The Weather Outside is Frightful

Nanaimo has been hit with some pretty heavy snowstorms this week, which is okay, as I’ve been tucked inside writing like a madman. As the deadline approaches to submit the manuscript for the Haunting of Vancouver Island, my excitement to share it with you has been intensifying. Some of these stories have been years in the making. A comment on my blog. A conversation with a stranger. A chance discovery in an old newspaper. I would watch a tale manifest slowly before my eyes. Not contrived. Not embellished. But viewed the way that it was meant to be viewed: organically and without hubris. I am a researcher, a newswriter, a collector of unconventional stories from across Vancouver Island. Who am I to say whether these things happened or not? A balanced, fact-heavy approach will make — in my opinion — a much more frightening read than anything else I could hope to create. “Let Vancouver Island tell its own story,” that’s what I say.

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St. Louis Ghost Light Caught on Video

Last week I posted an account of the first time that I saw the St. Louis Ghost Light / Ghost Train in Saskatchewan. Now I wanted to share some video of it that I captured from a couple of years ago. This is from December 31, 2014. I was home for Christmas and had a couple of hours free before my family’s New Year’s Eve get-together.

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The St. Louis Ghost Light


Navigator Newspaper graphic designer Zyre Hoskins created this image for the article’s centre spread.

The first time I saw the St. Louis Ghost Light I didn’t know what I was looking at. I was seventeen years old at the time and did not believe in ghosts.

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Mushrooms of the West Coast

Mushrooms of the West Coast was an introductory identification and foraging class taught by Andy MacKinnon and Erin Feldman out of the Tofino Botanical Garden Ecolodge. These annual workshops are hosted by Raincoast Education Society and have now been offered on Thanksgiving weekend for several years in a row.

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My Social Media Fast and the I Digher

This summer, I spent my time in Tofino on a social media fast working on the I Digher, a 1961 decommissioned gillnetter with a built-in living space. I purchased the old boat last summer, with the intention of using it primarily as a living space when in Tofino (writing and surfing), and secondarily as a vehicle for exploration, fishing, and adventure for next summer (2017) – a dream I have had for as long as I remember.

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