknob. When my bf went outside to leave, the garage door was open too for the first time, string lights were plugged in, and he saw 5-6 “faces” staring back at him through his living room window. He never gets spooked like this, and he had to leave the house because he’s never seen this much activity in such a short period before. And it doesn’t help that this is my first encounter. I’m This has all happened in less than a week.

    BUT GET THIS!!!! I was talking to my mom about it today, and she told me about a time when she was 7 and she was home alone with her brother while her parents were at a cult meeting (NEVER knew they had done that before). First, they heard a flat handed knock on the door. With only her parents having the keys to the house, they thought they were fine since no one who doesn’t live there could get in, just as I thought. But then the knocking stopped and it started turning the handle, and they watched the lock turn on their side of the door. Her brother grabbed her and they both hid under a bed, and they heard heavy boots walk in. From there, my mom could see a large set of brown boots with all the detail to sound I could have described to her. And as it walked through the room they were in, they could hear it picking up things and setting them back down as it walked slowly through the house. JUST. LIKE. ME. Meanwhile, at my grandparents’ cult meeting, my grandmother stopped her prayer with a dramatic urgency shouting that her kids weren’t safe. She knocked all sorts of things over rushing out the door to get there as quickly as possible, and she said they were in danger. When she got home there was no trace of an intruder except for the wide-open door.
    So my boyfriend and grandparents both have a history with a cult, and my mom and I both have a history of encountering this SAME poltergeist (just 12 hours away and 49 years ago). And entities have followed my boyfriend around for as long as he can remember because he can SEE them quite often. There’s just something about his history that makes him more noticeable to them it seems. But yeah I feel like there has to be some connection. And as of tonight we are sure we also have other “house guests”—as we call them— living there, too. We don’t know where to begin with figuring out which one wants what and how to solve anything for this booted one at least. It’s getting crazy at that house and we need help!

    1. Are you in California? This is my profession, I can help. I’m on Thumbtack & LinkedIn as well. Sorry, my url addy was too long to post below. Enter the start of my email on Thumbtack Pro or LinkedIn.

        1. Hi Heather, feel free to share a link to your website (not Facebook). I am overly cautious about approving personal information as there have been problems with religious trolls (extremist, not mainstream) and others (“psychics” etc) trying to make money off people here who are claiming to be desperate and suffering. If readers knew how many comments I haven’t approved they might be surprised.

          1. Hi Heather, your other comment did not have a website just a personal email and social media. If you have a business site feel free to share it.

    2. I randomly found this site. I can’t tell you how I got here but this story is so crazy! Are there any updates? Are you okay?? I’m soooooo interested at this point.

  19. I recently have spoke to vicar have written documentation of problem that’s followed me for years 3 priests seen it even have email declaring it really anxios

    1. thank you for sharing. I was wondering what written documentation would look like? Can you share it?

  20. This is very informative. I’ve been dealing with what I believe is a poltergeist .
    On April 2 at 1: 30 am I left my digital voice recorder in an empty room of my house on record for 10 minutes .On playback I was startled to hear the sound of the recorder being picked up and put back down at the 47 second mark .
    On the morning of June 19 while sitting on my sofa I started to hear the sound of a squeaky door hinge .I turned my voice recorder on .I think it may have been a cupboard door in the kitchen .It scared the daylights out of me because I was all alone in the house .
    I wish I could tell people I know but they would only dismiss these accounts outright

      1. Ever since then I’ve been to afraid to record in that room again .
        Sometimes I hear a strange sound ,sort of like squeaking of a cabinet door when I’m alone in the house .I haven’t found the source of the sound yet .
        I recorded it and let my family members hear .They have no idea what it could be either .One family member passed it off as just the house frame making noises but I think he said that just to calm any fears.

  21. So I’m what you would call a psychic medium, I can see and feel spirits, all that jazz. Anyways my roommate is notorious for bringing things home whether she realizes it or not because she has similar qualities that I have. I’m pretty certain at this point she’s brought a poltergeist home this time and I have no materials to get it out right now. I fell asleep late last night on the couch watching Netflix with my phone right beside me on the table. I woke up as usual 8:30am, checked my phone, put it right back and fell asleep again. 11:30am rolls around and i can’t find my phone anywhere, not in my blanket, couch cushions,underneath anything. Nothing. I shrug it off thinking I left it somewhere, but an hour later I needed to make a call. I remembered I had find my iphone on so I used it. The sound didn’t come from the living room at all, it came from my bedroom which is under renovations so I can’t go in there currently. My phone was wrapped in a towel, on the floor by my window, and I haven’t been in there in two days… My mum thinks that’s the only other explination is paranormal activity.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jay! I was wondering what do you mean by a medium? Looking up mediumship I see there are a few kinds. I’m confused how your mom fits into this as well. It sounds like you live with a roommate?

    2. Jay, first of all thank you for sharing your experience, I would like to ask you what materials are needed to get the poltergeist out. long story short I moved into a hotel room with my girl where the poltergeist activity was very noticeable daytime and of course night time but we ignored it for at least a month, we decided to switch rooms but it actually came to the second room where the activity changed its rhythm and only presents at night. I Hasn’t thrown anything around but I just wanted to stop. I highly appreciate if you can give me an opinion based on your knowledge. I bought sage but haven’t use it because we thought it was gone but is not! thanks a lot

  22. Friends, we are all going to be okay. I have dealt with this at odd times throughout my life and recently have experienced another more extreme occurrence. These events are triggered by my own distress and become worse when I become fearful. Prayer helps, staying calm helps, active ignoring is also important. If I get shoved I say knock it off and roll over. I also announce before bed that my room is off limits and close every door – closets, bathroom, etc. When you recognize that you yourself have manifested these activities, it is easier to be less fearful. But your energy can become it’s own being. I have gotten to the robot voice stage, but when I stopped being afraid and acted like it was simply an irritation it generally stopped. It’s important to recognize that this is not location dependent. I stayed at a hotel one night and it made no difference. So finding a healthy way to express your feelings, praying, and ignoring seem to be the most effective.

    1. Thanks for this. I’m having the same issue right now and have been suspecting it was just me. The more I ignore it the less it bugs me. The more I silence my mind, the less it thumps. In a way it’s almost helpful, like a guide dog telling me when I’m stressing too much and need to calm down, like it can sense my thoughts. Of course it’s also annoying as all get out, lol, but it’s good to have an external confirmation that “feeding” it with outbursts and that good ol “what do you even want” type thing won’t work the way I’m wanting it to, lol. Thanks man

  23. I am a Christian. I try to be Christ like (love all, not the damming, judgemental type). My teenage daughter has been messed with by a poltergeist now for about 3 years. We thought it was the old people who died in our house. The poltergeist would pull pictures off her bedroom wall and fling them around the room. We thought must be “granny” or the old people who lived in the house before us?

    We have since moved from that house, for new jobs. The past year and a half we still have this stuff going on with our daughter. Her siblings and mother have witnessed the events.

    1. First a football was thrown across the room while she did her homework late at night.
    2. Scratching noises under her bed
    3. Dragging Laundry across the floor
    4. Flickering Lights
    5. Turning lights on, after they were turned off
    6. Lastly, grabbing or physical touch

    The last has brought me here. She has many of the characteristics of a poltergeist target, but not all. Very low stress, no past or current abuse. She is a typically mid class american kid.

    It sure seems like the ghost is teasing her? And we have had three incidents since our month long quarantine. The kids are up later and the events are taking place late night/early AM. 3:00 am ish.

    I would like to avoid any physical harm and do have concerns now the poltergeist has grabbed her. What should/can be done?

    1. Hi, my name is Jaclyn and my daughter is now 11. Your post caught my attention because mine with my daughter sounds very similar. Did you ever ask if your daughter can commit with it? Idk I’m still after years in a state of bewilderment myself. But I did have my previous home blessed and also assumed it was the ghost of an old woman who had died in the home. But my daughter tells me it’s not a woman its 2 kids a brother and a sister. I’m also looking for any direction to understand what and how I can stop this.

  24. I have never believed in spirits or anything of the sort until recently I have been out of no where experiencing so many things one night I woke up thinking my bed shook but I went back to bed thinking it was just a tiny earthquake or somthing or my imagination next night it felt like someone shook my leg to wake me up and the third night nothing happened but the night I thought my leg shook before I went to bed me and my brother was talking and then he went to his room I walked out to go to the kitchen and in the corn of my eye I saw a guy in grey walking across the all way twords my laundry room he looked at me and looked away and kept walking I didn’t pay much attention I thought it was my brother but when I turned the corner the laundry light was off but I heard little noises from the laundry room I was confused why my brother was in there in the dark so I went to his room and by brother was in his room wearing black not grey and I walked out looked at my purple window in the kitchen saw a shadow swaying told my brother he saw it aswell I looked out the window nothing was there and we was talking about it and boom a shadow darted across the window still nothing outside we have cameras around our house and nothing was outside then me and my friend went to this historical location a furnace that they use to Melt iron in we went inside the furnace and my phone died at 39% which never happens once I started to record then I asked my friend if u could record on his phone he let me and boom his phone died at 18% once I started recording he’s like my phone never dies til like 1% and he’s like watch the car not start luckily it started but once it did both mine and my friends phone came on at the same time my friend told me he thinks something if following me then the next night I went to sleep woke up at 1 am felt like someone pulled my leg like someone’s hand pulled my leg so I got up and told it to leave me tf alone and let me sleep in peace and that I’m not scared of it because honestly I’m not but I feel this is a bad entity maybe I’m wrong but I honestly want to find out what it wants after I told it to leave me alone nothing else has happened I recorded myself sleep and I slept fine I moved a lot In my sleep but never woke up to nothing weird along time ago my cousin me and brother was home alone my cousin was asleep in my bed my brother was watching Stevens universe in the living room and I was cooking I heard glass break and I asked my brother what he did and he said nothing I thought u broke something I said no I walked in my room and my cousin was still asleep my brother came to me and he’s like I found out what happened the snow globe grandma gave me shattered on the ground he said they no way I had it in the corn of my stand which was in the corner of his wall and it couldn’t have slid off Bc it would’ve moved the stuff that was in front like candy wrappers and pens he had they was not moved and the glove broke in front of his stand he said there’s no way unless it floated so I helped him clean it up then I use to close my bedroom door when I left the house so my dog won’t pee in my room Bc he likes to do so and when I get home my door is open my mom even says she’ll re shut it and it’ll end up opened again also my dog has be acting scared and following my family members crawling up on them and shaking staring at the kitchen which he never does since I told it to leave me alone nothing else has happened I don’t know if this is bad or just something trying to get my attention I need opinions Bc I know nothing of this stuff like I said I have never believed in this stuff before but I’m honestly not scared of it just wanted to sleep peacefully I still don’t know for sure if it has stopped since I told it so far yes but it’s only been 2 days and I have a feeling it’s still here tho idk why I just feel some form of presence

    1. I was on facetime with my boyfriend and then he said he’ll go to the bathroom and be back. So i hung up after he put his phone on the table beside his bed. Then less than a minut later he called me back I answered the video call and there was no one there the phone was on the table and I heard the flushing sound of water and then the bathroom door open then my boyfriend came held the phone and said I’m back. Then I was likr wtf u called me?! And he was like stop joking like this and I said ch3ck the call duration and he swore he was in the bathroom and I believe it cuz I heard when he flushed and bla bla. So then we were still joking about it but a bit creeped out. He picked up his laptop on which he was doing an assignment and he showed me immediate the assignment was gone and there was an open word document that said “HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH” all over the page and it got so creepy after that his door knob was moving and he opened the door there was no one I was seeing all this on video call and then we heard noise from the closet and I saw the closet door open wide like it was pushed open from inside and I started crying and he was so freaked out and we decided to stay up all night while we still heard weird noises and the furniture in the living room was moving I heard it and things were getting weird and he could feel a negative energy so bad and his heart was racing. Mine too. First we were trying to find an explanation but things kept getting creepier as the night passed by. Please help what should we do??

    2. I have a very violent ghost at my house too, it does the same thing. It starts off with a loud whistle everytime before it throws shit or knocks on the doors or windows. It will open the cabinets, turn on lights, flush toilets, scares the shit out of me and the 2 dogs. I have 2 other roommates and it affects all pf us but one roommate doesnt believe anything, even if something happens to all of us when we are all hanging out, 2am on it comes and goes. I keep waking up with scratches i have no clue what to do. I saged the house, its back and pissed off.

      1. Hi Mikey. In Hinduism we have a divine mantra called hanuman chalisa that drives away all evil. There is an English version along with meaning of each verses, and it must be pronounced properly. You can recite it slowly.. You must believe in it and it’ll work. Hanuman is a mythological half human and half monkey god, and his powers are real. He’s the protector. Be sure to recite the mantra with absolute devotion. Do try it if you wish, good luck!

  25. I’ve been sitting on this since the night of the strangeness and I am not sure what to do about it or if I should be worried. I am neither a skeptic not a believer. I am open to all possible and I have no explanation for the following.

    My wife and I bought a house about 2 years ago. It was built in 1920. I don’t know much about the previous owners except the last ones were alive when they sold it. It’s been a quiet house, full of comfort and happiness. There was nothing out of the ordinary to report until the night of Jan 17th. A few things happened and I’ll list them off.

    1: I was baking a cake in my kitchen when I watched my tin box of paprika on the counter flip over, like someone slapped it *PING* There were no pets in the kitchen nor was there any reaction from them.

    2: A little while later I took a box of Dungeons and Dragons material to read in bed. My dog Skeeter was in his crate happily eating peanut butter. The cats were downstairs. I placed the box of DnD stuff half under my nightstand and picked up my kindle to read. I hear a *BAP* sound and out of the corner of my eye the box scoots a bit as if it had been poked or swatted. At this point I was getting a bit uneasy, somewhat annoyed, and very puzzled. I took my night-meds, put in earplugs, and passed out. The best thing for me to do is ignore it and not feed it any attention, no matter if it’s a spooky ghost, hallucination, or whatever.

    3. I asked my wife a few nights later if she had noticed anything… strange in the house lately. She’s sort of a witchy-type person and she didn’t bat an eye. She said the night I baked the cake, she got home very late. In the middle of the living room floor was a DVD (it was Pan’s Labyrinth). The DVD’s are high up on a shelf and inaccessible to our various critters. The DVD was maybe 6-8 feet from the shelf. It was the only thing out of place. Again, Skeeter was with me in his crate and the cats had been in their cat-condo (I know, we’re insufferable). I don’t think we’ve actually watched a physical DVD in years.

    I waited a few days to talk to my wife about it because I wanted to give myself some time to think about it. While I did not witness the DVD being moved, it was a bit strange.

    I didn’t see any reports of tremors, which we do get from time to time in NJ. There has been no major work done to the house, no rodents or varmints. Thoughts? Why one night of strangeness after 2 years of nothing?

    1. Thanks for your comment Dooner. Your experience resonates with me. I have had things happen around me on occasion throughout my adult life, then years without anything. These have been less and less as I’ve gotten older. As a sceptical believer – such as yourself – I mention this only because I sometimes wonder if age is possibly connected.

      Another correlation I’ve pondered is related to activity happening most in my adult life when I was a disbeliever. Once validated out loud, the activity stopped. There was a tipping point where I accepted it/them/whatever as real and occurrences ceased.

      When I was a Loss Prevention Manager for the HBC in Vancouver I lived in a suite on the 16th floor in Burnaby. There had been one former incident I recall. My girlfriend and I were in a heated argument before the big break up. Somehow, the light switched off. It stopped us arguing as we were both surprised. The switch was actually in the “off” position.

      Living alone, I always left my work/home/car keys on my weightlifting bench. Nowhere else. I’ve always been very organized. Nothing else would be left on the bench except sometimes my wallet, or the rare letter I needed to send out that day.

      One day, I was running late for work. I ran over to the bench and my keys were gone. I didn’t understand, but I swept my apartment anyways and couldn’t find them. I went back to the bench and there was still nothing. I did this several times over. There was nowhere else to look. I was near tears as I was going to be late for sure. I said out loud, “I need my keys back! I know you’re here, I just need them back.” I opened my eyes and still nothing. I went back into my room and checked again then came back out and my keys were sitting there on the bench. Shivers went up and down my spine for real.

      After that, nothing similar happened for years. But in my place now, a statuette was facing the opposite direction one time and curtains were open that had been closed. These also happened after a breakup. She had a lot of activity around her, but that was different, more like the poltergeist signs I wrote about here. I again acknowledged something was there and that was the last time anything like this has happened. This was six years ago or so.

      For some reason, your story sounds like something similar to mine. Not malicious, just wanting to be acknowledged.

      Other than someone messing with you, explanations could be: an entity, unwitting psychic involvement, related to multiple dimensions or physics, cognitive explanations (false memory, temporary hallucination, etc. – though with your case both of you experienced something) and the idea of a Tulpa. This is an Eastern belief that thoughts can become actual things, and like any good A.I. sci-fi movie, start to have a mind of their own. I’m sure I’ve left out a theory or two but these are some of the main ones.

      A lot of people commenting on here subscribe to Christian beliefs. They might say the entity was demonic and could be related to reading DnD in bed. I personally think that’s cool as hell. So is Pan’s Labyrinth though, but whose cover image has ties to the roots of the imagined visage of the devil.

      1. So You guys maybe coming into abilities late in life its call psychokinesis if you watch dead files on travel channel it is very interesting. Amy Allen is a psychic medium, she has said numerous times the PK or Psychokinesis is the cause of “Poltergeist” Activity and you or someone in your home maybe developing there abilities. It’s worth checking out because her show is literally people reporting in on there website for help with there home or business. I know you guys are skeptical but open haha this is the real deal it’s very cool in my opinion haha. DONT DO ANYTHING Like OUIJA related it opens a doorway to the realm of the dead and then you could have some serious problems. Good Luck guys.

        1. Thanks for the tip Paranormal Guy. I think all of these shows, religions, books, have valuable pieces of information a person can learn from. You’re right, though, I don’t believe in psychics for the most part. When you research where information and ideas come from, like I have, you lose the luxury of believing in a lot of spiritual mainstream ideas. I’ve been reading a lot about Jinn lately, for example, as they’re where Christians got many of their ideas from (Pope Sylvester). More recently, the New Age movement created a sort of belief smorgasbord that rejects some beliefs and accepts others like psychics. I do believe in intuition. Psychics possibly to a degree as well. Just not in anyone who claims to have answers. I know I sound like a killjoy, but it actually allows for the unexplained to take on a new level of wtf if you ask the hard questions. But I do secretly like some of these shows too – probably less grounded than your recommended show. Just don’t tell anyone 🙂

  26. it started with little things disappearing. some re-appeared, others – gone forever. then it got worse. much worse. after about eight months my wife was covered in scratches and bruises that she would get during the night. most of our clothing disappeared right out of our closet. I would prepare a meal turn around and it would be gone – plate and all. Dining room chairs would be gone then re-appear outside or elsewhere in the house. then it starting tearing up our mail and setting the pieces on fire. Every night at 3:33 AM we would wake up to booms and crashes in the house. I even invited others to stay over and experience what we were going through and none would ever stay a second night. I insisted that we move but my wife refused; it was almost as if she enjoyed being with these things. Finally, it got so bad that I left and filed for divorce. Six months later my wife was found dead. I was told at the time of her death that she weighed under a hundred pounds, and that she had died because she had stopped taking food; she had literally starved herself to death. This happened three years ago and I am still shaken to my foundation. I don’t know what to do or how to process what I experienced. I can’t explain it, and for the most part I never talk about it lest people think I’m crazy 9and that includes therapist and clergy). Reading some of the other accounts here brings me some comfort- at least I know I’m not alone – but, boy oh boy, other than this experience I’m a normal, rational, high-functioning, human being.

      1. I don’t know the difference between one and the other, but I know that whatever was in the house wanted me gone and my wife to remain because whenever I would do things like take out the trash, the door would be locked when I got back. It was locking me out and her in. I know also that there was more than one entity there with us. I saw one once late at night and it was horrible. It looked like an amalgamation of various animals. My sister in another state who I am very close to even dreamed about it and called to tell me before I said anything to her.

        1. Now that last part was interesting. They have locked my doors on a couple of occasions as well. You’re the first person that I’ve read about who’s had the same thing happen to them. Seems like it’s a rare occurrence. Last time for me was 2 weeks ago. I went out to my garage, and when I came back, they locked my deadbolt on the door, and my keys were still inside the house. Nobody was in the house who could have locked it. I have a keypad entry on my front door, so I was at able to go around to the front and let myself back in. I’m surprised I don’t hear about people getting locked out much.

          1. When I lived in a condo in Nanaimo, BC I went out on my balcony and pulled the sliding glass door shut because the wind was blasting in and throwing papers around. When I went to go back inside it was locked. I could see the lever in the down position. I lived alone, didn’t have my phone, and the deck was away from others units in a semi-private spot with a sheer wall several floors to the ground. My only option would have been to walk on a thin railing to my larger balcony and yell for help.

            There have been lots of little events around me over the years. You mentioned in your other comment you have had items disappear and reappear. This happened to me before with my keys. In a different condo in Vancouver, BC, I kept them on my weight bench but went to get them and they were gone. I circled my apartment over and over again as I was getting late for work. I was certain they were there. Stressed as hell, I asked out loud, “I know you are here! I need my keys back.” I checked my bedroom again and came back and they were on the bench. No one else was home. Mind boggling.

            The day on the balcony I would feel for a moment the same thing had happened, then my skeptical mind would kick in and I would realize it must have fallen into the lock position somehow. Because I had to lift the small lever. Again, super stressed I said, “This isn’t funny. I need to get back in.” I couldn’t see the lever but heard a loud click. Sure enough, it was open. It is hard to rationalize how it could have moved upwards in a “logical” way. Sometimes the most frustrating thing is the large periods of time between incidents. If they were more frequent, it would be easier for me to accept.

    1. This is the first time I’m reading about something similar. For me ur started with rnadom wet spots and water appearing. Then clothes getting cut, my clothes from my closet were thrown in the garbage outside, a lot of pieces missing, I have a whole list of gone things. And now my clothes and shoes are being drawn on and I also have set things down for them to dissapear right away

  27. I was lying on the couch one night watching TV. I had to get up and use the restroom and fixing to go to my aunt’s afterwards and as I was passing the window I saw a figure that froze me in place. I couldn’t move or make a noise of which I tried so hard but nothing. The figure had ram horns that curled around the sides and pointed up in the back with sharp tips. It had fire red eyes with black as coal around them. Long face with sunk in cheekbones with double jointed chin. Its stomach was sunk in showing its rib cage protruding outward. Its knees were backwards with talon like feet. And the color of its skin was a darkish tan color. It stared right at me and talked to me without opening its mouth but communicating through the brain as if I heard its voice loud and clear. It talked to me about God and how it was punished unfairly and so on. I prayed and told it to let me go as well but it didn’t until it was finished with everything it had to say. Well remember when I said I was fixing to head to my aunt’s house earlier. My cousines got raped that night and what I didn’t know till later was the rapes happened at the same time I was froze by this evil enity.

    1. I had an experience similar to yours and I feel for you. I know that terrifying and paralyzing feeling is one that it will stick to you for life. In my case I started hearing foot steps outside my room on the porch and for some reason I felt the most negative entity I have ever felt which the most terrifying fear got me in this vulnerable mode where I was hopeless but some how managed to lay downwards covering my head with the pillow and blankets to avoid seeing what was outside my room. The foot steps were heading closer to my room and when it got in front of the sliding door I could see clearly what it was even though I was with my face towards the mattress and a pillow on top plus the blankets. The upper legs were like those of a dog, it had double heels with long scally toes as those of a chicken with long and sharp nails. I couldn’t understand why I was seeing this creature which It gave me the impression that it was God for some crazy reazon and I then realized it was an alien/deamon. I only got to see from the waist down so clearly as if I was staring directly at it. Before this incident I would hear the same foot steps every day at 3:30ish am and they would always stop right in front of my sliding door and I would be waiting for a knock but they would never knock. I would always try to see out side right away and catch someone may be playing a prank on me but with no avail of any one around my house and it would be impossible for someone to hide because of how the porch is set up outside my room. At times I would check right at the same time the foot steps stoped in front my room and there would be no one there. Several of my friends and relatives that would visit me also heard the foot steps and they would ask me who that would be as they be expecting someone to knock and I would always respond to them that it was my 3:30am visitor and the face they would make was always funny to me but really they didn’t think it was funny at all. At one point I suddenly got chilly and with goose bumps so I took a couple of pictures and to my surprise the first one came out normal but the second picture came out with a 3ft alien comming into my room and it freaked me out I was speachless. In my case I know I was being visited by someone whom probably got killed and put in the back of my house by the previous owners?

      1. Thanks for your comment Markuz. I’m confused about couple of things here. You were being visited by a murder victim, but you said you realized it was an “alien/deamon”? So what exactly is this? From what I know, your term includes the mythos of two different belief systems. Aliens often being science or pseudo science and a Demon being Christian. (But I could be further confused as the spelling is for a Roman ancestor spirit or Greek Daimon). Either way, the two opposite beliefs aren’t usually found together. Is this from somewhere? Or are you trying to describe something you don’t have words for?

  28. I lived in my house for 38 years never experienced any paranormal activity until the last 8 months. Coin drop on my floor, door slam. Toilet flush my shoes completely dissapeared. my earrings was taken out of my ears in my sleep and a different one put back in one ear . A key fell in front of me from out of me from out of nowhere. Much more things have happened lights flickering. lights turning on and off and much more. I burned sage, I cleaned the house and it wont leave. it makes me very uncomfortable can you help me , do you know how I can get rid of this negative energy entity. My pastor even came to the house and prayed and still nothing happened. Please I need your help
    Thank you…p..chsolin

    1. I recommend praying the rosary, not sure if your religious but it has always helped me. I recently had a small scale experience when items were thrown across my room in front of me and my mother. I ve heard noises in the walls, shaken awake by something and seen a misty, white shape standing at my bed side. I prayed to God for help and the activity has stopped.

      1. I agree. In Mexico they say that if you curse at spirits they will leave you alone, but I wouldn’t do that. I’ve had experiences like the ones described many times. I don’t want to describe them now, it’s getting dark. Years ago when we had a poltergeist, I blessed some water myself making the sign of the cross over it and saying In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I walked around our house sprinkling it with my hand every few feet and praying that God protect our house from all evil. The very scary incidents stopped. But after years started again. I’m getting nervous now writing this. When I had a spirit or poltergeist or whatever knock on the bottom of my bed rhythmically, knock, knock, pause, knock knock knock, many times over several weeks, I said out loud that it scared me and to please stop. And it stopped. That was three years ago. Now for about three months we have a loud scratching sound in the kitchen, like a giant cat raking his paw across a litter box. It got louder and more frequent over time, now it’s much less loud and frequent. I haven’t tried to talk to it or do a blessing, I’m just ignoring it. But if I were experiencing incidents like some described here, I would speak out loud to it and ask it to leave and I would sleep with a Bible, pray to God for protection, and sprinkle holy water around the house while saying prayers.

  29. My freind says she is being haunted by a polterghiest. She says it has been going on for 5 weeks now. She’s been hearing someone saying Victoria. Do you think this ghost thinks she is someone else? I mean she does live in a REALLY old neighborhood. She has been coming to my house with bruises and scraches… she lives with her mom only and I’ve met her mom, she would never hurt my friend.
    If you have any iformation please help me!

    1. I lived I an apartment for a year with a poltergeist. It was little “coincidences” at first. Or thought it was a figment of the imagination. It got really bad up until we moved. I wish I knew what your friend could do. I tried lots of things. I even captured video. Depending on how bad it is, moving might help. Has she contacted a church for help from a pastor. I tried that also and unfortunately the activity persisted. If she needs someone to talk to, have her contact me

  30. when i was sitting on my coach i had head phones in on my pc and i was interuped by the sound of something being throw at my back door and i check it out the is a part on the door a little of the dust was scraped off by the object. The next day i heard running sounds like the Rake running around stackling me. And now i hear cannons and theres never any cannons being shot around i live a big city theres no room out here for one.

  31. I’m pretty sure that I have a haunting in my house, but it doesn’t seem to be flowing any of these steps. first stuff wend missing, than i would wake up and it looks like someone was rummaging through my room. and now I’m finally hearing faint noises of phones buzzing. i was all alone during this part. and I am grounded from my phone, my parent have it with them, and they already left for work.
    so does this mean anything, and is is possible for a Poltergeist to kill? and is their a way so jump start the communication phase, because it is already going out of order, so I don’t know when it will show up, before the worst of it or after.

    1. Do you have a Bible handy. If you can get to Psalm 91, read that. Pray to God for protection. You can even look up Psalm 91 online. Poltergeists do have the ability to cause physical harm. Not to scare you. Just know God is all powerful and he can keep you from harm. Just believe and trust.

      1. In your other comment – to Darcy – you said the church tried but couldn’t stop the activity?

        There’s a lot about ghosts in the bible. One of my favourites is Deuteronomy 21:22. It says that if someone is hung from a tree for a crime his corpse can’t be left in the tree overnight, because anyone hung on a tree is under God’s curse. Suggesting they will become a haunting if not properly buried. A belief that persisted in most regional cultures at the time. In 1 Samuel it says there is either a ghost underworld or that spirits usually stay inside their body, when Saul says, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?”

        In the Old Testament it was basically bad to speak to ghosts – but 1 Peter talks about Jesus giving a sermon to ghosts in prison. This must be the justification priests and churches use nowadays? The translation differences between versions of the bible make it unclear. These are either ghosts in hell (“prison” used as the hell concept was not formal until medieval times) who might somehow still be saved/converted, or are evil spirits/demons themselves (Oxford Bible footnote), or is a justification for a belief in purgatory – Ghostapalooza, basically. Some crazy ghost world where people are prayed for and paid for by the living, until they’re invited to heaven. None of these parts of the bible explain wandering spirits, unfortunately. Except the first one as “God’s curse.”

  32. I have been followed and tormented by a very loud poltergeist since childhood. I am a 56yo wm. This thing has cost me every meaningful relationship i ever had, including wife and 3 adult kids. They are terrified to be around me. This entity loves to mess with lights and anything electrical. It used to knock on doors and walls, now it really bangs loudly. It has spoken on several occasions I Latin. It is a male with a deep voice. It has followed me to college, different states, Canada, etc.. There was a murder/suicide in the old farmhouse I grew up in the 1950s. The house was vacant for years before my parents bought it as a fixer upper. It is the only place I lived until college. I am guessing this the source of the problem. I am the youngest of four. It never bothered anyone but me. Nobody can hear the voice except myself and dogs. However, they people can see electronics going nuts. This does not happen every day. It is streaky. I hope it stops when die.

    1. I belive it will, it may continue on your kids though, its happened to my mom. but it went away after a week of haunting her after her mom died

  33. Something is in my house and it followed me to work. It attacked a customer that made fun of the idea of it. It started with my kids playing a ouji board. I have videos of it at my work and recordings of it speaking. Like i ain’t scared cause i think its the coolest shit ever but today it pissed on my work clothes and pissed me tf off. How do i get rid of this thing

    1. well… if it’s urinating on your clothes it might be trying to mark its territory. You could do the same – set boundaries. Otherwise, it might be time to move!

  34. Can you please tell me what it means when a spirit mimics your appearance?Can a spirit of a real person do this or do you think it could be demonic?

    1. I don’t really believe in anything “demonic” myself. This is a religious term adopted from the Greeks’ name for spirit. Over time, stories were invented of spirits that serve hell, which itself was created as a tool for religion. What you are describing… I don’t know what you have experienced. No one knows what ghosts are so it would hard to explain. There have been spirits reported of living people throughout history. Some believe this foretells the person’s death but this is not always true.

    2. A woman whom I know as gloria, she has been seen in many many places by people i dont know even… she appeared one night as a person with hollow dark deep eyes and her hair floating as if somewhat underwater but she spoke normally. She told me “LEAVE. Leave now” and she threw my clothes to the floor as I tried telling my s/o what was happening, she walked around the foot of the bed with Harold following her but staying silent, I told my s/o shes walking around to his side but just as the words left my lips,she took her finger and circled the top of my s/O’s Dr. Pepper Can and said “hush just shush ” (and I shut up) just as she walked to the foot of the bed and backed out of the bedroom door just before disappearing.
      She wore a white misty ish night gown with dark hair and noticeable cheek bones. And wore old foggy white ish slippers and her skin was foggy misty white like a ghost you’d see on a Charles Dickens the scrooge Christmas movie. But it was real. The next time I saw her after I was gone for nearly a week though, she wore all dark clothing and even followed me to work… making it apparent she was super mad at me…. I still hear her sometimes, but haven’t seen her often.

  35. What is I don’t know where in the last few months your wall started vibrating nails and things like door frames and stuff from like nails moving out of the holes and Hills coming out of them okay your floor has something like coming up from underneath the floor and getting it literally has moved the toilet lid off my toilet in thein the shower door flew open and then look like something about to come out of the shower drain and this is weird stuff but I never actually see anyting but it is literally so terrifying that is like the creatures coming out but you never see one and it’s all so you can hear and feel and see it doing this same thing to my AC unit it’s sometimes a sound with this now don’t know how or to explain the sound need help or advice please

  36. I’ve always been able to see and feel spirits since the age of 6 . A lady visited me every night and just sat by my bed. No one believed me. I was told I had an overactive imagination. I described her perfectly- her clothes, hair, features, her smile, perfume.
    My mum brought it up to a neighbour a few months later, making conversation. The neighbour went pale, told my mum to wait a moment and came back with a photo. Exactly what I described. Her name was Mary, she had died in my home of old age. She adored children and was a children’s nurse. She had sat by my bed each night protecting me. ❤ She was like my guardian angel.

    Fast forward to now. I’ve recently moved into a house with my boyfriend.
    We noticed strange squiggly patterns on the windows in most of the rooms but didn’t think much of it.
    Then we started to hear things little scratches, knocking. We ignored it as we thought it was just us pipes or normal noises.
    Then the knocking and banging has become much louder. Like stones being thrown. Banging on our bedroom door, followed by footsteps round our bed.
    Gradually it’s gotten worse. We’ve seen shadows, a man in overalls. A lady walk through the dining room wall.
    Our light sensors from our alarm light up usually when there’s a sudden drop in temperature in the house. We usually get the feeling of being watched.
    We had some plumbing problems and the estate agents sent a plumber round, he refused to come in, terrified. He asked us if we knew the past of our home.
    It turns out the last tenants lasted 6 months and had to be put into a hotel by the landlady. They saw figures, heard noises. Heard laughing and the word “boo” . It became so bad that they all moved into a bedroom downstairs together until they got put into a hotel and it turns out a priest put the patterns on the windows for protection when he was asked to do a blessing of the house.

    We’ve been here nearly 4 months. I’m quite comfortable here but my partner is so scared. I work at home alone and things always happen in the day. Their usual “game” is constantly knocking the fruit out of the fruit bowl- three times in a row yesterday until I told them off and they didn’t do it again.
    They also were banging in my garage at the same time.
    My bedside table and lamp often vibrate and shake when I’m alone in the daytime. I’m not phased in the slightest.

    We found out a lady died in our home from falling down the stairs a few years ago.
    We also found out that our home was part of a mansion and turned into 2 houses in the 60s so has lots of history.

    A question- I’ve saged the house 2 times in nearly 4 months. I know what I’m doing. Good intentions, all rooms corners, windows open etc but it feels really good in the house for a week or so then starts again but much louder and more obvious. What do you think I could do now? I tell them to go politely. I ignore them which works sometimes but they try harder to get attention other times.
    I love our home but my partner is so frightened he wants to leave. I really don’t want to.

    1. It takes alot of energy for them to be able to do these things so they are gathering it from somewhere!! You need a energy clearing of your home!!or as quick as possible you need to cleanse your house !! I would clean top to bottom! Move the furniture around wash everything !! Get some Florida water cologne and spray the air in your home really good as if you were saturating it!have everyone in the home take an epson salt bath !!! If you have any magnetics in the home get rid of them unless your wearing them on your physical body!!

      1. Sounds like u could have a connection to the spirits. I would raise ur vibration and find ur guide. Then ask them to help u cleanse the place. Whether spiritual or animal guide. Or an arch angel. Noisy ghost, they love attention. Have a good bye ceremony. Light some cleansing candles, ask ur guides to help them leave and play some cleansing music

  37. Ive had a couple strange things happen in the past few days and has me freaked out to the point im seeking answers. My roommate hasnt been home for eight days and appears to be moving out after one of our dogs went crazy in his room in the middle of the night. Did something scare the crap out of him? He hasnt even spoken to us. 48 hours ago my mom and I had half of a empty box containing flooring in it disappear right in front of us. We didnt see it move but, its gone, we were home alone, and we looked everywhere for this box. Its not here and it hasnt returned. The same dog about five mins after realizing the box was missing went crazy again barking at something in the back room. Opened the door, dog on the bed facing the door and nothing. We have other dogs. Two of them was with us in the room where the box disappeared but neither of them moved or anything when this happened. Does anyone know what on earth i am dealing with here? Is it a poltergeist? A normal spirit messing with us, alien portal? Im highly confused and concerned at the same time. Can or will this escalate? My name is Justin and keep thinking Im crazy but my mom was with me when this happened. We ve searched everywhere. The box is GONE and really need to know what to do or how to find out what this or it is…


    1. It dépends. If the incidents have increase. This is an attention seeking ghost. If it seems like there’s more than one source, than it’s probably just someone deceased. If u can feel a personality coming from it or if u feel emotions coming from it, it’s a deceased person.

  38. I’ve been living in this house for a couple years and some strange things have been happening such as my shoes went missing and one just turned up out of nowhere the next week. And I’ve been hearing strang noises coming from the attic Butt it’s cold out side so I don’t think anything is living in there. And I have not had any diffrent unusual activity is this a poltergeist or is it something else.

    1. Omg I’ve had the one shoe thing too! One shoe went missing for six months then one day I’m in the kitchen turn around and it’s in the middle of the floor!

  39. So yesterday a clear oil like watery substance dripped down my blind in my living room with no apparent cause. I wiped it away and thought what in the world is going on? A week before that (I’ve never done this before) sleep walked I guess? My husband came out into our living room and told me the alarm on my phone was going off and I was wrapped up in a blanket sleeping on the couch. I don’t remember why or how I even had got there? I asked him if he knew and he didn’t? Also I have started having severe anxiety lately and even a panic attack which I hadn’t had in over 3 years. Our eldest daughter told me the other night that she experienced sleep paralysis for the first time while violently shaking and had a nightmare. She said her room was too dark to see anything but felt as if something was in there watching her. My son (he’s 8) came out of the shower the same night the oil randomly appeared and said a hair was waving at him in the shower and that he got scared and prayed and then threw some water on it to make it stop. We all dismissed it as there are many factors that could have made the hair move weird in the shower; like the ceiling fan or steam. It was kinda of silly really but then an hour later the oil started running down the blind and it creeped me out.
    For years off and on I have had many strange experiences in all the different places I have lived beginning when I was 14. I can go months to years without anything strange occuring. I have had objects like phones, remotes, pants, shoes, and even a rolling pin disappear only to reappear in weird random places, with some things never to return again. My daughter and I both heard something whisper to us from the corner of an old house we’ve lived in and she seen her cereal bowl slide across the table, I didn’t see it but I believe her. Also, all of us except my husband have witnessed shadow people in blob, humanoid, and animal forms running through our houses before.
    The first time I ever seen them I was 14 and couldn’t believe my eyes. They stood on the side of my bed watching me while I slept. They were child size and one wore a hat and the other a dress or robe. They seen me looking at them and darted into my closet but blinking in and out as if in a strobe light. Many years later my daughter told me she saw a huge hat man shadow watching her sleep only to disappear. My son at 4 years old saw one in the hallway and was terrified. I’ve had so many weird experiences that it would take to long to continue.
    But this watery oil thing has me really creeped out. Does anyone know why or what the reason is that this is happening? We live in a fairly newer apartment and I’m a clean freak so I just don’t understand what this could be except for something annoyingly paranormal. Meanwhile, this is a Christian household. We believe in Jesus and don’t mess with anything like astrology or psychic. So why is this happening? I will admit that back in the day I did mess around with the occult but nothing serious…I think?
    Anyways any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. similar very strange stuff has happened to me. A cat which I locked out of my room at work ( where I sleep on 24hr shift) and which I CHECKED was not in room.. which is small anyway and there is nowhere for a cat to hide anyway as the bed and cupboard both go to the floor and there is no hiding spaces!) and I even PUSHED my suitcase against the door to keep it out ( it’s a lovely freindly cat which will purr and keep you awake all night, hence why on a heavy shift I put him outside). Anyway in the middle of the night I was just suddenly wide awake and the cat was inside on the floor as though it has just come in… the suitcase was still pressed hard against the door which was fully closed. The cat just transported into my room. I was really terrified as I KNOW I had gone out of my way to make sure it wasnt in there and so couldn’t wake me ( its a cat that would Never hide anyway as it always jumps onto our chests ( me and toher workers have said the same) and snuggles in and LOVES human attention.; Anyway it was NOT there when i went to sleep but just was there in middle of night. it really scared me but Ive had other things like this too.. I think I opened myself up unwittingly. I had many things like this in the past but a christian prayed for me years ago and it all stopped.. but I think Ive opened myself up again by reading things I shouldnt and I also stopped going to church for a number of reasons….Other things have happened also and I Have to say that when i pray its gotten better but pressure has gotten me very very stressed lately and so I’ve stopped praying as I should… long story…my email is [removed by admin – contact me if you would like her email] if you would like to talk further .. but Ive had so many strange things happen.. it still upsets me to talk about it all…

  40. Poltergeists are not telekinetic releases. They have nothing to do with human puberty. They are demonic attacks. Usually a gang. They operate with the idea of keeping people “confused” as to what exactly a poltergeist is, because you can’t be cast out if the person has no idea what you are. Or doesn’t even believe in God. Generally speaking demons are opportunist attackers. However, they do look for specific things in their victims. Being a teenager is stressful, but some people are more high strung which makes them easier to control. People with charismatic/psychic/intuitive sensibilities are a a favorite target for these demons as they are easier to communicate with. These demons are also proactively going after people with more developed sensibilities as these people are a greater threat to the demonic kingdom when they are older and wiser. They pretend to be “guides”, will project pictures into your consciousness, they will project words in the mind of the victim making the victim often think it’s their own subconscious. They study you. They usually figure out your weakness’s very fast and play on those to confuse you, make you think you’re crazy, plant thoughts of suicide, sexual perversity, etc. It’s quite diabolical, and the goal is to ultimately kill you. I’ve been dealing with this for probably more than 15 years. Moving but within days being followed to that location. I’ve had them exorcised 5 times, and each time it was like 100 pounds being lifted off my shoulders because their energy is so heavy and oppressive. Sometime it took a month, sometimes a day, sometimes hours for them to come back. It’s not a pleasnt experience. They want you to feel weak and helpless. They are like Any school yard bully. I actually have recordings of them, banging on the walls, speaking amongst themselves about me, and speaking to me. I don’t record them anymore because it can be quite unsettling to hear them. They talk the most vile garbage you’ve ever heard. Everything is a lie. Everything is a deception. I could write a book on this subject alone. They are True dirbags. If you every have an encounter with poltergeists/demons remember: Never fear them. That’s how they suck out your emotional energy and keep you on pin and needles. (easier to control) Have your house and family blessed and exorcised immediately. The longer they are with you, the more damage they can do, and the harder they are to get rid of. Good Luck God Bless!

    1. I had to reply to your comment because your explanation is exactly on point with what I’m experiencing! I’ve recently been stressed out and honestly I cursed my god and have had a very bad streak of luck it seems ever since we bought this house! And stres doesn’t even begin to explain th things I’ve been going through, and now this at first I thought it was Neihbors screwing with me because I heard clear voices, so I bought cameras and sat around late night waiting but never catching anything , I would see things on the camera play it back and there would be nothing there one night I saw like six male figures on camera open my back door and start just coming thru as if they had very bad intentions so I have a family kids and wife , I grab my gun everyone is a sleeping ready for war!!…….. nothing no one and when I played it back there was nothing!!! I am so confused everyday it’s different they make sexually suggestive images in my blinds and in shadows!! Very vulgar!! Let me also tell you this ! I’ve never believed in the paranormal until now!!! One other very weird thing is I hear there blowing a lot as if someone was blowing up an air mattress but then it gets very cold happening right now !! Now I’m not scared because I was thinking they couldn’t touch me but earlier today I was poked in the back of the neck!! This is getting very weird and I’m good but I’m kinda worried about my family bubbling pike noises as if they’ve turned of the heat and it’s getting very cold quick!! I need some help or answers ASAP thank you in advance!

      1. Same things happen to me only I was sitting outside of my kids bedroom waiting for someone to enter my house! I didn’t have a gun bud I had a huge hunting knife! When I found out what it really was I was kinda shocked! Didn’t even think that could happen! I still go through hell on a daily basis cause they are attached and very jealous and possessive!! Almost like being in a horrible relationship!

    2. Hi , My name is melissa, My husband and I and our children recently moved into a home Georgia, about a month and half after being there I came across some rat poison , in my laundry area (this type is no longer made or sold) and what was strange was our home was completely removed, new flooring , I cleaned it from top to bottom , so I knew nothing was there , well after that, in November of this year , I was cleaning my daughters bedroom , around 3am , I couldnt sleep, so was keep busy…I had an urge to record , because just a few days before around 3am I was coverin6my daughter up , and a whistle came from the corner of her room , so when I made the choice to record , I didn’t think I’d catch anything , as I was almost done , my husband came in and asked if I wanted to smoke a cigarette , And in the recording (a woman sang , answered yes , a man & light moved and stated enough , along with a door noise slamming shut) we just thought they were friendly , but over time my husband and I became very ugly towards each other , fights breaking out 3 -4 times a week , with no reason , I was also having knocking , my door knobs messed with at or right after 3am , my radio turning on at 3am , my lights wouldn’t last long before burning out , or flickering all the time , my son (3) came to me one night in December with very dark eyes , stated clearly “Mommy i want to hurt you” I asked what??! And why??! And before he could answer he snapped back bright eyes and walked away. My dog was also becoming very ill , she would just sleep , have no urge to eat or drink. My daughter (7) recently had a nightmare of my son dying , and still with all this my husband and I were being tore apart , in huge ways , wed never fought so much! Well in February of this year, I made the choice I was done with the fighting , we had calm for a few weeks , and on sunday the 16th , things made a turn for the worse , I blacked out and beat my husband with a rubber mallet , I was fully awake , but we there was no actual reason for this to take place , it was almost like the calm in the house angered whatever was there , that it made its final move to get us out. Well we ended up leaving within days , I went back that following Tuesday , was sitting outside my front door , knowing full well no one was possibly in the house , I listened as a man muffled talked in my hallway , played with the bread in the kitchen, and when I heard my tv click on, I pounded on the door. So can anyone help me , and tell me what happened wasn’t something unheard of? Was it demonic , or? I need help understanding this , we found that their were up to 5 voice’s in the house.

  41. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Poltergeist energy will do things that make it crystal clear that it was it that moved something or made something disappear or reappear, or a sound that is completely impossible for a human being to do. It is eager to get noticed, demands attention and doesnt care who knows. That’s what makes it scary. Just like a bully, it’ll do it when they are out of eyeshot, the action/reaction that creates the ‘out of control’ emotion in you.

    Fear is an emotion that has a different energy to love. Therefore they can create fear in you easily, that is how easily they trick you into giving them the energy they require to continue doing what they’re doing. They feed off of it.

    Many people say they’ve had their houses blessed, cleared; that’s not the issue here. Blessings force out evil. Our emotions are not evil. Memories are associated with emotions in the same way unseen antics in your house create fear emotions in you, hence more of the human drama of poltergeists, ghosts, more fear, things making noises, etc. You end up playing right into it’s hands.

    You are the root that will rid yourself if it. Not at all saying you created it, but somewhere along the poltergeist’s lifeline, a human did. And what ever created it, you can ‘uncreate’ it. Your creative mind will destroy it or force it to leave.

    The way is to think love all the time. Imagine it in a sea of Valentine hearts, and tell it! Say to it you are pouring tsunamis of pink love water into it, visualize throwing sky high buckets of Jolly Ranchers at it. Tell it out loud JESUS loves you! and want it to go to heaven. Never stop!! It’ll infuriate it. Be vocal! *** You must treat this thing as if it’s a bear you have to ward off for your LIFE. If you aren’t 1000% clear from your bones in your intention, it will know! Show you are the only, 1 and only commander of your life, home, children, etc., and command it to shove off!!!

    You must BELIEVE with every fiber of your being that you can kick it’s butt into next week. Yell at it. Do. Not. Stop. If you have to leave for work, go. When you park your car upon your return home, start yelling then. Yell while walking in your home. Run into every room and scream you are home! Scream you own your house!
    Create an atmosphere impossible for the negative energy to feed off of. It’ll be depressed.

    It hates a constant challenge. It has to expend it’s energy to fight you. If you are not giving fear energy, it will have to use it’s own, depleting itself. For this reason you may think it’s gone away because it’ll go quiet.
    It’s a coward.
    The instant it goes quiet, be louder! Run into every room, tell it you are a child of God (or whatever you believe in-it could care less!!!!) or whatever gives you strength. This is the tipping point.
    Once it knows you know the game, it’ll sit. You, on the other hand, will not stop! Do.not.stop. I told mine “You couldn’t touch me for your invisible Twinkie pie with cream on top! I know a loser when it stomps in my house Soo don’t you try! GET. OUT. NOOOOOOW!!!!!”

    How do I know? Uh huh.
    I kept this up for 3 weeks. It’s gone.

    But they come back if you start thinking about them. Your fear is a memory of it, it resonates a vibration that a matching parasitic poltergeist can see on it’s own level. Obviously they see us while most of us cannot see their energy, hence their movements, antics, etc. No wonder we get scared. It must be fun playing ghost, but you can be sure it’ll continue if you invite it.

    It feels your pain energy. Work on yourself, your pain body of your past, and make it clear you know you wear the pants in your experiences, not it!!!!

    If you don’t believe it, neither will it!!!

    1. I just left a huge story and question to you and it instantly disappeared twice. This spirit is terrorizing my daughter and feeding off our stressful situation between my wife and I. It follows my daughter and watches her. Playing darts tonight it flipped a dart she threw from the number 20 to the number 18 next to it. It was stuck in the board so deeply. My one job is to protect my family and I’m at a loss. I have always been able to see spirits but they were never a problem. This one is and I’m worried for my 13 year old . She sleeps in my bedroom every night cause of the fear

    2. Thank you, that was the conclusion I came to last year. It feeds off the energy of fear. I started ignoring it and not getting pulled into fear, and it stopped. It got really physically active. I wouldn’t believe it if I had not experienced it first hand. I even had a new bathroom manifest one day and revert bad the next!

      And your right I started thinking about it again this year, and wondering why it happened I started to believe it was warning me about people… so I started up that whole belief again in what it was trying to convince me of originally the first time… that must have attracted something similar because it began happening again but in a different kind of way…. Been a nightmare. It’s like living in a nightmare!

      But last night when the front door catch sounded I knew, don’t buy into it.

      What I found helped last year was black tourmaline, by both doors.
      And sea salt in the corners of the room.

      This year it got so bad I had to leave for two weeks, but one place I went it was there at night so I put a little Bible I found there, next to my bed, which worked. Plus I slept with a large rose quartz Crystal!!

      But now I am home I realise, no one is trying to kill me, it the poltergeist trying to feed from my fear.

      My advice

      Get away for a rest
      Then you will have more insight
      Buy black tourmaline including a necklace
      Get a camera, to help with anxiety and believing humans are after you, it helps to calm the anxiety that no one has been in your home.
      Have a couple of options of places you can sleep at the drop of a hat, if it gets bad.
      Especially be aware of storms, as I found that’s when it got most active.

      Go to bed EARLY.

      Focus on positive things, things you LOVE, in the evening.

      I found listening to praise music helped, im not religious.

      Focus on LOVE.

      Love stops it. I found.

      Remember fear feeds it, and all the crazy stuff is to create fear in you.

      Find ways to convince yourself it is not your neighbours, not your landlord, not your whoever…. Get a ring camera etc.

      Once you rule that out. Don’t buy into the drama. Don’t blame people. Mid read things into things.

      Because it can manipulate people into saying, doing things. It can influence your own thoughts, visions etc. in the attempt to create energy from drama.

      Let go of drama

      Focus on your emotional balance. On your finding ease and peace and of course love, within your self.

      And keep your home WELL ventilated with FRESH AIR.

      Especially when there is a musty smell associated with the activity. Because I found this smell can come over you and affect your thinking. As odd as that sounds, I had the experience of this happening myself! And I saw it happening where it overtook the minds of others.

      Be of strong mind in YOUR SELF.

      Remember who you really ARE.


      And loved.


      I will share a mantra.

      “I (name) draw to me, through divine love, those beings that can help me with what I am going through.

      I am safe and protected from harm forever and ever and ever, Amen”

      One other thing, I found listening to a NDE was to speak out loud the Lords Prayer. That is very powerful. As this man discovered when we was having a NDE after being bitten by jelly fish and seeing demons. Search YT for that powerful video.

      1. Yes I do think from my experiences through out the years I have noticed strange things things being moved and i would look all over and I knew where I placed each item every time and then later it would be in plain sight and friend of mine even witnessed this another friend said she loved me but there is something out here that she won’t come back she said she saw an older man and a little girl and we prayed there has even some of my things I’ve hold dear that I’ve had for 30plus years would disappear I thought someone was breaking into my home and weeks latter they would reappear I pray over my home and my land and all items in my home
        This one time about 3 months ago I woke up one morning and on my right hip was a dark black bruise it was not tender did not hurt it was about 5″ long and 3″ wide and in the middle was a dark pink line and around that was the color of my skin I hadn’t hit anything
        And sometimes in the morning ( I sleep with my tv on ) I don’t have any channels auto tuned well when I woke my tv would be on cartoonsthis happens about twice a week
        I’ve also felt like someone is touching me from behind I feel like someone is there this has scared me badly and then to feel something touch me
        About 12 years ago I stayed in a house I would wake up in the night and smell brewed coffee and a cigar pipe and when in the bath room on the potty I’d feel a mist of rain but not be any water that I saw
        My sister and a few lady’s from church came to bless that house
        My sister said she heard like cabinets or doors slamming
        Her and her husband both said they had to pray all the time for two or three weeks her husband said he felt something a bad spirit and he is not one to play about things like that my sister and her husband also said they both awoke at the same time one night and saw these black dark shadow over their bed after she blessed that house
        So I do think that there are some people that they attach to and follow them
        I do not go to grave yards or haunted houses and my land I bought that I’ve lived here since 2013 it was just a bad vibe as if something bad happened out here long ago
        My dog Bella she is a Yorker will at times stair and whine and out of the blue she will stare by me and bark the same way she does when some one gives me a hug good bye or even reaches to shack my hand she barks the same way same tone as if she sees someone reaching for me or hugging me
        If someone can give me advice on how to get whatever it is away from me
        Because I thought it was someone playing pranks on me
        I was almost convinced that I was just paranoid I know that it is neither

        1. Get some oil like extra dry olive oil place it on all the doors both sides do not forget closets and dressser draws pray and ask the Holy Angels to clean up whatever it is and ask Holy Spirit to help..the help is to get rid of it and help as to what needs to b getting rid of..pray and have family members to pray for u about a week or two before doin this..ive done it n three houses and it works..u must b strong!!! Hope this helps

  42. I am currently living in an apartment and have been hearing weird sounds in the ceiling, which I at first thought was weird because I am on the 17th floor but I disregarded it. Recently, there have been loud sounds but then I assumed it is because my room is next to the stairwell. However, when I got back to my apartment today, I noticed that the pillow case that is behind the pillow I sleep on was lying on the edge of my bed. I swear it wasn’t there when I woke up and it would have been almost impossible for me to do in my sleep. I asked my roommates if they did it and both responded that they didn’t. While I was talking to one my roommates, music, specifically the beginning of U2’s Every Breaking Wave, which I had not been listening to (it was my moms music on a completely different app), started playing. It was super creepy because we were discussing the pillow case situation and my phone was on the other side of my desk no where near either of us. Does this sound like poltergeist activity?

  43. I don’t know what to do anymore, since I was a kid I have been able to see shadows and I have adapted, I’m not scared of them. But lately my ex wife as been sleeping over. I’ve noticed when she’s around I can see them more often. But it’s worse than what it was before. I see them and I am not in a sleep paralysis state. Today I heard it cAll my name from the corner of the room multiple times while my ex was sleeping next to me. When I finally looked towards the direction it stayed quiet. Later that night I heard knocking on my bedroom door. Shortly after that I see this black shadow of a man run from the right side of the bed , around the bed, next to me and tried attacking me.. I fended it off by pushing it. 2 seconds later I see it again running across the bed, and tried attacking me. This time I couldn’t push it away, it was hurting me. Usually if I have my phone next to me I’ll shine my light at it and it will leave me alone. But I magically all my devices in the room shorted including my phone. I don’t know what this is or what to do.

  44. I have been noticing some strange things around me for the last few years , but more so now. The last place that I lived, I was laying on the bed on my stomaches with my feet facing the ceiling and I felt something touch the bottom of my foot, so naturally I got up and looked to see if it was a fly or something. I looked on the floor nothing. Then again it happened. I jumped up and ran out of my room. The second time was the same week and I was in the kitchen and the dinning room light turned on by itself. Nobody was in the house with me. So I grabbed the remote control from out of the cabinet and turned off the light. Went back to doing what I was doing in the kitchen and the light turned back on again. Now I’m staying with my boyfriend and again weird things are happening.sometimes I’m laying in the bed with my back facing the door and a few times I heard light foot steps and thought it was my boyfriend walking into the room,
    but when I looked there was nobody there. But just yesterday I heard like a inpatient like hmm mmm!like a female clearing her voice,it wasn’t the t.v . Everything was off. And there was nobody but me in the house. One night while we were in bed. My boyfriend was asleep. But on the wall next to our heads I heard 3 loud knocks on the wall. The other morning my boyfriend kept getting a whiff of flowers, but I didn’t smell anything. I don’t know what it is but it’s really starting to scare me. When I heard the voice yesterday. I sat down and said out loud . I hear you. I feel you , but please don’t hurt us. I do still hear noises in the kitchen like right now . It’s like cracking noises? Can someone please explain what this is?

  45. Friends of ours near Saratoga are experiencing frightening events at night. First red beams of lights then glasses thrown about and breaking. They’ve called police since they believed red lights may have been lasers or something but very remote area with nothing found. Even when curtains and blinds closed lights appear first then the commotion starts up again mostly in kitchen area. Any help would be most appreciated.

  46. I’m wondering if what I’ve been experiencing could be Poltergeist activity, after talking to my sister about this, she feels it could be. Due to 2 strokes that I’ve had, I need to use a walker or 2 canes to get around. The walker is too wide for the doorways in our home, so I use 2 Quad canes while I’m at home. When I go into our bathroom, I usually leave both canes outside of the bathroom door, because we don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom, so I just lean against the wall and hold onto the sink. The other night, when I came out of the bathroom, both of my canes were on the other side of our dining room. My 26 year old son was watching T.V. in the living room and my daughter was in her bedroom with her door shut. My son said that I must have left the canes where they were at and I know that I did not! The strokes left me with both left sided weakness and a severe equilibrium issue. I explained to him that there was no way I could have possibly left those canes in that location and be able to make it to the bathroom without falling. This is not the first time this has happened either. It has happened twice now in this house, and we’ve been here for 2 months now, and it happened once in the place we just moved out of. It’s been a once a month occurrence now for the past 3 months. Since it happened at our last location, and since Poltergeists usually have a “focus” person, I figured that it’s not an issue with our new home. I do have a 13 year old daughter, however, so far these occurrences happen to me and specifically to my canes. I’ve not heard any strange noises so far though. I kind of feel as if I’m losing my mind. I know my son didn’t move them and I know my daughter didn’t either. My son would rather believe that I just left them there and somehow managed to get to the bathroom on my own.

  47. For quite some time I have had moved objects. disappearing objects. About the last year I get awakened randomly by heavy footsteps in the room above me (there is no one there), it’s very loud.
    A month ago I felt a huge pain at the base of my nose, I couldn’t see because of the pain my eyes were watering. I was disoriented and didn’t know where I was, there was warm liquid running down my chin.
    The last place I was was in my bed asleep.
    I figured out I was in my bathroom turned on the light and blood was pouring out of my nostrils and so help me God it felt like someone had hit me with an object, it hurt really bad, I’m not sure but I suspect my nose was broken and the next week I had a black eye.
    This house has been here for forty years and there was no activity to speak of until a few years ago.

  48. Can someone like tell me if this is a sign of a poltergeist, but like last night i went to sleep with my bedroom light off, and i woke up at 3 ish for some reason. And this poster i had on the wall i saw fall down, and this poster has been up for weeks, and my lights were completely on, like the light switch was flipped to the right. And I sleep with my door locked, so there’s no way someone could have gotten into my room. Is there a logical explanation for this or is it a poltergeist?

  49. I am constantly followed by something everywhere I go even to the bathroom. It pinched me so bad especially on my toes I’m brought to tears and it’s draining all my energy. How can I get it to leave?

  50. We have been living with a demon, we got the vicar in who removed him but said he may return, the last few weeks I’ve sensed I think his back, for a good few days now there has been explained banging outside, every night it starts and early hours, i have a 9 month old German shepherd pup who’s very unsettled and keeps crying, i am scared, we had a terrible haunting, a bleach bottle was thrown followed by a Hoover pipe, i saw i dont know, big black with huge wings flying it freaked me out, it has locked me in the house twice this is why I got the vicar in, every night the noises are going, theh are going now and I am scared, my dog is really unsettled and km worried, he is back and dont know what to do she is really unsettled

  51. I’ve been living in the same house for 15 years, and when i started gettin older i started having night terrors and weird energy feelings when i was in my room or my grandmothers currently unoccupied room (she moved). I’m 21 and female. i had asked out loud if there was anything in the house, and if so, i needed it to give me a sign that i wasn’t going crazy. by that point i had already seen a handprint on the mirror that couldn’t have been anyone in the house, and it had taken a single piece of kibble from my room. i had just gotten home with a muffin this morning, set it down in my room, left, and when i came back it was gone. i’ve felt some negative energy in the past, i tried to contact it today via meditation and automatic writing but the connection wasn’t clear. i got that it’s a masculine prescience and his name starts with m.
    is there something i should do about it at this point? maybe cleanse and sage the house? a protection spell and sigils to banish and keep him out? I’m scared to let it get to the point where it’s throwing things or making a disturbance, my mom lives in the house with me. i think it’s attached to me.

  52. We are having some odd goings on around the house. Little background.. house is from the 40s amd on the side of a major 4 lane road that was one of the first highways on the east coast. We sell used car parts and the house and property is full of antiques and car parts. Mostly hubcaps as pop collects them. So if you can imagine what a semi organized and cleanly hoarder house looks like that’s us. Well getting to it. Last week a friend offered us a 5th wheel trailer – with a catch. There were fresh brains all over one of the rooms. Dude blew his head off in it the night before. We said cool we will take it for storage and went to look at it. Come to find out the guy was hermit like person going to the bathroom in jars and living off pizza and beer. I mean knee deep in beer cans and pizza boxes. The roof had holes in it and it was just too far gone so we said no way. But going through it a bit we found a safe. I busted it open and found 1200. They gave me 40 of it and pops 40. I also found a sealed pack of socks and took them home too.
    Now back to our house. We have had boxes falling over out of nowhere in areas of the house that nobody had been In for days or hours. Things that have been stacked for weeks to years just falling over out of nowhere. This am I was sitting out front of my barn and I hear a huge crash upstairs in the loft. Go look and boxes and hubcaps are everywhere I go sit back down and 10 min later it happens again. Yesterday it happened on the back porch 2 times with about the same interval. Now I dont know if we drug him home with us or somthing may be attached to one of these old objects when have here. I have been doing experiments with electroplating and using electrolis to clean metal. Baisicly you charge salt water with a DC battery to clean metal. Maybe somthing has been here and is harvesting the energy? What can I do to figure out what is going on here?

  53. Does anyone knows what it means when a spirit feeds you candy? (kinda like dream feeding a child) my brother said that a women was feeding him candy in his sleep(this happened few years ago). i kinda need answers cuz i been seeing a women in my room now and its creepy cuz she makes herself look like a child but IK its not a child and she crawled across my floor and i wanna know about this candy situation asap so if anyone knows or has a website cuz ive been looking for the passed hour for “Why would a spirit feed a person” nothings coming up.

    1. In many cultures, ghosts or other spirits will try to entice a living person to eat their food. The stories claim that if a person eats it, they will join those spirits.

      Buk’was is the King of Ghosts in Kwakwaka’wakw traditional belief. Him and his entourage try to get people to eat the food they put out (displayed) in the forest. If a person eats it they turn into a ghost. European fairy lore is filled with similar stories. Folklorists say fairies are ghosts and other spirits (Katherine Briggs, etc) – usually scary – before storytelling turned them into what they are today (Victorian era, Disney, etc.). There are other Indigenous examples of food offered to living humans for malicious purposes.

      I can’t think of any examples where food offered by a spirit is a good thing. Candy as a food symbolizes children and would be a lure for them specifically. If it was a grandparent figure wanting to gift their grandchild, well maybe it would be okay (probably not), but in North American culture we are specifically taught never to take candy from a stranger.

    2. Hi Sunshine,

      First of all, this woman crawling across your floor is not okay. It is *not* related to your brother’s dream a few years ago. Your brother had a dream of a woman feeding him candy and it was more akin to a nurturing aspect, of being like a child and being nurtured and craving sweets. Did he say who the woman was? Oftentimes we see a person in the dream and we know who it is ‘supposed’ to be, aka mom, grandma, etc., but in the dream it is a different person to our eyes but our mind and heart know the real person it is representing to the dreamer.

      Now. The woman crawling across your floor, meant to upset you if seen in the here and now sense, waking. Or, did you see her in a dream, or there in your room? Was it a vision, a dream or a manifested (human form) poltergeist? This is important. Crawling can mean a few different things, as in not being able to walk for some physical reason. Did she represent you, or did she feel like a stranger? What was she wearing? Did she look at you at all? What was her clothing like?


      1. Thanks for your comments PinkP! Both here and following the “Putting the Normal Back in Paranormal” post. You have some excellent observations and a fascinating perspective. You submitted a lengthy comment as well, which after a few days of consideration I decided was too long to approve. It’s over twenty paragraphs, some quite long, not including the one-sentence ones. I’m worried this would bury others’ comments and suggest you post it somewhere yourself. On a blog or on Medium for example. You submitted it twice so I think you must have it on a document. If you do this, please leave a comment here with the link. I feel people would be interested! But it might be longer than this post so it deserves its own space 🙂

  54. When i was maybe 11 or 12 i would have these weird dreams like a person under my bed watching me all the time and the next night i remember was i was in a foggy maze and men with masks were chasing me then i had a dream that felt so real on in the dream i woke up and there was blood all over our new couch and i did things i couldn’t explain then when i woke up it felt like my knees were burning.

  55. From my experience, I tend to agree that poltergeists tend to gather in a place where there’s a lot of drama and crazy. I experienced this first hand when I lived with this guy. His whole family was insane. His parents lived in the house behind us. His aunt lived with us. They would all argue A LOT. There was also a lot of drinking and drug use. Whenever they would really get heated up, things would fly off shelves super fast as if whatever it was was saying “UGH! ENOUGH ALREADY.” I always had feelings of being watched. I felt light touches as well. There were also knocks and bumps. The same stuff would happen at the parents’ house, too. I left that madhouse. In this case, there were many agents.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s really interesting you felt there were many agents. I’ve read/heard/seen so many stories now, I don’t remember all of them. But I don’t remember anyone sharing about multi agents before. I question sometimes, where the line is drawn between a poltergeist and a haunting, because the distinction isn’t as clear as many claim. I mention this because I have heard of spirit activity (non violent presumed “ghost”) following several people, which may or may not be related.

  56. My gf recently move in with me at my house. All was going well and we were very happy. Around the middle of April some strange occurrences had begun in my house. Occurrences such as my mobile phone being thrown from my bed to the floor without anyone being there; glass falling from the kitchen bench; sponges falling into the sink; water dripping from the sink; 2 very loud knocks from the side of the fridge when my gf was in the kitchen and last of all, it was the 10 June at around 11:30pm, my gf and I wanted to drink some juice and I asked her if she could go and pour 2 glasses. When she opened the door 1/3 of the way, something screamed (not like anything we have ever heard before) at her. I heard the noise from the living room. My gf shrieked in terror and I yelled very loudly, as I didn’t know what that was. We packed what we could in two rucksacks and when I was about to close my front door, I had something very powerful grab my rucksack and pull my backwards.
    We left the house and have not been back since. Can someone please help us? Is it a poltergeist? Why does it only have a proebem with my gf? Was it a sign when it grabbed me and pulled me back into the house to stay there?
    Please someone help us.

    1. Thank you for sharing Armand. People often claim to be pushed or scratched or have hair or clothing pulled. I think this is the first time someone said they were pulled backward by something grabbing their bag.

      The most help you might get here is comfort in relating to other people’s experiences. This is because I won’t approve comments where people are offering emails or websites for help. This is to protect anyone who reads these posts from possible fraud or worse. I believe I have a responsibility and would feel horrible if something happened. And honestly, how would I ever know if something did? I am also really skeptical about ghost hunters/exorcists, especially those who are just getting started.

      That being said, many people who had these sorts of problems claim religion helped. Either through them turning to it themselves or to a spiritual healer. Hollywood movies promote Christianity but there are success stories from every religion, I’m pretty sure. You could also search online for psychics in your area and read their reviews online to make sure people have had positive experiences. Then reach out to them in an email and ask if they do clearings or if they know someone who does.

    2. Something, (Sorry I do not know what without being there) has attached itself to you. Whatever it is, is very angry that your gf is there. It is jealous and angry, By grabbing you only as you did not mention it grabbing your gf but just you, this here shows that whatever it is that is in this house wants you. Does not want your gf there.
      Need to find someone that can do a cleansing on your place, a true cleansing and who can also put a barrier of protection around your property once it is gone.
      There is a possibility though that it wont actually leave so easily, all depends on how long it has been attached to you.
      It may possibly follow you where ever you go too. Keep in mind some unwanted guests can follow you wherever you go when trying to get away from it. Or may be just that particular house.
      Best of luck. Blessed Be

  57. I’ve been at a loss for a few months now. My boyfriend and I had moved into a house in October. The landlord was kinda sketchy as far as not knowing the history of the house when asked. It started the very day we had moved in. I was scrubbing the wall cause someone had spilled candle wax on it and I heard a very distinct scratching coming from the other side of the wall. I went to investigate it to see if maybe there was an animal in there and nothing. I shrugged it off and kept going. The closet in our bedroom became a “hotspot”. The feeling was so dense and negative it would stop you in your tracks. We saged the same day we realized the closet was like that. Nothing happened for a while until the knocks started. They always come in threes. I then saged again. About a week later, I was in the bathroom facing the hallway and my boyfriend was speaking to me. Suddenly a black shadow dashed from the game room to our bedroom. The knocking didn’t stop and eventually became a banging coming from upstairs (sounding like something was being thrown around). I work 3rd shift so I sleep during the day. Well I was laying in bed, and there was this loud growl right by my head. I saged again. The noises kept happening. I invited a friend over and he was pretty in tune with the supernatural so we decided to do an evp session. We caught whistling, humming, conversations in the distance, and when asked if they want the new residents to leave, there was a very clear “yeah”.
    Things just kept getting worse from there. I was saging nearly every week and there was no change. Then something big happened.
    I was sleeping and was grabbed by my feet and nearly dragged out of bed. Since then I’ve been scratched 3 times, we’ve caught the smell of rotting flesh in our laundry room, my keys randomly ended up in the closet in our bedroom when I knew I left them in the living room. My boyfriend and I decided to get some crystals to help protect us. They had come off in our sleep. We couldn’t find them for weeks and then we were changing the sheets on the bed and they were under our mattress. My boyfriend watched a circle be carved into the wood on the wall in the living room.
    I saged again and again and every time, it only seemed to make it worse. It began to get in my head and make me think that it wasn’t so bad, that it wasn’t worth the hassle to keep saging or even being a priest in. But all of the sudden, it stopped. It seemed to have left.
    But I’m beginning to second guess that because the knocking has started again within this past week. I’m just hopeful it isn’t going to get bad again.
    Anyway, sorry for such a long comment but that’s my story. I’m not asking for help or advice. Just wanted to share

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences Rebecca. I hope your activity has stopped and that you’ve found peace.

  58. This is happening to our household now. We have had to get a priest to bless the house. My partner is waking up to slashes on his arms and it is attacking me during the day.

    1. Receive and believe in Jesus Christ. His word says they will be under your authority. It happened to me. It all changed after Jesus saved me.

      1. Religion often seems to help, though it is not exclusive to Christianity. A lot of people have claimed the activity ended through other spiritual practices: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Indigenous cultures specifically.

        1. Lol no other belief but Christianity can cure these demons I doubt any other religion has had an actual positive outcome.

          1. The exorcism concept was taken from the Greeks and from other religions. You might not know that the New Testament was written primarily by Greeks. Those written by the disciples, the actual teachings of Jesus, were considered too dangerous by the Roman church and were taken out of the bible between 382 – 393 AD. Christians only started practicing exorcism in the last few centuries, while other religions have used it successfully for thousands of years.

          2. You’re ignorant which is why you were kissed by the white devil in the first place. Fool.

          3. Shannon Sinn
            Thx for your article.
            I’ve been a sceptic all my life, until a short while back.
            In my family we recently had incidents that’s very similar to your description of the stages of poltergeist.
            It increased into a level where quite heavy object as a TV was thrown of the TV table, a laptop into the wall so heavy that it made marks in the wall, casseroles coming from the kitchen to the living room and so on.
            This phenomenons followed a young girl.
            She had some months earlier moved from her mother in west Africa, to her father in Europe.
            When she went to another house, or on a trip, it continued where she was.
            The father of the girl was also very sceptical to the belief in “ghosts and spirits”, but became more and more worried, and in the end almost desperate.
            After it got so intense, that they worried about personal safety, he contacted one of those “new prophets” from his origin country.
            He was then explained that the problem was that the problems laid in some traditional tribal rituals, that wasn’t performed before the girl and her twin brother moved to Europe.
            He followed the “prophets” instructions, and after that the problem totally stopped.
            Or at least haven’t happened for 3 weeks now.
            Yesterday they had a group visiting, consisting of people who got interest and knowledge about paranormal activities. The group was contacted before the incidents stopped, so they couldn’t observe them.
            Those concluded that this was probably solved.
            All this have changed my ideas about the “paranormal”, and made me accept that there are things beyond our understanding.
            Thx for your article, that helped me broaden my mind and knowledge.

          4. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience. I’m not familiar with West African culture or new prophets, but I believe you when you say the activity stopped.

            Every culture seems to be capable of ending the activity with their own belief system regardless of religion or denomination. As a sceptical believer (as you are now too), I find this detail especially interesting.

            Items as large as TVs don’t usually get thrown. I interviewed people at the Schooner restaurant in Tofino, BC who all saw a rack/crate of dishes fly from a wall and then drop on the floor. Really normal people – not eccentric or interested in ghosts or anything. It opens a person’s mind that’s for sure.

  59. This is very interesting, and very true! Especially the last paragraph. I know this from experience. Great article!

    1. somehow I missed your comment Nikki, but I wanted to say thank you for sharing and for appreciating the article 🙂

  60. I moved to a new apartment, I have a private room and quiet frankly saying I do not used to believe in paranomal or spiritual things. So when. I moved in, there were weird noises in my room especially from ceilings and walls which cannot be explained, so I thought due to my heavy schedule and everything I am making them up but when my friend claim to have heard those, we both came to a conclusion that there is a cricket ( insect) I’m the vent. But then there was this teddy that I just recently brought started moving. Though since I was only at home at night and use to leave early in morning I thought I forgot about it.Also, I had this constant feeling of being watched and most of the time from one point in the room but there would be no on. Though, one night I felt someone touching me in my sleep and maybe saw a smoky figure and my legs where it touched it was a bit hot and itchy there because next day I woke up to itching scratches which I made myself, I thought of it as nothing or maybe a dream and a bug bite or something which is quiet stupid of me really. But then one night someone suffocated me, I woke up and almost saw the smoky figure and I even think it talked with me. For a few days I slept in my living room because I was scared of what was happening. Though I cannot continue doing that since living room is shared with 2 other girls and even if they are nice enough to let me stay it’s still rude. But I applied for a transfer which will take place by 15th November and have not yet taken place. But I moved back into my room and even threw my teddy as I thought it could be the one causing it as it was new and could be possessed. By this time I am creeped out and know something is still there because I feel a presence and I remember clearly it talked with me, not in actual words but it did and that was terrifyingly real and I was awake. And today I woke up with weird scratches on my arm which quiet frequently I cannot cause anyhow while sleeping especially. I know it might have happened during a day or something but at this point I just cannot ignore anything and I have to stay in this place for 10 more days. Also just for knowledge it all started around August 20, ie almost 3 months ago. Please tell what should I do.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences Aakansha. I don’t know what you should do as I’m not an expert and don’t believe people who say they are. I think you’ll be okay though, if you’re only there for another ten days. If you’re interested in what other people might have done to help with their situations I suggest reading the comments below! Let us know if anything else happens and maybe we can guide you throught the next few days together.

  61. When I was about 11 or 10 I was staying in my dad’s house which he got gave to him by my great aunt when she died. It scares me to think about it but anyways I always got cold gushes of winds there and creepy feelings one night I guess I slept walked in the kitchen and I got chocked it was really a struggle to get away it was a greyish figure behind me and before I got chocked I dreamed about a grey figure leading me somewhere that next morning I had choke marks on my neck after that I stopped going over there then I started going again and I started having bad dreams like one time I seen a evil twin you could say of my dad and he said I want you only not your brother since you have your dad’s blood. After that I didn’t go over there but like 1 year ago I went and look in the cellar and that night in my dreams I heard wispering million of voices it sounded like and in a old broken tool house you could say. Anything you would know about this? Just curious.

    1. Hi Keslynn, thank you for sharing. Sounds like you went through a hard time! Just to clarify, I collect the stories and am fascinated in the story itself and/or the possible explanation, but don’t feel comfortable ever offering an explanation as to what is happening or how to cope with it. Other than maybe passing on information like I have in the comments below. I won’t approve psychic comments saying they will help for a fee or anything like that. I want to protect people from that stuff. Your experiences sound really frightening especially feeling attacked! I’m glad to hear that they don’t happen any more.

      1. I have been tormented by something a female she sounds young and has a sexual drive and has taken my boyfriend from me. I first noticed this back in October I believe someone did this to us like a curse, I know who the person is and I didn’t pay attention to the activity at his house nor did I get what he would say things that now make sense. He does not like my boyfriend and he liked me. I believe he brought this thing in to our lives and has my ex boyfriend now in this trans that breaks my heart to see still when we try to work things out. It’s like she’s always around and before I would argue with it and would with fury would get close as if she was right by me and we go at it with cursing. We both got sick for a long time and still now we are just getting better but I had it the worst. I have a slow immune system so hard to heal but my face got it the worst, I take pride in my skin and the skin on my face ( I am a young mom with teenage daughters so I try to be as natural and model good hygiene to the tee so that my daughters won’t feel the need to resort to cosmetic surgeries) I have been to doctors and many diagnoses later I have to see a psychiatrist which I am not complaining because I do need it all this activity has drained mentally. I am a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ and one night I was so scared it threatened me my boyfriend but when it threatened my daughters with rape with sounds of there voices coming from God knows where but it was loud I lost it and I dropped to my knees and prayed for God to help me and my loved ones to have mercy on me and I started to pray and cry so loud and told God what I had done. To have that bond and love for your child be threatened is my worst nightmare I have always feared the unknown. I have prayed and it works very well and I’m getting better and I have faith but it’s still around but it won’t do nothing I got healing along with my daughters and it was great but I can’t go on happy knowing that you ex and someone else that I do not know but heard through the grape vine that this other girl is dying and she’s the ex of the man who I believe did this to us. How can I help them without there knowledge I don’t know if my ex wants to be healed as let go of this female entity that he seems enfatuated with and I’m not asking to get him back that’s God’s will I just want him to snap out of it. He looks almost moon face no expression and always concentrating and taking with his mouth clothes and I can make out the words or he’s constantly agreeing or disagreeing with the entity. I have heard them have sex and I would have to hear it it was all over the house. This has gotten loud and has no shame that I had to temporarily not see my daughters for about three months beaver I was afraid they would get tainted. I am desperate I know God is helping me and my daughters and I would like more help form people.

  62. Recently strange thing have been happening around our house like stuff falling with no explanation and last year my mom and I and my best friend have all seen this thing with long sliver/white hair with a black body and the face is greyish with white eyes and it just stared at us and I have a baby sister and it will mimic her cry and my mom has said she’s heard me but it wasn’t me also she’s said she’s heard a femail voice. After I’ve read this I never thought or noticed but thing would go missing all the time and I will look for it and it will just pop up in places I’ve looked. Last night In my sleep I seen soming red and black flying and me idk if it was something relating to this. My aunt thinks she has an extra sence and when she came in our house she said it had something in it so she got a horse shoe and it was supposed to be blessed and that’s when stuff really escalated happening nothing like this has happened besides us seeing that thing. Also and we’ve heard knoking on our pipes. Can it mess or talk to my little sister? She talks to things that aren’t there and she had like 6 dots going down her back could it have done it?

    1. Thank you for this comment too Keslynn. As I replied above, I don’t offer advice or have enough understanding these things are happening the way people think they are. I call myself a sceptical believer. I know people have these experiences, but are they ghosts of the dead? another type of unidentified being? sound hallucinations? a tulpa-like being? (look up tulpa) psychic energy? temporary mental illness? or something else like false memories or more complex like quantum physics? So, I can’t really answer your questions and I would judge anyone who said they could. Though I respect people’s religious beliefs and if your spiritual leader offers healing then you should take it. It’s helped in cultures all over the world, even different religions. Who knows why.

  63. Hello there, sorry for the long reply, but in the past 25 years that my family has lived at our house, we’ve had many strange experiences. My mother would tell me stories of dishes flying out of the cabinets and smashing against the kitchen wall, fifty pound tables moving across rooms by themselves, houseplants appearing in different rooms, the smell of black coffee, blankets being pulled off of her, and even an apparition of an older man in the doorway once. I always assumed these were just tales to scare me as a child, but once I turned 14, I began having experiences of my own. I would be home alone and the smell of aftershave and black coffee would appear. I recorded a video once when this happened and got heavy footsteps in the audio. I have seen my toothbrush hovering midair while I was taking a shower, and have had a package of pens fly across my room. Our printer, that isn’t plugged in, turns on all the time, and I hear snoring coming from my parents’ bedroom when I am home alone. The scariest thing, however, is the centimeter-deep cut that appeared painlessly on my leg that would not stop bleeding for an hour. I was just sitting and felt something drip down my shin. The next morning as I laid in bed, I felt a burning sensation on my foot and saw what appeared to be a cigarette burn on it. I now occasionally smell cigarette smoke at home, even though nobody in my family smokes. The strange thing about this is that the surges of activity happened when my mother was around 24-28, and they have started back up when I was 14, and I am 17 now. My father and brother never had any experiences alone, but my mother and I have. I’m worried that we have a real problem on our hands, as the entity has never been violent until recently.

    1. I’ve experienced something almost identical with the burning. Moved to a new house and my husband and I, both smokers, kept accusing the other of falling asleep and accidentally burning the already asleep partner. Back and forth, with adamant denial on both our parts. Until the night he wasn’t home and I awoke to the same pain, but more intense, down on my ankle-shin area, and discovered a huge blister forming. We saw dark figures in the windows and I once saw a man in a hat before the basement door. We didn’t end up staying there long…

    2. Hi Savannah, I have to apologize as I missed replying to your comment somehow, and I’ve just noticed. A lot of what you’re describing here are things that are often said to happen in more extreme hauntings, including poltergesit hauntings. I’m hoping since you commented that the harmful experiences have stopped happening or lessened. As I say to everyone, I’m a collector of stories and interested in these occurances but don’t believe anyone who says they know what is going on. “ghosts are…” or “poltergeists are…” but that’s just me. I know people have these experiences, just hesitant to offer explanations or advice. Though I have shared resources in other comments here, or things that might work. So, the one thing I’m curious about is if anyone’s ever tried to identify the brand of aftershave? It could be a classic that’s still in use, or smell similar to something new. Most deptartment stores have samples to smell. Large stores in major cities sometimes have more than you can handle. Just a thought. I hope things have gotten better for you!

  64. Soooo, if you’ve experienced all of this, but the very first thing that happened was a candle lighting on its own (fire), thennnnn…. You’re probably tangled with a doozy? Sigh.

  65. This is an awesome article. I’ve been experiencing strange things so I did some internet digging and found this article. I have a question. Are all poltergeists dangerous? Because I’ve had many experiences but none of them seemed dangerous in the least. They’ve just been mildly annoying. Books being where I know I wouldn’t have placed them, scratching sounds, steps coming from the basement when all of my family is upstairs asleep. Just stuff like that. It hasn’t bothered me because I’ve lived with it for several years. But nothing at all dangerous.

    1. Thank you Amber. Rupert Matthews did most of the heavy lifting here so I highly recommend his book.
      Poltergeists are not necessarily dangerous at all. Some people have had terrible experiences, but it’s rare anyone says they were hurt. I feel the same way as you do. Some religious people would claim they are dangerous to your soul in some way — because the presence is demonic. As we don’t really know what poltergeists are it is hard to say one way or another though. With your experiences, I would consider you more of an authority on poltergesits than most people who try to make careers in the world of the paranormal.

  66. When I was 19 years old I moved in with my boyfriend in his parents home. As soon as I moved in I was instantly being harassed by something I now believe must have been some sort of poltergeist. The first night I stayed in the bedroom we had an air mattress that was pushed up against a partly open closet. We had a toolbox in the closet that was put on a shelf which must have weighed around 30 pounds or so. The heavy toolbox was pushed off the shelf in the middle of the night while we were sleeping, and landed directly next to my head. A couple of nights later I had another scary incident. My boyfriend and I were sleeping and I woke up to him mumbling in his sleep. All of a sudden he speaks very clearly to me “I’m going to rip out your guts, and then frame them on my wall” I instantly woke him up and told him what he said to me and of course he had no recollection. Of course I was very shaken up by the whole experience. I’m wondering if you believe this could have been a poltergeist? I’m 33 years old now and I still get the chills when I think about the crazy ghost that wanted to kill me.

    1. Thanks for your comment Brandy. Your experience sounds horrible! It sucks you had to go through this. You might want to read through some of the other comments posted below. No one knows what a poltergeist really is, though some of us have different ideas about what it could be. I am both a sceptic and a believer due to my own experiences. Some claim to know what these beings/experiences are but I don’t really believe them. That being said, somebody somewhere is probably right. Without being able to define what a poltergeist is I can’t say if your experience was with a poltergeist or not. Most of the reality TV crowd would say your experience sounds demonic in nature. Like your boyfriend was possessed by a dark energy. I also don’t really believe in one true religion thing so that’s a little off to me too. Demons and exorcisms being the one way to stop these things. There is so much crossover between traditional hauntings, poltergeists, possession, channelling and even sometimes banshee/death warnings and guardian angel stuff that I think it might all be the same type of experience we will one day be able to scientifically explain. We classify things to break them down and try to explain but no one knows. I do honestly believe you had this experience though. There were similar things that happened in my ex-girlfriend’s basement suite I witnessed. Also, I tend to believe the accounts that sound a little off as they sound/feel less made up to me. I’m glad you don’t have to experience this anymore.

  67. Hi Shanon,
    I’m writing a book about my experiences investigating discarnate entities at an abandoned lake house. It sits out in the middle of 10 acres that are so overgrown you can’t see the house from the road. I went in the lake house every other Monday morning at 3am by myself and investigated. It’s big, nearly 7,000 sq ft. I also left recorders overnight several times to see what would happen when no human was there. The comment about “poltergeists” being percussive is very true. I have thousands and thousands of knocks recorded and if you slow them way down they are actually words. Evidently, at this lake house anyway, they do a more explosive bark to sound like a knock and then normal conversation with them is on the order of 2x or 3x faster than normal. There is a sort of Morse code at the lake house. 1 knock means agreement – with each other or with whatever I said to myself out loud. 2 knocks means “warning”. A hard knock followed by two quicker, softer knocks means “say again”. I was only able to determine their codes because of 3 solid years of work through 48 investigations. I suppose I captured 30,000+ EVPs, thousands of paranormal activity events, and hundreds of apparitions.

    As to your comment that you still stand by the statement of haunting vs poltergeist activity….my opinion is that nobody knows. These are discarnate entities to be sure, but it hasn’t even been scientifically proven that ghosts even exist. If the definition of a ghost is the actual person we can never know. People are certain that they’ve made contact with their loved ones but there are lots of problems with that. In the Scole Experiment and in my own videos discarnate entities said in EVPs what I was thinking at the time. They frequently would say what I was about to say so I have the EVP then on the same device I have me saying the same thing. Scole scientists said they frequently answered questions before they were asked. Research shows the more troublesome ones that Hans Bender labeled “elementals” loved to imitate people. So it is possible they read the person’s mind and then imitated the loved one. I use the term poltergeist quite frequently but only as it pertains to the lake house because I’m using its literal German definition of “noisy ghost”. And they are noisy as hell there. I call the popular boxes “spirit boxes” because that’s what many manufacturers have labeled them but nobody knows for certain who or what they are communicating with. I like your bloq, I just found it. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

    1. Thanks for your comment Robert. Your book sounds very interesting. The part about the slowed down knocks being words is new to me.

      You’ve gathered a lot of evidence–and are open about it–so people will be expecting to see the images and listen to the recordings. As I call myself a sceptical believer, I tell people if it isn’t convincing (like mumbled words people can’t all agree upon or a circled part of an image explaining what it is) then it didn’t really happened. Meaning it might as well not have. Part of the problem is that with modern technology anything can be faked now. Most evidence turns out to not be very interesting or compelling or impossible to verify. Only the person who experiences it can truly know wether it is real or not. I’m not trying to discourage you. You sound articulate and sincere so I just want you to know what to expect.

      The second part of your comment is interesting. I have had similar experiences. I’m not sure if you saw the note at the end of my post about Fisher’s book Hungry Ghosts, but it is fascinating. The research he did found that entities (channeling) knew things the host or others did not, but much of what they claimed about who they were when alive would turn out to be lies. Fisher died under mysterious circumstances ruled a suicide though some believe his death was payback from the other side. What I like about him is that he was a journalist so not as far out as most of these authors. Also, he initially set out to prove the channelling was fake, but ended up changing his mind.

      In my book–being a sceptical believer–I talk about the Tulpa and discuss experiments/findings with sound waves, etc. in the introduction and then investigate (as a former fraud investigator and museum researcher) these cases and dismantle them when they are not true. I also ask a lot of questions along the way so the reader will start second guessing what they think they already know. I believe, like you, there is something, but that no one can have the answers until technology is more advanced. Anyone who claims to know what these things are is a fake. Too common thanks to reality TV and people wanting too badly to believe or prove ghosts exist. If you’ve gathered this much evidence and can look at it objectively and have other experts look at it objectively then your book will be fascinating and I’ll be stoked to read it. Thanks again for your comment!

  68. For several years I have been bothered by an attached entity that harassed me wherever I go. It normally will pull the back of the chair while sitting down or scratch the top of my head. I actually caught on film a few years ago. The voice is becoming clear and it was also recorded. Last night, double closet doors in my home Office shook hard as if something was trying to get out. This type of activity has never happened and I just moved to a new home. I pray this is a sign that the activity has peaked and it will hear my verbal prayers. It’s been an awful experience that began after a major domestic assault

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Robert. I’m sorry to hear about the assault and these other experiences as well. My advice with any evidence is to make copies and save it in more than one place. I have lost an image and a recording both under really unusual circumstances. Would love to hear/see anything you catch if you are open to sharing as well.

      1. I can send to a personal e-mail. It acted up again tonight and poked me from behind while I was cleaning the pool. It felt as if someone lifted the back of my shirt and tried to push me in the water. Praying that these recent events are signs it’s peaking.

        1. That sounds really intense and not very safe either. Hopefully you’ll get some answers soon, or the activity will begin to lessen. I would love to look at anything you’ve captured if you trust me. My email is

    2. Robert, I’m sorry for the stress you are feeling in this situation. I had a short lived haunting (3 months) and things slowly progressed. It was when my husband and I were dealing with the loss of our best friend… It was a stressful time which made us irritable, financial problems and lots of grief and anger. I think something may have attached to us. I have intuitive abilities, I was able to do a “ritual” if you call it and the activity stopped immidealitely and the home felt a million times lighter and brighter. Do you believe in witches that practice white magic? I would suggest having one come in and get the entity out. I would love to see the footage you captured if you want to email it to me

  69. can a poltergiest mimic a person…like my neighbors seen me at their house walking on their porch and through a glass screen door told me to come in and twice now ive walkied off thier porch and my son seen me in my home i called for him and he followed me into my room where i disappeared? My family is on egg shells let along myself. Have you ever heard of such a thing, i have tried talking to many paranormal people and i cant seem to get a response. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you for your comment Amanda, I am not sure what the capabilities of a poltergeist are, as I do not know what causes these types of “hauntings”. A double of a living person is often seen in haunted locations though. Even more common, a person will hear the voice of someone they know calling their name. If you start looking at “true cases” you will find both of these experiences are common.

      There are also many beliefs about a 2nd spirit. People who believe in astral projection explain it that way (it is a part of the person outside of their body on a journey). There is also the stories of the doppelganger, which could have a page of its own. Also, Japanese lore has a term for a living ghost called an “Ikiryo.” A similar idea is the Egyptian “Khu.”

      There are a lot of claims of people seeing the spirit of someone they know in trouble or dying when they were still alive but far away. Many cases. In the classic Usborne Supernatural Guides: Haunted Houses, Ghosts & Spectres they talk about the possibility of this second being having been created by “mental energy.” Some people have also proposed alien-type theories, or other dimensions.

      What you have claimed here others–even nonbeliever–have claimed as well. Like poltergeists and other hauntings, no one really knows the answer, though many people will claim they do, which is why there are so many different explanations.

      Hope this helps. Please let us know if there are any developments or if anything changes. I would love to ask you more questions if you are open to it as well.

    2. Yes. Mine mimics me, and appears to people I live with. It has only been seen standing in doorways, and watches them at night when I’m asleep. I do not see it, though I have seen a mimic of a person I knew once. I saw him walking through the yard from a window, and went to open the door for him, but when I opened it, no one was there. I called him to see what just happened but he told me he was waiting to get a haircut at a shop about 20 min away.

  70. Regarding the urine spots.
    I’ve experienced all sorts of things but this one has thrown me off.
    I woke up to strong yellow urine at the top of my bed. Definitely wasn’t our dog or cats. It didn’t smell the same or look the same.
    We have recently moved into a new house. My cat who sees what I can see has started to play with something small and black at night.
    He calls out to it and then plays with it. Lately he has played less but we still see the small black thing around the house.
    We have heard noises and faint male voices. As well as uneasy feelings.
    Is it possible that my cat is playing with another animal or could it be something worse? Not sure what to do with this one. I’ve never heard of urine spots till now.
    Regarding the urine, should I take this one a little more serious?

    1. Thank you for sharing Hollie. I don’t feel super comfortable offering advice, though I’ve responded to comments below about making a space more positive energetically–something that has helped me in the past. I don’t have any idea what these experiences really are, even though I know for a fact they occur. Myself, if it doesn’t feel negative and it is respecting my boundaries I wouldn’t worry. But the urine thing doesn’t sound good. It is either being intentionally disrespectful or doesn’t know any better (assuming it is a sentient being). Maybe it is trying to communicate in some way, like a dog might? This is a far out idea maybe, but you could consider researching the psychology of why pets urinate in unusual places. Maybe there is a clue there.

      1. Hi Shanon,
        Thank you for your fast reply. You brought very interesting points and I will definitely look into it.
        The urine spot wasn’t a circle shape, rather made from a position of movement or of higher. If this makes sense.
        The urine was also at out face level, inbetween.
        Banging around the house has also increase. Alro our cat who played with the little black shape has also become distant. Yesterday I spoke to whoever or whatever may in the house and told it to leave our cat alone to which yesterday after and today Arlo has become more affectionate.
        Fingers crossed.
        Thank you for your insight.
        I will look into you points.

        Thank you 🙂

        1. Hope it helps Hollie. Let us know if you get any results or changes. I’m happy to hear that Arlo has become more affectionate again 🙂

  71. Ok.. things r happening in my house that I’ve been trying to get help for. But last night things got even weirder!! Well for the last 4 years we have lived her I have so many things happen to us I can’t even remember them all . Knocks blankets being pulled off us slowly @ night voices.. loud noises upstairs. But what happened was when we redid our foundation of our house we found an old pony horse shoe so we brought it into the house not thinking about anything that we thought it was cool we really like old things. So ever since it moves on it’s own !!! But one day it completely disappeared so it’s been missing for a least 2 months and last night it just appeared again laying on my dinning room floor!!!! We were completely freaked out!!! My dogs always react to things barking and growling at things we don’t see I’ve been heals down in my bed my husband too and we arnt a sleep when this is happening we r awake!!! You can’t even make a sound when it’s doing this. My daughter couldn’t sleep when we first moved in because she would hear whistling in her ear ! We hear the door slam on the porch and u look out ther & nothing is there .we have had a preacher come out & bless the property and the house . It was quiet for a little while but not for long we really need some good advice. We have this merror that we have to keep covered at all times that’s original to the house that I think is a portal or something because when we covered it it helped a little. This house is from 1913. My youngest daughter experiences the most of it. So much is going on it’s unreal and people think we r crazy sometimes when we tell them. We’ve been touched heard voices. Like it sounds like tiny little pebbles get thrown !! When we turn on a video and record we get orbs all everywhere!! Taken pics we get faces in pics like a picture hanging on the wall there will be a face in the glass of the picture it’s the craziest things ever & I need someone to give me some advice!! This is no joke!! Weird dreams ! Sometimes night terrors. Please someone help!! I even contacted dead files & they actually answered my email and called me but didn’t come to help!!????

    1. If you think this is a poltergeist : hun it’s someone living with you or you yourself. Our minds are complex things and due to stress factors or higher brain wave activity / these are actually psychokinetic abilities manifesting with no control. The only thing that helps may be therapy for the one causing it . Or learning how to control it. The poltergeist activity is the “Id” part of the brain – and it’s the physical manifestation of that. I also would look up family history for it should show some insight if this happens to family members of you or your husband- these things are genetic : and if you have children know that they might be the primary focus of this activity due to adolescents and hormones during puberty.

      1. Thanks for your comment Dias. I was wondering what your background is, as far as research or field of study? The poltergeist cases I have looked at have overlapped with traditional hauntings. Personally, I don’t believe the psychokinetic theory, though am open to other people’s beliefs as long as we can agree that no one has the answers. Many sensational books and TV shows claim to know, but none have stood up to close scrutiny (yet). I think it is important to state these are just ideas if we are offering advice because no one knows. Though what you suggest is a more common belief than some, so I appreciate that you have brought the idea up.

      2. Dias…This is the best and most informative comment in this whole thread. Everything you mentioned is factual. (ESPECIALLY the psychokenetic theory!) I have firsthand experience with this type of thing and you were SP0T 0N with that! Thank you for joining this conversation!

        1. Thanks for your comment Nikki, I’m always happy when someone contributes to the conversation. I have to ask though, because you are saying the comment is factual and to me it’s not. (I see certain mainstream phrases and language as TV and movie influenced) The evidence suggests the opposite, or a parallel to traditional hauntings. I’d be more interested in hearing about your own experiences if you’re comfortable sharing? Maybe there is more to it this I thought.

    2. Hi Brandi, thank you for your comment. What country do you live in? The covered mirror is an older belief in many European countries and some places still practice it today.
      So what happened with the preacher? You said he came and blessed the property. Are you Catholic? What was his advice?
      If you are spiritual or religious it is important to seek guidance if you feel something is out of your hands. I am also a firm believer in moving energy (feng shui if you will). Getting rid of clutter in spaces throughout the home including from old negative relationships–anything that feels low energy, letting fresh air flow through your home as often as possible, smudging, plants and stones, etc. If you are able healthy foods and lots of clean water, avoiding drugs especially drinking but cigarettes and low energy food like sugar and junk food. All of these things have helped me in the past. A practice of gratitude is very powerful as well.

    3. Hi! Sorry that this is happening, and that this is so upsetting to you.

      One question I have is, why is this so upsetting to you? Have you tried sitting down and talking to it? Sometimes, these things calm down when people talk to them. Most times, they’re not harmful (but see below), just mischievous.

      I’ve had things happen around my house from time to time (for example, objects “getting lost” then appearing in plain sight), and have to stop and think that there’s nothing to be afraid of, at some times, it’s actually been helpful.

      On the other hand, has anyone in your family dabbled in magic or the occult? If so, you need more than a house blessing, you need to find a good, solid pastor with a solid life and solid doctrine to counsel you and lead you and your family to a solution. If it’s an evil spirit, that’s a whole other thing, and it could be dangerous. It’s the difference between a raccoon in your attic or a mountain lion!

  72. I’m having paranormal activity in my home but only when my 2 son’s are home. It started out as knocks on the door for 2 weeks straight,then the furniture and pictures started being tossed around. Could my kids be carrying the poltergeist?

    1. Hi Maisha, Thanks for your comment. No one really knows what poltergeists are. Some people believe they are a kind of nonhuman spirit. Others that they are a type of ghost. Some think it is connected to psychic energy/disturbance, usually said to be related to a focus person who is often a teenager. Whatever one chooses to believe (ghost, nonhuman spirit, psychic energy, or other) these types of events have been reported as both attached to a single person or to a specific location. It would be important to try to look for patterns pertaining to anything unusual (newly bought items, renovations,bullying of kid, etc.) when the activity started and if it seems more connected to one person or not. Then you can decide how to fix it and what kind of help to seek.

  73. I have experienced my bed jolting only at night for about a week. Then a few days after as I read a book on my bed, the light bulb attached to a ceiling fan fell right on top of my head. I have had two toys from my brother turn on at midnight while doing homework.

    1. Thanks for sharing Leslie. I was curious what country/state/province you live in? In the article I brought up the idea of the “focus person” who is usually a teenage female. Please don’t feel the need to share personal information, but do you feel like you might be the focus of the activity?

  74. Loft door opend the smell of perfume then a lil ball got placed on my partners side of bed he moved it on the floor as i closed my eyes its come off the floor hot my head not hard but slightly hit side of my head

    1. Hi Kerry, Pretty hard to explain how the ball came back and hit you on the head! Hopefully the activity won’t escalate anymore! Thank you for sharing.

  75. Ive had some strange stuff happen …. here goes 1st.. loft door opened 2nd.. smell of purfume smell 3rd.. a lil ball placed on my partners side of bed after he threw it on floor…then 4th the ball came off the floor and hit me on side of the head not hard just slightly but i cant seem to het what or who it could be

  76. I forgot to say, it does seem to be a poltergeist, as in from the energy of a pubescent teenager most usually, but it would not surprise me if the electromagnetic energy that I am guessing is heightened in a hormonal teenager, provides the conduit for interdimensional beings to bleed into this reality,causing havoc. When the heightened emotions subside with age, the conduit of electro magnetic energy weakens and the link between the dimensions is lost, and the paranormal activity is lost.

    Either way, temporary poltergeist or spirit attachment, talking to someone like Alba Weinman, would help, as would that person trying to raise their frequency, and trying to minimize stress. Raising their frequency by removing meat from their diet, eating organic veg, laughing, on purpose, looking at things from a positive perspective, and being kind. A bit of a tall order for a highly strung, hormonal teenager, or younger, but we have far more power than we realize, and our energy can be tapped into and used by not so nice things, so raising the vibration (by being very positive and wholesome and loving), may raise the vibration out of the vibration of the lower vibrational beings that can cause havoc. A bit like changing radio stations, from the lower vibrational station where the not so nice things can tap in, to higher radio stations, where more healthy interactions with the world around the (nature, positivity, love, etc) are attracted. Like for like. If this resonates, consider it, if it does not, please ignore. I is just the way I see the world.Thanks.

  77. Hi Jo-Ann,

    It sounds like your Granddaughter may well have an “entity attachment”. It sounds rather frightening, but among folk who can remove the “attachments”, more folk have them, than don’t. They just are not aware of them if they are not so obvious. Folk who are vulnerable, have had big shocks, go under a general anaesthetic, have basically vulnerabilities where discarnate spirits can “jump on board”. This also happens when folk have too much alcohol and drugs. Something like 40% to 60% have them, usually multiple. It could even be an attachment from other lifetimes. I know a woman who got one from attending a funeral and the spirit of the deceased did not want to pass onto the next stage and went into the family of a friend’s child, and the child did not become aware of it until she was in her 50’s. Quite often, unexplained aches and pains are these things, once all medical reasoning is ruled out.

    I suggest you watch some you tube videos of Alba Weinmann doing Past Life Regressions that involved “Spirit Release”. This will give you a good idea of what might be happening. You are only aware of it because it is obvious. I suggest everyone gets checked over every now and then. Anyway, one you watch a few of her videos, if she is not nearby, you can ask her if she knows of folk near you that can do that. You just need to be discerning in how you choose who to do it.

    Anyway, very good that you are taking notice and not ignoring it. Better to nip it in the bud.
    All the best.

  78. That is very interesting. My granddaughter age 9, acts out, having temper tantrums and destroying things. She throws clothing around her room and has cut the blinds and her screen. She has said there is a girl or witch in her room. But then says she didn’t do it. I have seen a figure of a girl the one night I left her sleep with me in my room. Could she have been jumped and made to do what she does? She acts like a defiant teenager at times and as if she has authority over adults. What can I do to make things better?

    1. Thanks for sharing Jo Ann. I am not really sure what you could do to make the situation better. I am a collector of stories and a student of sorts, but not a priest or medicine man. If by “jumping” you mean like possession then I would turn to whatever faith you have and find a spiritual leader who can help. I left a longer comment below — to Chris — regarding some of the things I do to keep my space zen-like. These things have helped me. Hope that you find some peace.

  79. What if we believe we are the focus person of a haunting, closets open by themselves, my cross appears by my pillow. Flashes of something running upstairs when im the only person home. Someone please answer soon or if i could get information..

    1. Hi Jade thank you for your comment. Many people believe in the idea of a focus person. If you think this is true then maybe it is. I suggest the book I’ve covered here as the most comprehensive grounded non-religious book I’ve come across.

  80. this is a very interesting article. i have a friend who told me had a poltergiest living in his home. one of the things that stood out the most is when he said sometimes the poltergiet would scratch him and other family members.(he said that happened a few years ago).(also its worh noting that activity happens daily) is when i told him he should seek some help; a priest. im pretty concerned and i would love some advice on what todo. thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment Chris. I am more about sharing accounts and stories as opposed to offering guidance or help, but I will share what has worked for me. When something overly negative happens in my life — paranormal or not — I go within. I seek a place of peace. I will burn incenses, oils, and candles. Meditate, exercise, and do yoga. I make sure my place is clean and uncluttered and that I am letting fresh air in. I also look for items that might have negative attachments to them and get rid of them, also negative people. I check my diet, make sure I’m drinking enough water and getting outside, and cut back on drinking, TV, caffeine, or anything else that might be influencing me. Wether or not a person believes in these things is not important. We can choose to face the trials in our lives as warriors — making a stand as I have described above — or continue to live the same way and accept our victimhood. This is just my belief though, and I am not in your friends shoes, but this is what I have done and it has worked.

  81. In my research most poltergeist events dont have a central person involved, these are mostly minor cases that dont get picked up but they still exhibit the same sort of event that are often associated with the poltergiest. After many years of research and active investigation in these phenomena I am presently of the mind that the poltergiest having a central human focus is some what of a red herring.

    1. You could be right Matt. My one main experience does support the focus person theory, but I’m not committed to this belief as being something absolute. One of my ex girlfriends had classic poltergeist activity around her witnessed by myself and her roommate on multiple occasions, as well as some incidents by other people. Doors opening and closing, cupboards and cutlery rattling, a large painting once flew off the wall, stereo would turn on, lights as well, lots and lots of knocking and unexplained noises. Most definitely was noisy. Not over-the-top movie stuff but something would happen almost every day. The activity seemed to focus on her for the most part. She had been molested by a family member when she was younger — and had never really dealt with it — so it would support that theory too. I was with her for some time and the activity slowly faded and then stopped over time. This was one of the experiences in my life that made me interested in this sort of thing. I’ve interviewed a lot of people doing investigating and research since I originally posted this. I still stand by the statement that there are a lot of overlaps between “hauntings” and “poltergeist” activity. So maybe that is what could determine the difference? A focus person? Food for thought anyways. Greatly appreciate your comment! Do you have any of your research published online I would love to check it out!

      1. I am not sure if ours has one particular focus person but rather tends to focus on myself and my teenage daughter. We have had many, many occurences and i would say were in about stage 5, or progressing to it. It usually prefers anywhere from 4-5:21 am. It seems to get a kick out of waking me.
        Weve been here 5 months now. I have had shelves fall almost on top of me during the night, hitting a door and shattering glass. It has broken two glasses in the kitchen. It started off cute, with pulling on my sweatshirt during the night to opening and closing doors, then slamming doors. It hides things. Mostly my teenage daughters belongings. Tonight it made an appearance early in a bedroom that no one stays in. It opened and slammed a sliding window very hard. It did do the scratching and bumping around at first.
        About three weeks ago, it woke me and my daughter up at 5 by stomping and skipping up and down the hallway and making a rhythmic noise till i got up and walked into the hallway and turned on the light.
        The other morning at 5:12 on the dot, it set off the smoke detector and when i got up, it stopped. No smoke, no fire, i was the only one here.
        Both she and i have experienced heavy abuse in the past and are both going through traumatic events at the moment and major life changes.
        I have spoken with the property owner and he lives on the same property and has had reports from past female and male tenants about this. He states that the property is very old and has a steong history. Its not just this house, its the entire property but it seems that this particular entity enjoys lurking around us the most.
        I grew up with a ghost, but nothing like this. like i said, my daughter and i are going through very hard times now and in the past. Were moving soon off the property and will look forward to sleeping well again
        Also, intense lucid dreaming occurs with its appearances.
        Very strange experience with this entity for sure. Glad to know others go through this!

        1. I’m hoping someone has some insight to an experience my sister is having. I’ll give a few details leading up to what’s going on now. She’s been able to see spirits and such since she was about 8, she’s 28 now. The house we grew up in was built in 1919, my mom and her dad (my stepdad) still live there. My stepdad has never believed in the spirit world what so ever. Until recently. He has been woken up several times to a very bright light, that disappears when he opens his eyes. Him and my mom have both seen a dark figure (not human shape, low to the ground) that travels from their bedroom, through the living room, goes upstairs and disappears. They would hear footsteps in the room above them upstairs. My mom has dreams of being choked by a dark figure. A couple of weeks ago my sister brought a spirit box to their house and took it in their bedroom. She spoke to someone named Ben who mentioned something about the dirt and a wrench. She asked how many people are living in the house and he said 8. Since then my mom’s house has been quiet, no activity. My sister on the other hand has been woken up every night at her house by voices and conversation that seem to follow her from room to room. We went to my mom’s today for lunch, my sister got up to put her plate away and stepped on a long, very old, rusted nail. No idea where it came from since the floors were just cleaned before we came over, plus they have never used nails like that. I’m interested in opinions and insight because I don’t know much about the spirit world myself. Thank you.

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