The Wishing Tree

“A wishing tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings. Such trees are identified as possessing a special religious or spiritual value. By tradition, believers make votive offerings in order to gain from that nature spirit, saint or goddess fulfillment of a wish.” – Wikipedia Contributors

I was taking a stroll outside of the old Ladysmith Hospital when a flutter of colour caught my attention. The building hasn’t been used as a hospital for a very long time and is now a health clinic, which was why I was there. The weather was beautiful and I had a break between doctor appointments, so I had decided to take a walk around the property. My curiosity pulled me closer. Beneath the canopy of the tree, I found an old wooden sign, which had been invisible from a distance. On the other side was a basket-like envelope with some supplies in it.

On the other side was a basket-like envelope with supplies in it.Some of the wishes were vague, yet still felt full of meaning.Others were impossibly specific.Some were celebratory.Others felt like notes of encouragement from the other side.

It felt peaceful beneath the canopy of branches, amongst the private thoughts of others. Strangely, I had never noticed this particular tree before even though I had looked right at it many times. It had been like stepping into another private world. I decided I would come up with my own wish and place it amongst the others. One day, I told myself, One day soon.

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

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