Secret Door Podcast: The Haunting of Vancouver Island

The interview “The Haunting of Vancouver Island with Shanon Sinn” was released by Secret Door Podcast on October 17th. In this episode, I was interviewed by Melissa Martel about The Haunting of Vancouver Island as well as other regional ghost stories.

Melissa also lives on Vancouver Island — in the Courtenay area — so the interview was unique in some ways because she’s more knowledgable about Vancouver Island folklore (outside of the Victoria area) than anyone else who has interviewed me so far. Besides talking about Vancouver Island, we discussed our beliefs and/or skepticism in regards to ghost hunting devices and touched on several other topics as well.

I had previously been interviewed by Melissa and her former co-host John Chadwick on the Drawing Out the Spirits¬†Podcast. Melissa has since ventured out on her own, launching the Secret Door Podcast. It’s different in that there is no video component (like the former show) and the logistical time-zone challenges of working with John, who lives in England, are no longer present. Both factors allowed the sound quality to be better than the first time. I used a higher quality microphone, as well.

The Secret Door Podcast covers a variety of paranormal topics, but there are discussions about cults and an episode about Jack the Ripper too. The interviews are fascinating because they are often about subjects I knew little or nothing about.

I like the cat image at the bottom of Secret Door’s homepage. Check it out before the background is changed sometime in November! You’ll find links to interviews, book reviews, and narratives about various other topics. I highly recommend browsing the site.

Here’s a link to the episode I was featured in. All of the other episodes are here too:

Secret Door Podcast: The Haunting of Vancouver Island with Shanon Sinn

Author: Shanon Sinn

The Spirit of Vancouver Island. Nature Beings, Shapeshifters, Ghosts & Ancestor Spirits. The Earth is Sacred.

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