The Legend of Candle Lake Saskatchewan (With Videos)

Candle Lake was reputed to be haunted long before white settlers arrived.

Candle Lake — 45 minutes Northeast of Prince Albert — is located in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. It’s more than just a lake, though. The Provincial Park is also a resort community, boasting a population of 700 people during the winter months, and up to 2000 people in the summer. The lake’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists alike, making it an even busier place during the summer months than the resident population might suggest.

The Boreal Forest that Candle Lake is located in is home to a wide array of wildlife, including the wolf, bear, coyote, fox, lynx, cougar, fisher, deer, elk, moose, badgers, otters, and many others including birds such as owls, eagles, hawks, herons, loons and cranes. During the winter months, it’s not uncommon to be looking up at the Northern Lights while listening to the haunting howling of the wolves. In many ways, it truly is paradise.

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Haunted Locations on Vancouver Island

My new book The Haunting of Vancouver Island is now available. Many of these stories are told in full, complete with images.

Haunted Vancouver Island

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Ghostly Images: Ross Bay Cemetery and Hatley Cemetery

The images below were submitted by Stephen following a discussion that took place in the comment section of my blog post Haunted Locations of Victoria, Vancouver Island. The first two Images are from Ross Bay Cemetery. Stephen says that these were taken on a clear night. Ross Bay Cemetery is believed by many people to be haunted by the spirits of David Fee and Isabella Ross. Apparently, the apparitions of an elderly couple have also been seen.

Ross Bay Cemetery

Ross Bay Cemetery

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Qualicum Heritage Inn: The Great Haunted Condominium Sale

Qualicum Heritage InnThe Qualicum Heritage Inn on Vancouver Island has long been reputed to be haunted. Robert Belyk found the stories so compelling he opened his 1990 (2002) book Ghosts, True Tales of Eerie Encounters with over ten pages of the Inn’s haunted past. Later, in 2002, OLN’s Creepy Canada also featured the Inn. Additionally, previous Inn guests have left tales of paranormal encounters on various hotel review sites online, while former staff members have made public statements regarding their own personal experiences within to online and print sources, as well.

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