The White Lady of Thetis Cove (With Video)

Illustration by Maurice Greiffenhagen. 1894

Ghost stories describing a Lady in White can be found all over the world. From Thailand to South America, and Australia to Russia, a lone woman’s spirit wearing a white flowing dress has been told. According to Wikipedia contributors, what is consistent about most of these tales “is the theme of losing or being betrayed by a husband, boyfriend, or fiancé.” This classic White Lady phenomenon is said to only occur in rural or secluded areas.

These specific qualities are what is said to differentiate “White Lady” tales from the countless other stories told of female-apparitions dressed in white gowns. These rigid requirements effectively disqualify many women-in-white apparitions found on Vancouver Island. Victoria, for example, reports several non-rural spirits in white dresses. The rest of Vancouver Island can add a few more women who don’t quite meet the criteria, as well — including one lonely maid who even appears without her head!

…a tale, of course, for another day…

Strictly speaking, according to the rules of qualification  Vancouver Island only has two White Ladies. Interestingly, both of them hail from the Greater Victoria area.

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